Have you ever meet someone well known and not known? asks Mick Bean

Albert Lee coming to Hailsham Pavilion 2nd March 2019. more details… http://spyboy.co.uk

Mick Bean… Have you ever met someone well known and not known who they were? I spent time chatting to a bloke in a London pub back in the day, we drank together and shared our thoughts about the pop music of the day. Dave from Chas and Dave came over and joined us, after a while the penny dropped and I realised it was Albert Lee. I was at a pre “Buddy Holly Week” get together. The following day at the concert I again met Albert in the toilets, we shared urinals… He later played on stage with the gathered musicians. Oddly enough I attended the same event the following year and it was Albert who came and spoke to me. I told him that I had no idea who he was the first time we met and he said he realised that and enjoyed the “normal” chat that he so missed.

Pete Prescott… Great story. I’ve heard he is a lovely guy.

Gerry Fortsch… Brilliant guitarist.

Tim Moose Bruce… 1986, at the 6 Bells at Chiddingly. Johnny Mars band on that night. Talking and drinking with a guy at the bar. 2nd set he got on the keyboard and did an amazing version of Green Onions. The band then introduced Keith Emerson!

Pete Prescott… I did a gig at the six bells for his sons birthday. Kieth Emerson played a few songs with us. I ended up singing In the back bar with him. He was very drunk. Hilarious and a nice guy. Never forget it.

Sandy Max… Yes I once spent a lovely afternoon in a pub in Notting Hill talking to a nice lady…when she left a group of youngsters came running up to her begging for her autograph….the penny dropped and I realised I’d been chatting to Annie Lennox

Jo Brand & Friends – Comedy For Cancer Care – White Rock Theatre 29th September 2019

Jo Brand, Robin Ince and Andy Robinson come together on Sunday 29th September 2019 at The White Rock Theatre, Hastings to raise money for local charity The Sara Lee Trust.

More information and tickets... https://whiterocktheatre.org.uk/Online/tickets-jo-brand-and-friends-hastings-2019


Showaddywaddy – White Rock Theatre Hastings 11th January 2019

The Greatest Rock & Roll Band In The World’ is a bold statement but Showaddywaddy has lived up to that title as they recently celebrated their 40th anniversary.

More info and tickets


Julie Findlay-jones… Used to love going to see them , brilliant live.

Dave Nattress… Used to see them play at the Sundowners MANY years back before they had any chart hits, and they were extremely good. Not many of the original members are still with them but no doubt it’ll be a spectacular show if it’s anything like it used to be. I think they’ve been mentioned before on SMART. Back at The Sundowners there were 2 separate bands called Choice or Choise and Golden Hammers I think, (based in or from Leicester), each band did a pop covers set and they then changed their clobber into , crepes and drapes and did the Showaddywaddy Rock and Roll Show.

Robert Searle… Was there that night,the singer actually mentioned it when he last played the Congress Eastbourne,i was there that night too. I saw Showaddywaddy at Southend a few weeks ago,still good.

Barry Newton… Three groups appeared and good nights had by all at the Sundowners

Jeff Belton… Great music ! Great ones for singing a long. Have a LP and and a double cd. Played alot of music on my radio shows.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Saw them a few times in the 70s at The Sundowners too & have got my ticket to see them in January! Got to be done..love a trip down Memory Lane!

Dave Nattress… Hi Leigh, Yes, Jane D and I were often at the Sundowners.  GREAT days and many great bands on there

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Dave – think I went with you & Jane a couple of times!

Dave Nattress…Hi Leigh – Indeed you did. Such a long time ago – great times!! For me, hideous patterned shirts from Huckles in Hastings, long shirt collars worn outside the Black velvet jacket with the incredibly awful wide lapels, flares as wide as possible flapping in the wind, platform soles and stacked heels, God almighty, oh yeah and long hair way past my shoulder. Girls, mini’s and halter neck tops and platform shoes.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… the fellas really dressed up in those days – I loved the styles back then. I had a lot of denim & velvet!


P J Proby celebrates his 80th birthday and looks forward to more gigs in 2019

supplied by Ron Tennant

Ron Tennant… I am probably the  most tip top fan & friend of singer P.J.Proby. In the 1990’s I was his sort of manager, which I did as a favour. But after about 4 years P.J. found himself ,at last,a professional manager & I was pleased. 25 years ago he quit “boozing” & that has made his career go on & on & on, November 6th recently he was 80! WOW! I have the world’s best Proby collection & I’ve been featured in a few magazines & newspapers over the years. P.J. recently said that he has no intention of ever retiring & he’s bursting to get lots & lots of gigs in 2019. My photo collection of P.J. numbers about 7000 & plenty of the U.K. music magazines request pics from me to add to their occassional Proby articles. I’ll see if I have any photos or articles that connect P.J. to the Hastings area. A pic is enclosed of P.J. very recently celebrating his 80th birthday up in Newcastle. He was up north as part of the “60’s Gold” tour. He has been absolutely brilliant onstage. Only three more dates to go…..Nov. 28th in Brum, 30th in Manchester & the final one on the 2nd December in Carlisle. Brummie Ron Tennant (who has lived in Belgium for 40 years.)                                          

Joe Knight… Hope he doesn’t split his trousers again

Mick O’Dowd… Perhaps we ought to club together and get him a new pair of non-split trousers!

Jan Walker… I remember seeing him on the pier.

Pete Prescott… I read that he sang on a lot of demos that were sent to Elvis. which is why they sound similar. Elvis learned the song from his vocal.

Colin Fox… We, ‘Spooks’, supported him way back in the 1960’s at the White Hall East Grinstead. I think he could make a major comeback if he split his trousers today.

Mike Fyfe… My wife worked in EMI records in Manchester in the early sixties. PJ visited one day with his arm in a sling said a dog bit him. Billy cotton junr had a black eye round about the same time was it a bully dog that he hit. We love PJ Proby whenever he is in Inverness or Perth, go and see him better than Tom Jones.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I would love to see PJP! My favourite is “Can’t make it Alone’ I have it downloaded & play it at least once a week – such a brilliant track

Wilko Johnson – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 2nd March 2019

The original Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson is performing here at DLWP on Saturday 2 March!

Heavily influenced by Mick Green, Wilko employs a finger-style, chop-chord strumming action (the ‘stab’, as he describes it). This allows for chords and lead to be played at the same time, giving a fluency and a distinctive sound very unlike the cleaner swat of a pick. With this economic sound, coupled with that black-suited, scowling look, and the yards he covered across the stage pausing only to twist the guitar lead out from under his feet, Wilko became one of the guitar heroes of the era.

for further information… https://www.dlwp.com/event/wilko-johnson/

Alan Pepper… Is that Norman Watt Roy ( ex blockhead ) in the lineup ?

Tony Ham… Yes it is, Wilko used to be in The Blockheads.

Paul Bryant… Looks like him.

Tony Ham… It is, seen them a few times in recent years. I took this when they played in Rye.

Mike Curtis… And support act………Glenn Tilbrook!!! With a bit of luck a couple of local lads will turn up – Chris Difford to play with Glenn, and Roger Daltrey with Wilco?