Who remembers Dimarco’s?

supplied by Terry Huggins

Mark Praid… Wow, this brings back memories of the one in Hove. The best hard ice vanilla you could get.

Dennis Torrance… Ice cream was amazing there so good. I remember going shopping with my mum price rite then egg and chips lime milk shake on Friday night thanks for the memories

Wendy Belton… Remember it well. Their ice cream was amazing.

Rachel Rayburn… It was my very first job! Saturday mornings serving coffee

Keith Blizard… Not only great ice cream, a wonderful family !

Mick Knights… All meeting up late Sunday afternoon for egg beans and chips before deciding which film to see in the evening, we were creatures of habit in those days

Lloyd Johnson… I do! Tony Di Marco went to my school and I had a summer job along the seafront towards the Old Town working for the family in their ice cream shop, just before George street…🍦🍦🍦

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Used to go in there a lot, lovely family.

Dennis Torrance… My mum worked in the dimarcos under st marys in the castle early 60s I used to play the machines and eat the ice cream there to mums name was Ivy Torrance

William Wallace… the one in hastings gave u the biggest cup of tea in the world lol

Keith Cowper… One of my favourite places in the 50s and 60s

Chris Meachen… Some of my earliest memories are of my dad taking me in there,- He seemed to be friends with the owners (Mr Louis is the name I recall?) I used to have an egg & tomato finger roll followed by one of their fabulous ice creams. Went in regularly all through the years until they closed, much better than a poxy macdonald’s.

Andy Caine… So much time spent in there! The interior was beautiful.

Harry Randall…  see a lot of comments about the Ice Cream! Well a lot of people don’t realise the Ice Cream/Cafe opposite the “De La Warr” in Bexhill is the same family!

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Who remembers seeing bands in The Cricketers?


supplied by Phil Little. Hastings Music Files

Chris Giles… What year would this be… Frequented lots 1979 -1980’s but no live groups then only a jukebox.

Roy Penfold… Is that the pub that used to be (may still be) on the other end of the block to Pissarros?

David Bartlett… thats the pub.! nowadays its all closed up. On the corner by the entrance to St Andrews market. They were a music venue for a year or two. The cricket ground was still there and we cut a piece of the turf and kept it on the bar just before they built the precinct . I,ve had some very good times at the Cricks RIP. Pizzaro’s used to be the Two Princes. I had some good times down there as well lol

Dave Nattress… I certainly do but God alone knows who – was a long time ago and undoubtedly the Brown liquid had flowed!!