who remembers Jepsons Robertson Street Hastings?

Alan Esdaile… Who remembers Jepsons? I remember very posh staff, that would give you a dirty look and shout don’t run, WALK, as you teared up the wooden stairs to get to the wonderland of the toy floor at the top.

Pete Fairless… Didn’t you have to go to a cashier with a ticket, pay, then go back to collect your item? Bit like the butchers!

Pauline Richards… Pete, remember that in Mastins

Alan Esdaile… yes I’m sure your right Pete. The person serving you (or should I say the person watching you in case you pinched anything) they wouldn’t take the money but told you to take it to another counter.

Pauline Richards… Yes remember it. It had the most wonderful wooden staircase

Pete Fairless… Which is still there – it’s an ice cream parlour, now Pauline

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… I still have trains and track. I set it up now and then to clear motors

Ralph Town… I actually bought a 1/72 Spitfire kit by Revell in there.It was moulded in pale blue plastic and was a mk9, I think.

Colin Bell… Have very fond memories of my Nan taking me in there to choose a toy for Christmas. Remember the staircase well.

Fiona Evans…. Wonderful shop

Glenn Piper… Oh yes, loved Jepsons

Roger Carey… I remember Jepsons now you have put it up! The great toy floor via the elevator or stairs, think it had bicycles and scooters as well? Oh yes , stairs, not elevator- just seen that others remember the stairs as well!

Chris Meachen… One of my favourite shops as a child, absolutely loved the place.. Came to appreciate the stationery department downstairs when I got older & interested in art & graphics too..

Nigel Ford… Yes, the staircase, went off both ways (?) but toys to the right(?). I think I got my BAYKO building extra parts there in the early 60’s that weren’t in the standard sets. Never got to get the parts I really wanted though, like MECCANO! Incidentally I recently acquired a catalogue showing that Bayko was made by the Meccano group, which I had not known until then.

Peter Fairless… Wow! I inherited BAYKO from my brothers. It was metal rods and plastic bricks. Not sure where it went, charity shop, probably, like the train set!

Cris Kennard… Father Christmas’s grotto at top of staircase. Me on right with 2 of my sisters.

Dawn Leaney…Oh what a wonderful toy department it had. Up all that grand wooden staircase.. and there it was!! all the dollies, farm and zoo animals of every kind lined up in cabinets. Teddy bears of every size. It seemed magical as a child. I was bought one of the very early Barbies from there in the late 60s,she had long dark hair and clicky knees that could bend. Such lovely memories

Pauline Sims… I remember my Christmas visits there too in the 50s, happy days

Dawn Campbell… Absolutely loved this shop – always brought my Nan a brooch from downstairs every Christmas, with my pocket money – she must have really been fed up with the same thing each year but never showed it, Bless her! As you say the staircase was lovely and I can still remember the smell, loved going in there just to look. Especially upstairs where they also displayed swings and slides. I was always wishing I could have them but sadly lived in a flat.