iPad – track & band identify by Dave Nattress

Something I learned only this morning was that the i-pad can identify tracks and bands etc. Call me behind the times – no prob. My Wife and all the children have i-pads – I’m happy with the pc and the laptop and a succession of phones; phones which are so complicated that I only ever use them for simple stuff -like phoning people. Anyway, back to the i-pad and it’s amazing, (to me) ability to ID tracks. This morning, my Wife’s got R2 on and there’s a nice track which was vaguely familiar so I said listen out and see what this is can you please, (I’m very polite). Abi my youngest, 15, says you can do it on the i-pad – which we call i-patch (eye-patch), bear with me, it’s a house of madness, so she held the device to the Radio and in seconds – I’m sure you know this, it’s identified the track as Dan Fogelberg – “Longer”. Sounded like DF and it turns out I’ve got it on a Greatest Hits, hence it was familiar. So….I asked can the i-patch, sorry pad, do this to other stuff – like I meant the Hi-Fi and the answer was Yes, anything. So…I said right! let’s try and do it with some obscure tracks, so out came a few favourites, most mentioned on the website and I tried to fool it. It got, amazingly to me, “Midnight Madness” by England off Garden Shed, “Death Walks Behind You” by Atomic Rooster – same Album, “The Martyr” by Wally – first Wally Album, but couldn’t get “In Circles” off It’ll All Work Out in Boomland by T2. I’m gonna have a heap more fun with it.                   Dave Nattress

Peter Fairless… Let me guess …it then goes on to check which tracks you’ve bought and any you’ve downloaded and sends you the appropriate bill?

Alan Esdaile… When I hear the word i-patch all I think of is pirates day. Thanks Dave for posting, I’m sure a number of people will know this and a number will not. Any other advice is always welcome to post here.

Dave Nattress… Peter…steady – dangerous suggestion in these clever IT times. I suppose it could act as a spy for the record companies and PRS but I still buy virtually everything I listen to simply because if it’s a new band for instance – first album etc. and they’re on a really mean royalty, I’m happy for them to get the little bit of my money that’s left once everyone else has been paid their cut.

Eric Cawthraw… Yep, this has been around for a while, we have ‘SoundHound’ on our tablet, does the same thing. What’s more, it asks you if you want to buy the track and download it – so within seconds you found it, bought it, own it, played it! I first came across this app a couple of years ago visiting my son. We were watching golf on the TV and this song came on – within seconds my lad used the app and bought the track. It is very clever in i/d-ing stuff, but I beat it when I played it some Grobschnitt, that said, it can find a lot of obscure stuff.