Robin Gibb in train crash, back from Hastings November 1967

Eric Harmer… Didn’t he live in Icklesham for a while ?

Barry Newton… Married to an Icklesham girl, Molly, Eric. l knew her sister. We used to get donations from the Bee Gees for raffle prizes, signed LP album etc

Paul Phillips… I use to work with her brother Pete Hullis at Hollingsworths

David Edwards… He went out with the daughter of a bricklayer from there

Mick O’Dowd… Molly actually lived in Icklesham when I lived there. A few years later there was a charity auction at the Village Hall and one of the lots was one of Robin’s satin tour jackets. It didn’t sell and I was offered it but declined as it wouldn’t fit me.

Eric Harmer… Tragedy

Julie Davies… My sister was married to Molly’s nextdoor neighbor in Icklesham they were selling some of the stage clothes and my mum bought one of Barry Gibbs jackets from them. This was around 1977.

Andy Qunta… Round about 1973, I think, I had a job picking blackberries. A lady on the other side of the bush was talking about her son-in-law, Robin from The Bee Gees. I mentioned I was in a band called Factory. She said if I gave her a tape she would pass it along. Eventually we got a letter from their record company, thanking us for it, but explaining we weren’t quite what they were looking for. Very nice of Molly’s mum, and Robin Gibb, for trying to help out some guy in a blackberry field!

Julian Deeprose… Blackberry Fields Forever