Transistorised Record Player – Currys 1962

Anyone have one of these? I remember one of my friends did and had Bob & Earl Harlem Shuffle, as one of his first records.

Ron Prosser… We used to make them at Alba. Radio and TV Ltd

Sandy Max… I was given one of these by my godmother. I remember taking it to school with some records at the end of my years at grammar school, just for some of the others to steal some of my records.

Dave Nattress… First record player – must have been about 1963 because I was buying new Parlophone Beatles singles – Black labels and Green paper covers from a shop in St Leonard’s Road, Bexhill (think it was). Also some Hollies singles – was it same label? Freddie and the Dreamers. Also other Mersey sound bands. Had to fight to keep my Mum from playing Gracie Fields 78’s on it!