Dusty Springfield with Brian Poole 1963


photo Irene Draper  via Mick O’Dowd

Dusty with Brian Poole during her time as guest presenter on Ready, Steady, Go! 1963

Andre Martin… Dusty was such a great artiste -its a shame that TV at the time did not do more Motown style programme with her as the compere/star of the show.

Phil Gill… Dusty rocks! What a voice.

Andy Qunta… My Dad bought Losing You for us for Christmas that year. I think it was because he liked it, because I don’t remember hearing it before that! I have it on my iPod now! Great stuff!

Jon McCallion… Lovely lady and singer too, fantastic voice.

Tony Qunta… My all time favourite female vocalist!!

John Storer… Three words – “Dusty in Memphis”