Led Zeppelin faces trial over Stairway To Heaven


Clockwise, from top left: Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.

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Gary Sykes… Money money money, hey if you listen to 100 songs you could probably say theres a connection in most chord sequences. I think a lot of us owe our love of music to bands like Zep, lets no tarnish our musical youth with this crap. I think my younger memories of growing up have been altered ny the likes of saville n rolf etc, so rant over B-)

Mark Randall… This was obvious yonks ago.Yes, I know there are a finite amount of chords, chord sequences and melodies, but at least try and make it your own.

Terry Huggins… There’s certainly a grain of truth there Gary, but it happens far too often with Led Zep to be dismissed that easily. Babe I’m gonna leave you (which Page & Plant claimed to have written) was virtually identical to a song written in the 1950s and recorded by Joan Baez. They’ve also ripped off Willie Dixon, Jeff Beck and a number of others.

Gary Sykes… Yeah i know, i have an early blues cd with obvious riffs n stuff that they “used” but its the politics n money that make it sad. Im sure if we dig deep enough, those who inlfluenced them would find riffs etc that they “copied”. Does it realy matter, yes, only when its about the money, its only rock n roll but……..

Terry Huggins… Copying a riff or a few words subconsciously is one thing, but what Page and Plant did was the deliberate and calculated theft of other people’s work. It was like seeing a nice car and driving off in it as if it was your own. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer Zep’s versions of those songs, but would it really have hurt them that much to credit the writers and pay them royalties they were entitled to?

Gary Sykes… Just wonder if Randy California would approve, afterr 40 odd yrs? Worth remembering how much the beatles ” nicked” aswell. Just hope the judge makes a bad decision as it may open doors for thousands of lawsuits, then who knows what would follow. Ahhh! I just wrote a song in e-minor, will i be in court next week. Hey great debate, 😀

Clifford Rose… I think there should be a time limit on these type accusations.

Peter Fairless… There is, Clifford, it’s called copyright!