Original 70’s platform shoes

Supplied by Mo Elms

Terry’s original 70’s platform shoes. Purchased from True-Form Queens Road Hastings.

Peter Houghton… That’s a great picture!

Dave Nattress… Looking back – how awful.  Had several pairs some from Huckells (I think), Fab Boutique, maybe covered completely by overlong, far too wide Lionel’s, Ben Sherman button down, the smart leather jacket, not a bikers type, the smooth phase after years of weekend hippy.  Discovered more chicks in the Hastings Clubs hence being smart.  Hair horrendously long though. Now, Wife’s just done my customary US Marine number 1.  Great days and bad ankles and the balls of your feet hurting.

Mark Randall… Ox blood shoe Polish

SinkySnap… Great condition although I know from personal experience that 70s shoe glue is mostly rubbish and falls to pieces rapidly

Graham Matthews… Haha, I had a pair similar to that, bought in Hastings but no idea where

Chris Meachen… I owned a couple of pairs back in the 70s, even rode a motorcycle with them on which proved their end as the heels hit the ground on corners. How ridiculous we must have looked …

Sharon Sellens… Chris, blimey, they must have made you about 7′ tall!!

Jo Turner… I still like them

Jacquie Hinves… Blimey , I had a pair similar to those , but bought at Russel and Bromley in St Leonards. They were orange , brown and red! Hideous things. Didn’t do any favours for my high jump record at St Richards!!!