Who used to watch The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?

Anyone seen the remake?

Alan Esdaile… Great programme. Used to collect the bubblegum cards as a kid.

Pete Brazier… but do you still have them? I only ever managed to compleat two sets CAPTAIN SCARLETT & PLANET OF THE APES (Still have them in the loft!)

Kevin White… I haven’t seen the remake and wouldn’t be interested really.I don’t think it would be possible to recreate the feel of such a great chemistry and ambience of this sixties classic.I too used to collect the bubble gum cards,I also had a toy replica of Napoleon solo’s gun,it fired the round red plastic cap cartridges,loved that gun!

Claire Hamilton… Illya Kuryakin – my first love 💕(aged 11)

Judith Monk… Loved this show – superb!

Nick Shute… Don’t understand this current fashion for pointlessly remaking old classics….if it ‘ain’t broke why fix it?….the list is endless…the Wicker Man..awful!!!….the Italian Job….ha don’t even go there…..the Man From Uncle…those of a certain age before internet and mobile phone technology will remember what back then was science fiction talking into their pen at school and saying “open channel 4”….wonderful stuff!!!

Jan Warren… Re-makes are always rubbish, you can’t beat the original!!

Will Cornell… “We wish to thank the United Network Command for Law Enforcement” for their technical help and cooperation” at the show’s closing credits, yeah right…they had me fooled. And for one brief season we had this delectable spin-off with the still great Stephanie Powers. She went on to that other series with Robert Wagner in the 80s, was William Holden’s main squeeze etc. And I noticed in one of my investments she sits on the board of one of my mutual funds (!?!?). She’ll always be April Dancer, Girl From UNCLE for me…

Judy Atkinson… I had a ring with a picture that changed from Napoleon Solo to Illja Kuryakin when you moved it. And I still have a Man From Uncle annual

Lyn Humphrey… Great series. We used to write various UNCLE phrases on our school P.E. kit-bags.

Will Cornell… Does anyone recall a Man From UNCLE episode that had them doing work behind the Iron Curtain (“The ‘something’ Affair” no doubt) and they were in a club where a commie rock band (no not the Decembrists, something better) performed a tune called “Hoy Hoy Hoy Hoy My Bulgarian Baby”? I still recall the melody and crank it out every once in a while when I am practicing any one of my instruments. It was kinda “Hava Naglia”-ish. Wish it was easily found on recording or YouTube.

Faith Brooker… Damn. It sounds great. Surely there must be a nerd somewhere who has it on a shaky tape recording?

Iain Cobby… I had the two plastic Solo/Kuryakin model kits ,not sure of the make, could be Revell? Bought from Arbours (correct spelling?) in Queens Road.When constructed and painted they linked the wall behind them making one action tableau. Can’t think what happened to them…….

Will Cornell… I had the one for Napoleon Solo…I think it was Revell, they had most of the coolest models back then.

Who remembers Z Cars?

Beki Milton…I remember that

Monica Bane… Remember this drama so well!  Liked the catchy music that went with it !

Jim Breeds… The programme was co-created by Allan Prior, father of Steeleye Span’s Maddy Prior.

Roy Penfold… And in a link to the local area, bass guitarist Roger Carey is now part of the group.

Peter Thomson… Filmed in Kirkby, Liverpool, the fictitious suburb of Newtown clearly identified strongly with that city. The theme tune is a reworking of an old folk song of those parts, and the Everton football team still march on to the pitch to the Z-Cars music.

Peter Houghton… I remember the TV series wasn’t one of the character called Fancy or something like that

Bob Cockburn… Fancy Smith I think.

Patrick Lewis… It was ground breaking TV drama. Great stuff.

David Kent… Fancy Smith was played by Brian Blessed before he became a professional shouter.

Pauline Richards… My favourite program of the time. And theme tune is used for Everton football !

Caroline Smith… I remember it really well; one of the few TV programmes we watched in the early 60’s. Brilliant scripts, brilliantly acted. The memorable phrase “Put it in the book”, from the Desk Sergeant. Zed Victor 1 and Zed Victor 2. I can still hum the Z-cars theme. (I didn’t know the interesting snippet that Maddy Prior was Allan Prior’s daughter!)

Mick O’Dowd… Wasn’t the theme tune done by Laurie Johnson who wrote/performed a lot of 60’s TV themes. One of my favourites was “SucuSucu” but the name of the show is hanging on tip of my tongue but….

Sid Saunders… It was the theme to the TV series Top Secret

Wendy Weaver… I didn’t have tele in 1962

Nigel Ford… Was it named because of the Ford Zodiac cars they used?….I’m not sure that they did drive such though?

Mick O’Dowd… it’s off my tongue now. It was “Top Secret”! Thanks Sid.



Did everyone enjoy The Bodyguard?

photo © BBC


Karen Sweatman… My heart is still pounding! That was intense!

Yvonne Cleland… Absolutely gripping!

Carol Paffett… Yes, don’t usually watch these dramas but this one was great

Eric Harmer… Sorry Alan , I didn’t like the acting in it, the script and the unrealistic situations. But Liz loved it. What did you think ?

Alan Esdaile… Loved it Eric. Very few things I watch on tv now on real time but this was great and anything that takes your aches and pains away, as your gripped by the drama is perfect.

Arthur Sutherland… It’s only a play.

Eric Harmer… Yes I know it’s not a documentary but it was to unbelievable for me also i thought the script was really poor. Just my option. As I said my wife loved it

Angela Frances Gardner… Not watching it!

Paul Juan… Parents loved it

Pete Fairless… I’m with Eric. He can write action but he needs to get someone in to help with dialogue. The male lead, oak or pine?

Eric Harmer… Agree Peter. Also some of the scenes where implausible I thought

Judith Monk… I loved it!

Janet Brophy… Waiting for next series hopefully, it was really good

Liane Carroll… I loved it x

Janet Large… Of course loved it

Sue Bennett… OMG brilliant !!!

Alan Pepper… A bit disappointed with the ending . A shame because it was such a good start I think. Minor quibbles but brilliant fun . 8 out of 10 in my opinion . The confession by Nadia was like a Scooby Doo ending ! They would have got away with it if it wasn’t for that pesky Budd.

Andre Martin… Nothing wrong with Scooby Do..hd is the best – as for the story – some people would have said impossible… Well I leave that to your imagination – do you really trust and believe “The State!!”

Wendy Weaver… I thought it was good most of the time. A few holes in the story but I looked forward to seeing it each week.

Who remembers The Rock Follies?

Lynn Graham… Yep watched all of them and got the album

David Wilkinson… Who are these three ?

Julie Morris… Julie Covington and Rula Lenska – can’t remember the other one but Google says Charlotte Cornwell

Julie Findlay-jones… Oh god yes loved them.

Perri Ann Haste… I used to love this! – I also love Julie Covington’s version of Don’t cry for me Argentina made in ’76 – Better than Madonna’s version by miles.

David Edwards… Julie Covington had a really good voice and went onto do musicals I wonder what she is doing now?

Stella Huggett…  I have the full two series on DVD. Loved the music.

Lloyd Johnson… I remember them…plumb a friend did most of the singing…she also did backing vocals for Roxy..,

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Loved it!

Jan Warren… Oh Yeahhhhh, I loved this series, still got the albums!! – met Julie Covington a few times, she used to come in my local pub in the 80s, we sang together in karaoke and drank together, she was great, good times!!

Gin Genie… Julie Covington Rula Lenska.

Pete Prescott… I do ! Julie Covington (she sang the original and best version of don’t cry for me Argentina) and Rula Lenska.

Dave Nattress… Yes, Julie Covington’s version was superb.  Remember the series well.

Tony Ham… The show that gave The Buzzcocks their name. It’s the buzz, cock.

Tom Hodkin… Now I do feel old …..

Jon McCallion… Great stuff, ive got the album somewhere.

Cliff Wootton… I have the season 1 DVD boxed set on the shelf. Seasons 1 & 2 are available if you want to catch up with some history.

Pauline Richards… Isn’t that Rula Lenska on the end?

Pete Prescott…  It is.

Sandie Carlyon… Brilliant. Think I’ve still got the album from the series

Chris Cozens… Great series. Great band led by Ray Russell with Peter Van Hooke, Chris Parren, Tony Stevens and Brian Chatton with songs by Andy Mackay. Got the CDs, the songbook and the DVDs. Bit of a fanboy.

Alan Parker… If I remember correctly the series never got finished coz of strike action.Last I saw of Charlotte Cornwall was acting a small part on an american tv series, may have been Cold case. Very minor and forgetable, shame. Rula Lenska -coronation st. Julie Covington did a lot of theatre work— what voice she had.

Jacquie Hinves… Yes I do!


Who remembers Lost In Space?

Jan Warren…  Yes, it was my fave Sci-Fi series!! 

Renato Goncalves Camargo Filho… I always want to have the “dangerous landing sound” as a ringtone, does anyone know it is available on youtube or somewhere else ?

Chris Meachen… Danger, Will Robinson…

Gary Sykes… Was Dr Smith gay?

Will Cornell…No but I’ll bet today he’d be accused of being a child molester. The hot blonde teen daughter was in a movie I caught on TCM recently about an island off the coast of S. Calif that was turned into a prison camp for those convicted of murder in the future (when the death penalty is abolished) and they had to forge their own society, which of course, turned barbaric. She was a left wing loon turned terror bomber. Sides are formed and she’s in the “good” side. She rigged up a bunch of homemade bombs. She and her boyfriend sneak into enemy camp and set booby traps, including one in the outhouse. Leader of the other group answers call of nature. Boom! Best line in the film, boyfriend to Lost in Space daughter terrorist: “That dude just took his last crap!” Will says five thumbs up, look for it….I forget name but one of Tom Selleck’s first films, IMDB will have it!

Ian Plater… Yes

Chris Sambrook… Robbie the Robot i presume. He was an over reactive Loon. Warning Warning.

Jake Nelson… Great series from yesteryear! You can get it on DVD. Danger!

Sarah Harvey… Robbie was just a bit highly strung. I was a Captain Zeppos fan myself

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Who remembers watching It Ain’t Half Hot Mum?

Eric Peckham…But, sarn’t major … SHUTUP!

Jeff Belton… I was very lucky back in the early 1980’s when a good friend of mine used to work for the BBC. One Sunday afternoon he gave me a tour around the centre. Saw where they filmed Top of the Pops, Sat/ Sun Grandstand met Des Lyman on set, walked around the Blue Peter garden, met Brian Murphy ( was in TV’s Robin’s Nest), the actor who was in this show you are showing Windsor Davies. Both really nice gentlemen, and finished the tour in the BBC bar where we met and had a couple of drinks with the actress Lorraine Chase. A great afternoon.

Terry Huggins… Didn’t that little bloke live locally?

Eric Harmer… Yes Don Estelle. Lived in Fairlight

Pauline Hillier… I can’t compete with Jeff but I did get a ticket to see them doing a live recording of one episode.

Pete Prescott… Watched it every week. Can still sing whispering grass (well bits of it) Its why I rarely wear shorts!

Chris Jolly… Sing Lofty Boy…

Keith Cowper… Loved that series especially Melvin Hayes. I worked with Windsor Davies in the 90s lovely man!!

Pete Prescott… everytime I wear shorts I think of Lofty. That’s why I only wear them in the garden (THAT’S why the neighbour was whistling it !)

What is your favourite David Jason character?

Matt Thomas… Pa Larkin

Phil Gill… Captain Fantastic in Do Not Adjust Your Set

Jan Warren… Frost

Terry Corder… Frost

Martin Curcher… Del Boy, Fools & Horses funny as anything!!!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… It’s got to be Del Boy for me

Alan Esdaile… He is good in most things but has to be Only Fools for the many funny moments.

Judith Monk…  Can’t choose, love him in all of them!

Who remembers The Goodies?

Eric Peckham… One of my favourite tv programmes.

Pete Fairless… Bill wrote some great pop songs!

Pete Prescott… I watched it every week but felt they were somehow getting away with it. I found them a bit naff (I haven’t used that expression for years. we’ll since watching them. ) like Python some of it was embarrassing crap to me. But there was one scene about any umbrella that for me was brilliant. One of them lived near Sittingbourne.

Lucy Pappas… The Goodies and film crew stayed with us at the Fairlight Lodge in the early 70s, filming along the coast. I was completely in awe of them although they were ordinary and down to earth. I’m sure some people went to watch the filming x

Tony Ham… Kitten Kong, classic

Gerry Fortsch… I still like black pudding.

Tim Moose Bruce… Eckie thump

Gerry Fortsch… just think if it was about now they could clout people with a black pudding in a cage, it goes well with all the blood that is spilt in the octagon. They could call it Ultimate Eckie Thump.

Jeff Belton… Great TV viewing, not enough of that kind of TV shows that make you laugh.