The Armargyll Waad Group plus Tyme – 10th June 1972 Hastings Pier


Anyone know anything on this group?

Mick O’Dowd… Who????

Martin Richter… for 30p it’s worth a look ?

Geoff Peckham… (Andy Qunta) Was this anything to do with the American drummer who attended college with us? Rob? He used that name when imagining a band. Do you remember, we auditioned him for what became Factory before we got Laurie?

Andy Qunta… Hi Jaffa, I think the guy you’re talking about was Nigel Band. Very funny fella! He & Tone were always getting into trouble for excessive giggling in the library! I think you’re right, this is one of the band names he came up with. Another was Curbstone Muffin! Just think, that’s what we might have been instead of Factory!

Geoff Peckham… Yes, Nigel Band! That’s the one. Curbstone Muffin’s s great name! So he did get a band together and called it Armagyll Waad! Nobody else could have thought of that name.

Andy Qunta… ‘Gnome Gas’! LOL! Really, Nigel?

Dave Nattress… And as I’ve said a few times, I somewhat naively thought really strange band names started in the 70’s/80’s – Pink Military etc. Teardrop Explodes, Orchestral Manoeuvres etc. but as so many of the adverts for 60’s bands that have been posted on this site prove, I was 10/20 years out. Andy and Jaffa, (Geoff), I love Curbstone Muffins!! When starting up “The Prisoners” with Andy Leaney, (RIP), Mick Bridgeland and Robin Heggie, (RIP), Andy fancied “Thwack Niarggs” or something like. We also dabbled with “This is This” which looking back I think was good and not so strange, but my favourite at the time was “Hawaiians Land of Mars First” – but “Prisoners” won the day.