Who remembers Tyrone Wildman? photo at Saturdays.

photo: Oli Smith

Graham Belchamber… A really great chap. So sad that he died so young.

Graham Matthews… What a lovely Guy he was, didn’t know him from Adam when my mate and I started using Summerfield Gym. He could see we knew nothing and gave us advice every week until he was happy that we wouldn’t injure ourselves.

Julie Findlay-jones… Loved this gorgeous man, weight trained with him on occasions and watched him win in his body building competitions

Carol Arnold… Yes he was a lovely kind man, knew him and his family, very sad

Alan Esdaile… Always smiling, very sad, died far too young

Pauline Richards… totally agree Alan

Terry Pack… Lovely, warm man. Very fine cricketer, too.

Claire Triance… He was a lovely man good person

Pete Prescott… A lovely guy.

Jim Reilly… One of the most genuinely nice people ever, GBNF Tyrone

Roland Clarke… Used to see him regularly around here. Met him years ago through his wife, as you say Pete a really nice guy.

Willie Wicking… Tyrone Wildman lovely Guy

Gary Benton… A true gentleman

Ian Johnson… Yep you always would see him out running

John Mcewen…I remember one night at a darts match in the Warrior Gate. 1979. I turned to stub my fag out in the ashtray, looked back at the match and put my fag out on his hand. When I looked back to see what I’d done he was just smiling at me. Thank god!!

Andrew Freeman… Great guy. Did you know he was once in a Hastleon show at the White Rock Pavilion? It was back in the 1970’s but can’t remember the name of the show.

Monica Bane… Really a great guy, Sadly missed, Always with a happy smile! Great picture

Louise Taylor… A beautiful soul and a beautiful gentleman

David Edwards… I think every little kid knew Tyrone

Heather Carter… Lovely, genuine guy always greeted you with a big smile.

Stuart Moir… Fantastic man sadly missed amongst all the Falaise gym staff and members who remember his dedicated approach to all of us RIP Tyrone

Jacquie Hinves… Tyrone, what a super man he was. A great friend who was always on the lookout for each and every friend.

Martin Stringer… Remember him well.

John Williams… Always beat me at squash

Tracy Birrell… I remember him well.A great character of St Leonards. Always kind.

Ian Quinnell… Wonderful man. Always remember him striding to or from home with his backpack – no matter the weather. Taken far too early

Malcolm McDonald… Us kids thought he was “old”when he was doing his body building when he was just in his 30s and we must’ve been late teens. Always had time for youngsters such a sad loss…nice man that we looked up to..