UFO & Supertramp – Hastings Pier 7th July 1972



cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey


Supertramp in 1971. Photo source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:21stCenturyGreenstuff  Supertramp Mark II. L-R: Roger Hodgson, Frank Farrell, Rick Davies, Kevin Currie, and Dave Winthrop.

Sarah Harvey…. what a line-up!

Andy Qunta…..Just what I was thinking, Sarah! Wow!

Alan Esdaile…..Surprised to see Supertramp were supporting UFO. A few months later and it was probably the other way round.

Mick O’Dowd….Who’d have thought Supertramp as being a support band. Listen had a better write up in the ad and were 3rd on the bill!

Pete Fisher…..remember being mesmerised by Michael Schenker!

Chris Sambrook… I remember UFO playing on Hastings Pier organised by Hastings College 1969 [i believe]. This was the time they were still with the original Guitarist, Mick Bolton on Beacon Records and who were doing  very well in Japan. The Following gig on the Pier was in in the early  70’s. If memory serves me well the following  line up with Michael Schenker and Bernie Marsden. Then the 3rd time  without  Bernie Marsden. Correct me if i’m wrong on each count.

Iain Cobby… Can I say that opening act Xerox was myself, Tony (Vic) Bridger and Steve Demetri. God knows how we got the gig, but I know we played several Rory Gallagher tracks and Steve put a pile of talcum powder on his floor tom so that it shot into the air and choked me when he first hit it (where did he get the idea?) Other memories of the night were walking past UFO’s open dressing room to see them cozzing up in glitter and spandex and some great platforms. I watched Supertramp from the side fill. Cant remember anything of Listen or UFO, but a great night to remember.

Mick O’Dowd… Wasn’t Robert Plant a one-time member of Listen?

UFO plus Rusty Butler – Hastings Pier 1st June 1974



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Wesley Magoogan … I saw that show and they were great.

Terry Pack… I was at that one, too. They were very good.

Here’s one of their best tracks from 1975….

Ian Cramp… Mogg and Schenker together for The Phenomenen Tour, didn’t realise it at the time but have seen UFO since and MS separately since and these have always been good value

Jan Warren… Love UFO

Peter Houghton… It was a great concerted by both UFO and Rusty’s Butler

Tony Court-holmes… i think i was there

Pete Fisher… I was there…Schenker was amazing…