Clap for our carers – Thursday 8.00pm

Mick O’Dowd… I’ll be there! Heroes everyone from the cleaners & porters right to the top docs/surgeons.

Nigel Ford… Response along our road and vicinity has been great since it started 3 weeks ago, we were surprised just how many we could hear.

Tony Court-holmes… and lets have fireworks

Last one tonight Thursday 28th May 2020…


Rosie Johnson says… the 10th and final, clap for the nhs, for key workers, for every single worker who has done their job in such difficult circumstances in order to keep us all going. Let’s make sure we make it the loudest and most grateful yet!! And even when we no longer come out into our doorsteps, let’s never ever take for granted the people who have done so much for us.


Old train compartments – who remembers?

Shared from Jay Whiff Watson growing up in the 50’s

Joe Knight… Those were the days😆lol think that’s a song there

Roger Simmonds… Me!

Alan Parker… Yea I do , not much fun when travelling from Kings X to Newcastle and there is no corridor and you need to pee

David Wilkinson… went in a 1st class one on Swanage Railway the other day

Jane Saunders… yes and the seats were itchy

Alan Essex… Been a long time since I was on a train, do you mean they are no longer like that?

Ian Johnson… Yes you could lay down for a sleep

Chris Meachen… They were the best..

Ernest Ballard… Best way to travel. Luxury and shake rattle and roll too. Beautiful smells and atmosphere

Pete Prescott…  Me! I loved carriages like these !

Angela Frances Gardner…  Loved these trains would use these carriages with my children when they were younger as they could sleep lying down and traveling from London with my cat so she could sit safely on my lap!

Mark Hanna… There are still on a lot of trains across Europe, I love traveling in these.

Liz Dees Dianto… Not that long ago

Alan Pepper… Ah I remember this ! So comfortable too . Now known as bus replacement service !!

Dave Nattress… Definitely recall these. Many of these compartments and old carriages just like this much older indeed still exist on preserved railways like the Bluebell and Kent and East Sussex and many more of course. Blimey, it’s hot in this anorak, and this article reminds me I need to renew my old train-spotter’s diary. Never over-comfortable these seats, itchy indeed and occasionally one would be crammed in 5 passengers each side, with a couple of bowler hatted old chaps reading their Telegraphs and Times newspapers. For a lifetime non-smoker like me, get in one of these with a couple of smokers – not good!!

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