Unit 4 Plus 2 – Hastings Pier 20th August 1967 – Pink Floyd cancelled.

Alan Esdaile… Did you find out anymore about this Pete Fairless? Here’s the 1967 tour list with Hastings cancelled.


Pete Fairless… Pink Floyd didn’t play, they were having a ‘holiday’. The date was rearranged for the following January, Syd’s last gig, famously

The Troggs, Unit 4 plus 2, Pinkertons Assorted Colours – Hastings Pier 5th July 1969

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…Its hard to imagine such low key advertisements for such bands these days but you can’t deny that Sunday nights were a lot more lively in 1969.

Yvonne Cleland… Wild Thing one of the best!  Hank Wangford did a great live version of this. As of course, did J. H!

Jenny Tyler… I  was there. It was great. X

Linda Day… I was there too

Stuart Moir… That’s when Hastings was one of the the country’s top venues

Mick O’Dowd… Too true Stuart. Also a hotbed of musical talent.

Carol Arnold… ahhhh i was there.

Gavin Martin… “Your pants are low and your hips are showing…” a precog of the Hoxton hipster, 45 years upfront.

Gerry Fortsch..is this the Pop dance that the Troggs never made and we ended up with the brilliant Mindbenders instead?

Alan Esdaile… Not sure Gerry as did not go to this one. The other dates I had that they played the pier are 7th August 1966, 16th July 1967. Andre might be able to confirm?

Pete Fairless… Not immediately able to check dates for you, Alan. At least one will have been a no-show, I think.

Mick O’Dowd… We don’t have “Grand Pop Dances” like we used to do we.

Gerry Fortsch… Maybe we should, it would be fab man

Mick O’Dowd… Really groovy and far out man!

Unit 4 Plus 2 – 8th June 1968 and non appearance of The Nice


unit 4


Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey.  The Nice Ad Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Sarah Harvey… Two interesting bands in consecutive nights in June 1968 – Although Unit 4 Plus 2 and The Nice weren’t overly successful chart-wise, they both became well known in music history. The Nice probably produced one of the most famous musicians in keyboard player Keith Emerson who became part of the 70s supergroup’ Emerson Lake and Palmer….other members Keith “Lee” Jackson later appeared in Jackson Heights and Refugee, The late Brian Davison (drummer) later appeared in Gong. Geoff Peckham… I loved the Nice. I saw them three times in ’69: Bath Blues Festival, Plumpton Festival and Eastbourne Winter Gardens. Just loved Emerson’s reckless treatment of classical pieces and, of course, his Hammond Organ abuse! Andre Martin… Good Morning one and All – from another life The Happy Ballroom in 1968 – can I add a correction I do not recall who appeared in their place, nothing mentioned in my diary and John & Ron are no longer with us. But this was in the following weeks Observer.

Andre Martin…Remember that weekend very well. Looking to 1965, Unit 4+2 had a follow up about 2 months after the one that we all remember, this charted, but did not reach higher than 14

Jenny Tyler… I was there for Unit 4 plus 2.

Peter Pursglove… I have to differ with you Sarah,you say Unit Four were not succesful ,we had them up the Witch Doctor and Concrete and Clay was no 1 in the UK charts ,i thought they were a pretty good group.

John Storer… Really depends upon your definition of “successful” 🙂 Unit 4 + 2 hadn’t had a hit record for 3 years when this gig took place. In fact, they only ever had 2 Top 20 hits in the 7 years they were together. However, one of the “+ 2″ was Russ Ballard who was still with the band in 1968 and who went on to become the guitarist and joint-main songwriter in Argent. His songs have been recorded by many artists over the years, including Rainbow, Kiss, Roger Daltrey, Santana, Hot Chocolate.

Lynn Graham… Loved Concrete and Clay

Mick Knights… Saw unit four plus two at the Witch Doctor, where they had added another bass singer and we’re plus three on that occasion. Don, t remember them at the pier, but they obviously were.

Sarah Harvey… I wasn’t suggesting Unit 4 + 2 weren’t a good group Peter, I was merely reflecting on the fact that ‘Concrete and Clay’ was their only No.1 in the charts and one other “Never Been In Love Like This Before ” only reached No.14….a few others only just scraped into the Top 50 and most never made it at all. Even at my young age I remember them as a renowned group but their success in the charts never reflected that. Just came across the same apology printed in the Observer regarding The Nice Andre and as far as I can ascertain, they didn’t return.

Andre Martin… Unit 4+2 appeared a couple of more times on the Pier, I can remember them supporting Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames in June 1966at the first college All Nighter – June 24th. I agree, they were a good band, and were always working and filling clubs and ballrooms, and my experience working with them at different times would confirm this.

Carol Arnold… ahhhh memories

Ray Harper…. That’s Russ Ballard on the keyboard.