The Debutantes – 1960’s




source: Jacqueline Marsh – Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on

Sarah Harvey… Jacqueline’s Sister Linda was also in this band….looks like her on the drums. My guess is about 1963 or 1964 …… They lived in Upperton Gardens Eastbourne. Remember Mum Phil coming home with their new single and playing it straight away….can’t remember what it was called.

Alan Esdaile… Yes your right about Linda, Sarah. These look great but don’t think I ever saw them. I used to book an all girl group from Denmark called The Ladybirds. Any all girl bands you can remember?

Jacqueline Marsh… if you look on Brighton Beat there is a recording of this. Its very old and was taken from a reel to reel recording onto a cassette tape which over the years has stretched a little, but unfortunately my copy of the record was given to a producer and I never got it back!!, not sure if an actual disc is still in existence now as it was about 50 years ago now. In case you cant find it on Brighton Beat, will repost it ,so you can hear it, and I have posted loads of photos on here. Lynda and I are hoping to meet up with Dave next month if he gets down to Eastbourne, should be great fun talking about the old days. I am still singing but only for my own entertainment As Chris Coleman knows, but he seems to like my work LOL.

Here is the record. Thanks to Chris Coleman for this….

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