The Funny Farm, George Bean & Trifle and Modes Mode – Hastings Pier 18th August 1968

Anyone know anything about The Funny Farm?

Mike O’Dowd… Don’t remember this at all. Remember George Bean though.

Marcelo Cabrera… The best album of this time, full of ideas, jazz rock, progresive rock, one of my favorite albums. Edited in Argentina a rare record, are today sigue siendo mi album favorite album al presente, desde Argentina.

Star Maker Agency – Eastbourne and Vic Lawrence

vic lawrence

supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd….Does anybody remember anything about this lot? I must have used them for booking bands for my gigs but can’t recall anything about them. Perils of getting old maybe?

Andre Martin…..Yes I knew Vic very well.  Does anybody know what happened to Vic, we lost touch many years ago, I have often wondered if he was still around?

Len Smith… Remember dealing with Vic (am i correct in thinking he went into catering equipment sales) but not Tim.

Colin Fox… Remember him well. He used to drive a sports car with the reg. VYK

Neil Phillipson… Len, he did have a catering equipment business. Vic died early 2008.

Alan Esdaile.. Used to do loads of bookings with him through Martin Casson Agency.

Tony Ball… I don’t remember Vic, but Tim Crowhurst was from Hailsham and took some promotional photos of the Beachcombers before we went on tour in France in August 1967

Laurie Broadway…  Yes l remember Vic, he had a selection of old motor bikes as well ,we often had breakfast in the cafe in seaside. Nice man ,always laughing, sad loss,RIP.