Lost Boys, Vicious Minds, Jump The Gun, Roadhouse, Boring Farts, Cunning Stunts at The Carlisle 3rd July 1993


supplied by Pete Prescott

Jan Warren… The Cunning Stunts ………. hahahahahahaha, brilliant name!!

Pete Prescott… What a band ha ha !

Karen Sweatman…Brilliant line up! Oh happy days

Ernest Ballard… I’d forgotten this one

Alan Vale… I remember this gig just about, there was a video, I played bass for various bands at that gig

Pete Prescott… The Boring Farts were the pre Highway Band. Same songs etc. Nigel on drums, John Laidlaw on guitar Dave woods (guitar. Sadly didn’t show for the gig) Roger Carey bass and me. I loved the rehearsals.

Tim Moose Bruce… We(the Blind Bats) supported Cunning Stunts and Cracked Mirror at a biker party in Camber in the 80s. A wild night

Janet Rennie… Excellent, I love a pun

Pete Houghton… Vicious Mind’s were great that night

Vicious Minds 1997/1998

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img757 img758 img759 vicious-minds

photos by John Kenward. Supplied by Phil Little Hastings Music Files

Ernest Ballard… I only remember Dave the drummer.

Karen Sweatman… Just how I remember them 😊

Pete Prescott… Great band !

Lee Merry… I got these lads a couple of gigs, bloody good band in there day! Well good crowd pleasers!!