WD40 do you have tight nuts?

original source: unknown

Peter Thomson… A wonderful product, it apparently stands for something like “water dispersal project, attempt 40”. It was American – not British. Apart from traditional engineering uses I discovered that it cleans almost anything off almost anything else! If you can tolerate the smell for a few hours, the chrome radiators in the bathroom come up like new.

Peter Millington… I’ve been using it for years

Allyson Breeds… Funny but fake

Roger Simmonds… Good stuff used to spray in damp distributers to get engine going again back in the day!

Will Cornell… I hate to weigh in with yet another pun, but it’s true. If you spray it on a lure, it helps catch more, ahem, fish.

Gerry Fortsch… Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it?

Ross Holter… Nothing is worse than tight rusty nuts

Conan Howard… never use this stuff on car door locks as it turns into jelly . its fish oil based…..be warned..its not a lubricant but a water repellent…..