Who remembers Sainsbury’s in Wellington Place Hastings? (store photo is Peckham branch)

photo: Sainsbury Archive

Tony Court-holmes… early 50s? Nationwide is there now i wonder if the tiles are covered up behind the new walls

Jacky Mattelaer… I remember it like this in the 60’s, my Gran used to take me in there. I was fascinated by the way they rolled the butter on the marble counters. Great memories

Pauline Sims… Me too Jacky. I can just about remember the smell too when you walked in, mostly bacon – mouthwatering

Judy Atkinson… Not Wellington Place, that was later. This was the original shop in Castle Street where Nationwide is now. Remember going in there with my mum (early 60s) & buying bacon & butter. Beautiful mosaics & marble counters

Patrick Lewis… Remember it well from late 50’s into the60’s. Gala pie and patted butter.

Jackie Hersee… I remember it

Virginia Davis… I remember it from mid to late 60s like this

Gary Benton… I loved going to Sainsburys as a kid, the wonderful smell of cheese and smoked bacon as you walked in, the professional smart looking staff in their uniforms. Why did we ever loose amazing shops like this? I suppose its what they call progress, its very sad.

Claire Hamill… Oh wow! How could anyone get rid of something so glorious? Just think what the centre of Hastings would look like if we could have held on to those beautiful oldshops? And facades? Criminal decisions!

Bernard Goffredo… Definitely agree on that

Dave Boutwood… Yes, I (Wendy) worked there (Hastings branch) with my friend Kate. Must have been 1965-66. We worked Fri evening, after school for late night shopping and all day Sat. That photo brings back memories, we loved it there and had fun. Also, with our white overall, we had to wear a white headscarf (tied like Hilda Ogden’s), which was a bit embarrassing for us teenage girls!!! 😂😂😂 Great photo. Wendy xxx

Lesley Bowles… Dave, Wen, I remember all the lovely tiles and the great smell in there! Xx

Yvonne Cleland… Oh yes, exactly like my memories. My mum used to take me here when I was a toddler. How lovely to see it again!

Roy Marven formely Syrett… remember going with my nan to order her xmas turkey

Martin Richter… and not a self-serve checkout in sight

Peter Bridger… Oh yes, loved the tiles, and smell of raw meat, strangely!

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Sainsburys Wellington Place Hastings closing 1974 – Walter Turrell

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… District Manager Walter Turrell visits the Wellington Place branch shortly before its closure in 1974.

Phil Gill… “Quarter pound of ham please and here’s your P45.”

Alan Esdaile… I can still remember the smell of the shop.

Kevin Sherwood… They used to do the best individual steak and kidney puddings ever.

Nick Webb… I remember those days loved the pay desk at the far end .

Andy Qunta… Remember it well!

Jane Collins… Remember this well!

Pauline Sims… They made the best liver sausage ever!

Fred Marsh… Loved it although I can only just remember it

Jacky Siffleet… Sawdust on the floor

Tracy Birrell… Remember going in there with my Mum.

Tesco first Hastings store, opens at 11 Wellington Place 27th June 1957 .

all supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… First ever Tesco Store opens in Hastings, at 11 Wellington Place. The store would remain there for just over a decade until moving round the corner to a purpose built store on the site of the much missed Regency era Castle Hotel. Photo Circa 1963. Tesco far right

Alan Esdaile… remember going in there with my dad and couldn’t understand how people were allowed to serve themselves, having only known the corner shop previously. My job was to get a strong empty cardboard box from the front of the shop but soon learnt not good to go for the middle one!

Monica Bane… Yes I remember that little store!

David Kent… All fats in open refrigerators.

Simon Fraser… Don’t forget the green shield stamps.

Jacquie Hinves… It was called Victor Values. Mum would shop there every Tuesday morning.

Wellington Place Underpass Hastings – painting by Derek Clemans

© Derek Clemans

Derek Clemans… It is an old one I know but it is still a favourite.of mine. I was walking back from an evening in the old town and watched this posh bird walk past this homeless person. He asked,” have you any change”, she looked at him with disgust and made a derogatory remark. His head went down. I then bought him a McDonalds and sat and spoke to him. He is still homeless to this day but I have befriended him and often help him. He is too long homeless now to now go back to a ,”normal life”,but he is happy.

Kevin O’Doherty… good karma to you

Paul Cullen… It shows that there are still good people out there.

Hastings town centre 14/15 York Buildings, Wellington Place. Year?

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Alan Esdaile… I can remember back when it was a pub, information centre, shoe shop and currently Costa Coffee. If you look close enough you can see The Disc Jockey shop.

Monica Bane… Me too Alan, can remember both. All the best to you

John Gale… I’ve gotta photo taken 1980 with those yellow boards up.

Wendy Weaver… It was a shoe shop when I came down to live here in 1979.

John Gale… Wendy, Yep Clarkes

Jenifer Hitchman… It was Clarkes shoe shop.

Stuart Moir… And Burtons was opposite for the old whistle and flute .

Andre Martin… In the days before the town centre was completely ruined by the roads being stopped for traffic. Those were the days of ” the Memorial” being in situ and a clock that was usually correct.