What Are Cassette Tapes!

Dave Nattress… This is a really nice little clip!! They sound genuine!! I put a cassette player in my second car, a Ford Anglia old “C” registered – 1965!! Really poor sound but it gave you the music you wanted. I still have the first few cassettes I bought – gonna look now, right, got ’em, “Slade Alive”, Lindisfarne, “Fog on the Tyne”, Deep Purple, “Made in Japan”, ” – Dark Side, God how that got played, Free, “Fire and Water”. They still play but sound better on CD’s now. I also bought a cassette recorder – stereo – from Lasky’s in Tottenham Court Road. Laskys was a big HiFi dealer back then. Quite a lot of money but it meant you could record your vinyls. Can’t remember the make – might have been an Akai or Technics.

Chris Meachen… I initially bought a portable Phillips mono cassette player, & teamed it with a pair of headphones to invent something similar to a ‘walkman’. I made up a lead so I could plug it into the P.A. speaker in the college common room, where it got complaints about the noise;- not bad for a 2-watt output.. When I started work I began to acquire some proper HiFi stuff, & eventually got an Akai cassette deck.. Amazingly, I still use the JVC amplifier I bought in French’s back in the mid-70’s which still powers the living room HiFi.. Think I’ve had my 18 quid’s worth out of that over the last 40-odd years..