What Comedy Records do you still find funny?


Alan Esdaile… Canyons Of Your Mind by Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and Yin Tong Song by The Goons.

Allyson Breeds… Any thing by The Beatles <running away>

Peter Thomson… The Goodies – Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me (highly inappropriate, insensitive, sexist and just plain wrong; but still funny), Sister Josephine et al – Jake Thackeray and Quantum Jump – The Lone Ranger.

Judy Struys… I quite like Ernie the fastest milkman in the West

Phil Gill… Derek and Clive. And Ernie

Chris Giles… Not politically correct but….Bridget the Midget

Peter Fairless… The Goodies – Black Pudding Bertha

Tim Anderson… Peter Sellers – Balham, Gateway to the South and Aunty Rotter (of the Balls Pond Road).

Steve Cooke… Derek and Clive, always!!!

Julie Morris…  Funky Moped!

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