Where did you buy your first record?

photo source: Memory Lane U.K https://www.facebook.com/Memory-Lane-UK-408060289608201/?hc_ref=ARRzg2xMzf0bsywbUewzTCkykZQCm8MTEZtTHY8c9ZTP2g235Pzp5De8LixUE4ye2uA&fref=nf&hc_location=group

Peter Fairless… The Disc Jockey

Lucy Pappas… The Disc Jockey! Words by the Bee Gees

Jim Breeds… The Record Shop. She Loves You. But anyone who listened to Alan’s radio show last week would already know that!

Mick O’Dowd… The Record Shop. Cathy’s Clown by Everlys.

James Johnson… The record shop Bowie ‘Breaking Glass’ – Chuck Berry ‘South of the Border’

Nanna Patt… Sounds To Go Holloway Road Islington

Judith Monk… The record shop – John Ogden and Vladimir Askenazy …not very rock n roll…

Pete Prescott… From the record shop In Sittingbourne high street. Sadly now gone.

Judy Struys… The shop in London Road. I’ve forgotten the name 1972.. It was my first ever pay packet. Deep Purple in Rock. I used to play Child in Time at full volume on the stereogram. My mother said desparingly “hasn’t that woman had her baby yet?”

Jim Breeds… My Dad’s stock comment for most of what I played on our stereogram (including DP In Rock) was “What the bloody hell is that racket supposed to be!?”.

Catherine Ireland… Jennery’s or Jenner’s in Devonshire rd Bexhill. Do the Huckle buck, I think

Arthur Sutherland…  I’m sure we have been here before, but I didn’t buy my first record, my late father did. He bought three for a pound which were The Beatles, I Feel Fine, Slim Whitman, Anniversary waltz, and Richard Tauber, Oh Vienna Mine. He gave them to me along with a record player he built and he got them and all the parts except the casing fro, it was almost next doorm a little corner shop which did electronics repairs called Methvens radio, on Raeburn Place in Edinburgh, it was almost next door.

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