The Beatles White Album – Ringo Starr is auctioning his copy No. 0000001


Jim Breeds… Anyone tempted? 🙂 Ringo Starr is auctioning his copy of the White Album No.0000001…

Yvonne Cleland… I’d be tempted if I had several shedloads of unwanted cash and my own personal vault box.

Alan Esdaile… I thought mine was five hundred and something but I’m way out. My one is number 0412580.

Chris Giles… Id have it if I had loads of money

Colin Norton… Mine is 5343 which is pretty low 🙂

Jim Breeds… I think my number rubbed off, but I wrote it down somewhere before it went completely.

Paul Sleet… Doubt if it sounds any better.

Ralph Town… Why would he want to sell it?? He can,t be a bit short of cash.

Clifford Rose… I wonder who bought that one.

Jim Breeds… He has an auction of loads of stuff, not just this. Bidding starts at $20,000! Highlights from this historic auction include seven of Starr’s stage and studio used drum kits: Starr’s first Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl drum kit used to record some of The Beatles biggest early hits and used by Paul McCartney on his album McCartney; the custom built Jumbo Silver Sparkle kit used in the “Hello, Goodbye” film from 1967; the Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit used on Starr’s inaugural Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band tour; a kit of toms commissioned for Starr by George Harrison; among others. Also included are instruments gifted to Starr by bandmates and friends: a George Harrison Gretsch guitar, John Lennon’s “Beatle Backer,” and a Gibson Les Paul from Marc Bolan.

Chris Giles… He can’t be short of money is he downsizing lol

Peter Fairless… So, there were five number 001s, were there?