SMART coffee meet 64 report

Our 64th meet and a great turn out to start the year. Among the newbies this time were Mick Thwaites, Ray Harper and Peter Hart. Mick who is a massive Rolling Stones fan, had photo albums and cuttings of the band, many I haven’t seen before, from the early days up to present. He also included a ticket for the pier gig in 1964 and a better photo of the Stones in the back of the ambulance. Ray had some interesting photos of when he played with St Johns Wood, Lysander, Performance and others. Peter bought along a pile of LP’s which included Blodwyn Pig, Mountain, Caravan, Velvet Underground and I couple I don’t remember Eclection, Heads And Tales and The United States of America. Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had with him a Beatles photo with the autograph of  Bob Wooler on the other side. Bob was the DJ and compere at The Cavern Club in Liverpool.  Also a very rare early pop package tour programme from The Essoldo Cinema in Brighton from 1963 which featured Freddie and The Dreamers, Brian Poole And The Tremeloes, The Searchers and guest artiste Dusty Springfield.  He also had a very interesting photo which shows Broomgrove Power Station, W M Stills and Farley Bank allotments. Paul Morfey had tour programmes from The Picnic at Blackbushe Aerodrome that featured Bob Dylan, Knebworth A Mid Summer Night’s Dream 77 and Manfred Manns Watch Tour 78. Janette Morfey was talking about the group her and Paul are in called ‘Mackerel Sky’, which also features Ian Taylor, Kevin White and Tim White. You will be able to catch them playing at The Plough Inn Crowhurst on the 27th January. Mick Knight was very pleased with the success of his ABC Acoustic Blues Club at The Jenny Lind and has some exciting artists to join him over the next few months. John Busbridge has found a very rare, members only board for the Fiesta Club upstairs club in Claremont. He printed it in the 60’s. Still looking for any photos of the Fiesta coffee bar if anyone has any?  Peter Millington had with him two very impressive books of The Confederates 1962 to 1967 and  Spyke to Jinks 1967 – 2015. Pete Prescott had a big bundle of albums and photos and Linda Boiling had a Soul at The Cutter flyer with DJ Simon Veness which probably came from the eighties??  Colin Bell had a great photo of Mastins with a double deck bus in front and what looks like Dawn & Dorset laundry van behind. Too many other people to mention. If you had anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to add.

Matt Thomas… Any Masons pictures yet?

Jacqueline Marsh… So sorry I missed it hope to come to the next meeting. My operation went well so all good xx

Mick O’Dowd… I would say a terrific start to the New Year Alan! I didn’t expect so many that turned up. You sure know how to pull ’em in! Well done.

Monica Bane… Sorry I never made it, This time Alan, Hope to see you next time, Monica !

Colin Bell… Great to see everyone, and as ever a big thank you to Alan, for bringing everyone together again for another year of SMART meets

Andy Ives… Talking of Masons walked past there yesterday didn’t know they had named it The Masons Building what a lovely touch

Lucy Pappas… Thanks  Alan xx

Mick Thwaites… First time there and I had a great time talking about the old days. Met some really nice friendly people with some fantastic stories. Looking forward to the next meeting. Many thanks to Alan for making me welcome.

SMART 63 coffee meet report

Jagger photo: supplied by Nick Webb . Radio Times supplied by Mo Elms

EP’s supplied by John Busbridge. LP’s supplied by Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Our 63rd meet and among the newbies this time were Lin Russell, Eric Upton, Liz and Geoff King and other newbie’s which I’m sorry but didn’t get a chance to chat to, hopefully next time. Liz & Geoff were chatting about memories of The Sundowners in Eastbourne and Prinny’s Club in George Street. Eric had some great photos of the Tuxedos, Tony And The Defiants, Johnny Kidd’s autograph, The Talisman and The Victors ticket from the Hastings collage gig in 1963, Mud programme from the Winter Garden’s in 1989. Roger Ferris had some authenticity documents on Joe Meek, for the 1963 Framus Star bass guitar and a Robert Stigwood contract for Heinz from 1964 ,where he got paid £90 at a Welsh valley gig. Roger is looking for anyone who has photos of him when he played The Revolver Bar in George Street with Smokestack. Mo Elms had with her a 1950’s Radio Times priced at 2p! a Chelsea Girl bag from the 70’s, a Capital Radio rates card from 70/71 and had the photo on the other side of the ship ‘King David’, a Disc Jockey record shop ‘Keep Smiling’ postcard, matches and coaster of the Earl Of Zetland ship, Tony Blackburn photos from Radio Caroline and a cutting of HLR Hastings Local Radio with dj’s taking to the air from Saturday’s Nightclub. Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had an interesting photo of the back of St Helen’s Hospital in 1960 showing the fields which are now Malvern Way, also a great photo of Ore Youth Club of youngest dancing to Pete Millington playing records on one turntable. ‘Nan’ also had a photo of the fire station in Priory Road from 1972 and a collection of record albums. Merv Kennard had a number of rare dj, pirates tales, radio jingles and recordings of Radio Northsea International and Radio Hauraki final hours. Nick Webb arrived with a giant framed photo of Mick Jagger, It’s A Knockout local programmes and Damaris photos. Rod Stapley had photos of his dad George and his band ‘The Coronets’. John Busbridge arrived with a collection of e.p.’s and a photo album. Sarah Harvey was reminding everyone that there is a musical tribute for Tim Anderson on Sun 20th Nov 3pm at Rocksalt Castle Street, with Stormy T & Bluesman’s Lane, Four Teas And A Sugar, Pete Prescott, in aid of St Michaels Hospice.  Too many other people to mention. Very sorry I did not get round to speaking to everyone. If you had anything interesting you were talking about then please feel free to add.

Paul Crimin… Damn. Missed it

Kevin Burchett… Yep missed it again

Jim Breeds… Sorry Alan. I completely forgot. Had it in my head that it was next week

Monica Bane… Always good to see you all. Thanks Alan, For all your hard work keeping this together, Monica!

Cris and Merv Kennard… Thanks Alan, really good to finally meet and chat with Colin.

David Martin… Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday. When’s the next one ? Thanks

Alan Esdaile… probably not until the beginning of January, due to the clash with Christmas.

Mick O’Dowd… Sorry I was at death’s door yesterday. Well it felt like it and hadn’t been out since Wednesday. Didn’t want to decrease membership of the group so decided to stay away.

Alan Esdaile… You were missed Mick but hope you are feeling better soon. At least the ringing in my ears of ‘Where’s Mick?’ has now started to improve!

SMART coffee meet no.62 report

 Wow! and who said it wouldn’t be so popular on a Tuesday! Our 62nd coffee meet and was packed, excellent turn out with some very interesting people. Among the newbies this time were Marilyn Dunn, Andrzej Kwiatkowski, Jane Burden, Rosie Shore, Les Mannering and John Norris. Marilyn was talking about her love of 60’s music and has happy memories of meeting Georgie Fame and many others. Andrzej was chatting about classical guitars and Jane had fond memories of going to the Aquarius and seeing Steve Maxted show with wonderful Motown music. Rosie was talking about her brother Mike Hawker who co wrote hits for Helen Shapiro, Dusty Springfield and others. She also had happy memories of when she worked for the BBC and was producer on ‘Animal Magic’. Les had photos of when he was bass player with ‘The Freehold’ which featured a very young Phil Collins. He was also in Love Affair and local group Bishops Fynger. He had a 90’s flyer from the Marina Fountain. John was an electronics sound engineer and worked on Rick Wakeman’s synthesizer and also Selmer amps and Gibson guitars. Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had a pile of interesting photos including Hurst Court, Collins & Hayes 80’s running team, Francmo, Huffeys, Royal Sussex Arms, The Dolls Hospital, George Melly and many more. ‘Mo’ had a Masons Music record bag, paper cuttings from 1973, a Disc Jockey record shop receipt, Radio One Roadshow 1978 programme and Free Radio Association letters. Barry French had leaflets from Leisure Music and Cafe Blues Eastbourne. I had some Priory Road school magazines. Too many other people to mention. Very sorry I did not get round to speaking to everyone. If you had anything interesting you were talking about then please feel free to add.

Merv & Cris Kennard… Thanks Alan for arranging another meeting, good to see everyone again.

Colin Bell… Great to see so many regulars and new people and catch up

Monica Bane… So agree Colin, Good to chat to quiet a few. Enjoyed moving around and listening to stories of others, Thanks Alan.

Leigh Michell… I completely forgot it was on . Remind me next time, please

Tony Davis… Sorry Alan forgot it was today

Jim Breeds… Great turnout and great fun. Thanks Alan

Claire Lonsdale… Thanks Alan, it was yet another great meet . Look forward to the next.x

Mick O’Dowd… Never expected that! I only came to make up numbers because my hearing was very bad. Apologies to anybody that thought I was rude in not replying but at present i’m near totally deaf. Had a letter from ENT to say the waiting list is 48 weeks. Getting them syringed at end of this month so am just having to get on with it. Thanks for the patience and understanding to people that I did managed to speak to.

Dave Jenkins… Truly amazing afternoon .

Matt Thomas… I want to know if Nan has any photos of ‘inside’ Mason Music 😂

Gerry Fortsch… Looks like you had a very interesting get together, I must try to get along some time.

Dave Nattress… Missed it Alan. Still have stuff to bring on Samisen, Sarah H be aware, some old posters etc. some you did, some interesting band programmes and general stuff. Hopefully Jaffa and I will team up for the next one! Some of Damaris on the pier supporting Supercharge – they could rock, and Sussex Uni Melody Maker Rock Contest heat.

Steve Maxted… Thanks Jane for recalling all those fond memories at my Thursday shows x So glad so many of those ‘meets’ keep it going with such enthusiasm

Merv Kennard… Thursday nights with you started the weekend Steve

Lucy Pappas… Didn’t manage to get there this time, Al, so really appreciate your report. Love the Factory pic! x

Bernard Goffredo… was talking to Roger Daltrey recently and he said there was a club we used to play in Hastings, I said the witchdoctor yes that’s the one he said

Lance Collins… Sorry I missed it. Will try to get to next meeting

Tony Qunta… Shame I haven’t been able to make the SMART meetings for a while. Best wishes to everyone – hope I can make it to one soon!


SMART coffee meet No 59 report

Our 59th SMART coffee meet and was a very busy and successful afternoon. Among the newbies this time were Dave Jenkins, Trevor Cawley, Elana Tree, Rod Evans and Susan Green. Dave was a roadie for Stan’s Blues Band and Nine Below Zero and had an album of very interesting cuttings and photos of the gigs that did. Trevor was chatting about the many bands he saw at Friars club in Aylesbury. Dave and Trevor are part of the very popular Pevensey Ukulele Group PUG. Elana had some wonderful black and white photos of London which she had taken back in 1975. Rod had an impressive photo album of many groups he has been involved in, including Flying Teapots, Alfie & The Alcoholics, Hot Club, The Fieldstone Boys and many more. Colin Bell had with him an early 1960’s brochure of St Clement’s Caves and Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland wanted to know if anyone remembers hop picking at Guinness’s when a grey van with a loud speaker played pop records of the day. He has happy memories of  hearing Marty Wilde’s Teenager In Love, Elvis A Big Hunk Of Love and many others. Barry French never lets us down and arrived with a Joe Brown Concert Programme from Hastings in 2009, Electric Guitar book by Donald Brosnac, as well as sheet music from Emile Ford & The Checkmates, Procol Harum, Peter Sarstedt and Manfred Mann. Monica Bane had some interesting photos and stories. Including a photo of the Charles Road building collapse in 1965, cuttings of her cousin Carole Hersee who was the original girl on the TV test card in 1967 and it was George Hersee that created it. She also had a photo of Milo’s Restaurant  after the gas explosion in 1963 at the end of George Street Hastings. Simon Falla has found a number of photos from Lazybones Disco including the bouncers and will be posting these soon. Linda Boiling has found an advert leaflet for The Disc Jockey featuring The Teenbeats, I Can’t Control Myself, as well as a Stylus Record bag, completely different to the ones we have seen before. Dave Muriel had a packed photo album which included some great photos of the skiffle group he played with, from Rye Secondary Modern School around 1956/57. Also a photo of Hastings Art School Brassey Institute from 1957 and more images from the Some People film from 1962, when he was the poster boy and interestingly they are still using this image today in a recent Vintage Rock Magazine. This is just a small bit of what I remember, if you have anything interesting that you were talking about then please feel free to add. Sorry I didn’t get round to chatting to everyone.

Lucy Pappas… So lovely seeing a few people after a break! Thanks for organising, Al x

Pete Prescott… Lucy, it was great seeing everyone wasn’t it !

Chris Meachen… Really sad to miss it, been running around all day.

Wendy Weaver… Good to see so many people

Stephen Moran… Thank you so much for organising Alan. SMART meetings are really special.

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Wish I’d been there….next one all being well!

Mick O’Dowd… Really enjoyed this one. Nice to see some new SMARTIES. Interesting chats.

Vince Ray… I’ll come next time, glad you had fun

John Busbridge… Sorry I couldn’t make it

Mick O’Dowd… Not he best of pics but gives an idea of the informality of The Meet.

Andy Qunta… Sounds like fun! Sorry I couldn’t be there!

Dave Jenkins… Thanks Alan, for a fantastic afternoon , Trevor and myself had a great time especially talking to Dave about Peter Frampton when living in Bromley. Looking forward to the next time all the very best Dave.

SMART coffee meet No. 58 report

Our 58th SMART coffee meet and among the newbies this time were Mo Elms (Terry James wife), Simon Falla, Colin Tapp and Dave Boutwood. Mo brought along photos and cuttings of many local radio stations and dj’s, including Splash Radio, Arrow FM, the Earl Of Zetland ship, Terry James, Johnny Francis, Terry Kane, Ambrose Harcourt, DC Disco photos and more. Simon was chatting about Lazybones Disco and has found a photo of some of the Lazybones staff which he will be posting soon. Colin was chatting about his facebook page ‘Hastings groups from 1958 to the present’ and his many happy memories of working with The Redcoats and The Humperdinks. Dave had with him his excellent black and white photo sheets of local musicians.  Merv Kennard had a Mi Amigo postcard which was sent to him back in the seventies. Anthony ’Nan’ Morland  had a Disc Jockey record bag, Masons Music shop photos, various Queens Road shop photos, a photo of Dimarcos and The Humperdinks photos when they played The Yelton in the 80’s.  Dave Muriel was chatting about the tv series called ‘Wham’ when he was dancing with the Vernon Girls at the ABC Studio in Manchester. On the bill was Joe Brown, Jess Conrad, Billy Fury and others. He’s hoping to find photos of his  skiffle group The Jeanagers when they appeared at The Chatsworth in the 60’s.  John Busbridge had with him some 7” singles and Pete Prescott brought along the Box Of Pin Ups The British Sounds of 1965 CD set. General chat was about the sad loss of John Miles, future gigs tough for musician, the 70’s programme on channel 5 and aches and pains!  Sorry I didn’t get round to chatting to everyone. This is just a small bit of what I remember, if you have anything interesting that you were talking about then please feel free to add.

Colin Tapp… Hi to all in SMART seventies, I enjoyed the meet today met some old friends , and apologies not meeting everyone there, but hope to meet up with you next time.

Lloyd Johnson… it was fun Colin.

Andre Martin… Good to catch up after a long time. Good turn out under the current problems and a great to see some old faces.

Wendy Weaver… It was nice to see so many people.

Monica Bane… Thanks for the update! Hopefully next time, had been looking forward to coming Alan

Sid Saunders… Glad it went well.

Claire Lonsdale… Thanks Alan. Was a very nice meeting. X

Lucy Pappas… Almost made it today

Tony Davis… Sorry not to make it but have been away

Stephen Moran… Thank you Alan, it was great to be there

Keith Veness… Will get there one day

Paul Coleman… I intend to come to the meet every time but something always bloody comes up!

Dave Nattress… Bum!! Missed it, very busy at work!!

Graham Belchamber… Sorry I couldn’t get along this time. Glad it went well

Mick O’Dowd… You missed the mince pies!!

Alan Esdaile… Thanks to Cris Kennard, Mick.

Mick O’Dowd… Interesting as usual meet, under challenging conditions.

Pete Houghton… Hope to be at next one

Tony Howard… Very interesting reading about the chat .  I know Terry Elm’s very well, use to work with him many years ago.  Nan mentioned a Disc Jockey bag, I too have one of Big Al’s Disc Jockey bags i also have a genuine Beetles bag. Colin talked about the Red Coats group, I remember them playing at Northiam Village Hall, back in the 60’s with Pete Bailey playing with them, whom later year’s worked with him. I will try to get to the meeting some time in the new year. Till then have a good Christmas,and best wishes for the new year

Dave Trodd… Very enjoyable. Keep up the good work Alan.