SMART coffee meet No 59 report

Our 59th SMART coffee meet and was a very busy and successful afternoon. Among the newbies this time were Dave Jenkins, Trevor Cawley, Elana Tree, Rod Evans and Susan Green. Dave was a roadie for Stan’s Blues Band and Nine Below Zero and had an album of very interesting cuttings and photos of the gigs that did. Trevor was chatting about the many bands he saw at Friars club in Aylesbury. Dave and Trevor are part of the very popular Pevensey Ukulele Group PUG. Elana had some wonderful black and white photos of London which she had taken back in 1975. Rod had an impressive photo album of many groups he has been involved in, including Flying Teapots, Alfie & The Alcoholics, Hot Club, The Fieldstone Boys and many more. Colin Bell had with him an early 1960’s brochure of St Clement’s Caves and Anthony ‘Nan’ Moreland wanted to know if anyone remembers hop picking at Guinness’s when a grey van with a loud speaker played pop records of the day. He has happy memories of  hearing Marty Wilde’s Teenager In Love, Elvis A Big Hunk Of Love and many others. Barry French never lets us down and arrived with a Joe Brown Concert Programme from Hastings in 2009, Electric Guitar book by Donald Brosnac, as well as sheet music from Emile Ford & The Checkmates, Procol Harum, Peter Sarstedt and Manfred Mann. Monica Bane had some interesting photos and stories. Including a photo of the Charles Road building collapse in 1965, cuttings of her cousin Carole Hersee who was the original girl on the TV test card in 1967 and it was George Hersee that created it. She also had a photo of Milo’s Restaurant  after the gas explosion in 1963 at the end of George Street Hastings. Simon Falla has found a number of photos from Lazybones Disco including the bouncers and will be posting these soon. Linda Boiling has found an advert leaflet for The Disc Jockey featuring The Teenbeats, I Can’t Control Myself, as well as a Stylus Record bag, completely different to the ones we have seen before. Dave Muriel had a packed photo album which included some great photos of the skiffle group he played with, from Rye Secondary Modern School around 1956/57. Also a photo of Hastings Art School Brassey Institute from 1957 and more images from the Some People film from 1962, when he was the poster boy and interestingly they are still using this image today in a recent Vintage Rock Magazine. This is just a small bit of what I remember, if you have anything interesting that you were talking about then please feel free to add. Sorry I didn’t get round to chatting to everyone.

Lucy Pappas… So lovely seeing a few people after a break! Thanks for organising, Al x

Pete Prescott… Lucy, it was great seeing everyone wasn’t it !

Chris Meachen… Really sad to miss it, been running around all day.

Wendy Weaver… Good to see so many people

Stephen Moran… Thank you so much for organising Alan. SMART meetings are really special.

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Wish I’d been there….next one all being well!

Mick O’Dowd… Really enjoyed this one. Nice to see some new SMARTIES. Interesting chats.

Vince Ray… I’ll come next time, glad you had fun

John Busbridge… Sorry I couldn’t make it

Mick O’Dowd… Not he best of pics but gives an idea of the informality of The Meet.

Andy Qunta… Sounds like fun! Sorry I couldn’t be there!

Dave Jenkins… Thanks Alan, for a fantastic afternoon , Trevor and myself had a great time especially talking to Dave about Peter Frampton when living in Bromley. Looking forward to the next time all the very best Dave.

SMART coffee meet No. 58 report

Our 58th SMART coffee meet and among the newbies this time were Mo Elms (Terry James wife), Simon Falla, Colin Tapp and Dave Boutwood. Mo brought along photos and cuttings of many local radio stations and dj’s, including Splash Radio, Arrow FM, the Earl Of Zetland ship, Terry James, Johnny Francis, Terry Kane, Ambrose Harcourt, DC Disco photos and more. Simon was chatting about Lazybones Disco and has found a photo of some of the Lazybones staff which he will be posting soon. Colin was chatting about his facebook page ‘Hastings groups from 1958 to the present’ and his many happy memories of working with The Redcoats and The Humperdinks. Dave had with him his excellent black and white photo sheets of local musicians.  Merv Kennard had a Mi Amigo postcard which was sent to him back in the seventies. Anthony ’Nan’ Morland  had a Disc Jockey record bag, Masons Music shop photos, various Queens Road shop photos, a photo of Dimarcos and The Humperdinks photos when they played The Yelton in the 80’s.  Dave Muriel was chatting about the tv series called ‘Wham’ when he was dancing with the Vernon Girls at the ABC Studio in Manchester. On the bill was Joe Brown, Jess Conrad, Billy Fury and others. He’s hoping to find photos of his  skiffle group The Jeanagers when they appeared at The Chatsworth in the 60’s.  John Busbridge had with him some 7” singles and Pete Prescott brought along the Box Of Pin Ups The British Sounds of 1965 CD set. General chat was about the sad loss of John Miles, future gigs tough for musician, the 70’s programme on channel 5 and aches and pains!  Sorry I didn’t get round to chatting to everyone. This is just a small bit of what I remember, if you have anything interesting that you were talking about then please feel free to add.

Colin Tapp… Hi to all in SMART seventies, I enjoyed the meet today met some old friends , and apologies not meeting everyone there, but hope to meet up with you next time.

Lloyd Johnson… it was fun Colin.

Andre Martin… Good to catch up after a long time. Good turn out under the current problems and a great to see some old faces.

Wendy Weaver… It was nice to see so many people.

Monica Bane… Thanks for the update! Hopefully next time, had been looking forward to coming Alan

Sid Saunders… Glad it went well.

Claire Lonsdale… Thanks Alan. Was a very nice meeting. X

Lucy Pappas… Almost made it today

Tony Davis… Sorry not to make it but have been away

Stephen Moran… Thank you Alan, it was great to be there

Keith Veness… Will get there one day

Paul Coleman… I intend to come to the meet every time but something always bloody comes up!

Dave Nattress… Bum!! Missed it, very busy at work!!

Graham Belchamber… Sorry I couldn’t get along this time. Glad it went well

Mick O’Dowd… You missed the mince pies!!

Alan Esdaile… Thanks to Cris Kennard, Mick.

Mick O’Dowd… Interesting as usual meet, under challenging conditions.

Pete Houghton… Hope to be at next one

Tony Howard… Very interesting reading about the chat .  I know Terry Elm’s very well, use to work with him many years ago.  Nan mentioned a Disc Jockey bag, I too have one of Big Al’s Disc Jockey bags i also have a genuine Beetles bag. Colin talked about the Red Coats group, I remember them playing at Northiam Village Hall, back in the 60’s with Pete Bailey playing with them, whom later year’s worked with him. I will try to get to the meeting some time in the new year. Till then have a good Christmas,and best wishes for the new year

Dave Trodd… Very enjoyable. Keep up the good work Alan.


SMART coffee meet no.58 – Friday 10th December 2021

Mick O’Dowd… Be there or be extremely square and probably rectangled too! So there!

Merv Kennard… Hope to there with a newbie

Mick O’Dowd… Sometimes I get the impression that people who are following SMART and say they want to come but always find an excuse not to that they don’t actually know what goes on! It is totally INFORMAL. NO stand up speeches/lectures. If anybody is sitting in the corner we make sure someone rescues them and gets them involved. You talk to who you like . Get a drink/coffee from the bar and just mingle. In his reviews afterwards Alan goes through what he has heard people talking about. Even I am surprised at what has been talked about. Just make the effort and leave the rest to us. EVERYBODY is welcome and we don’t have bouncers on the door in case you look dodgy! Give it a try I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! See you there!

SMART 57 coffee meet report

Our 57th SMART coffee meet and great to catch up with some old faces that we haven’t seen for awhile as well as new ones. Among the newbies this time were Linda Boiling and Dave Nattress. Linda was reminiscing about when she worked in Stylus record shop and had with her the Johnny Lambe Orchestra programme which Stylus promoted at The White Rock Pavilion, as well as a bundle of photos of dj’s and others from ‘Lazybones’ disco from 1977. We will be posting these on the website in the next few days. Good to see Dave Nattress at last! He had with him posters and artwork of Samisen from the 70’s and the group The Charts from 81. He will send me copies of these soon for the website and hopes to find some long lost photos as well. Geoff Peckham was chatting about the recent success of Plumptonfest and the track ‘This Land Is Green’ which proved very popular. Anthony ’Nan’ Morland arrived with some more interesting items. Including photos and autograph of Adam Faith when he was at the Hastings Museum The Mods and The Rockers exhibition in 2007, as well as photos of Mike Berry, The Redcoats and some interesting stories to tell. Merv Kennard had with him Terry James ‘The DeeJay’ keyring from when the shop was in Hastings Indoor Market and a copy of Merv’s Pirate Disco business card. He was in conversation with Lance Collins and Chris Kennard on disco equipment and memories. John Busbridge had a photo album which included some great photos of his groups and club membership cards. Cliff Wootton is still looking for photos and information of groups that used his dads Supersound amps and guitars and pretty sure that they are used in the GT Strokers photos at the Ore Kit Kat Club in 1967. Dave Trodd is working through photo negatives that he took  and in conversation with Jon and Julie McCallion, that it’s possible he took the original promotion photos for ‘Muller’. Elaine & Neil Roberts were chatting to Graham Belchamber about a new group that’s being formed and Graham was talking about his popular radio show and looking for more local groups that he can promote on the air.  Stephen Moran in between chatting to Colin Bell, was busy interviewing people, including Pete Millington, Mick O’Dowd and others for his research into the popular music history of Hastings. General chat was about Malcolm Mitchells, the restaurant plan to replace the toilets in the town centre, booster jabs and Fred Dinenage to leave Meridian.This is just a bit of what I can remember but if you wish to add anything else interesting that you were talking about, then please do. Hopefully plan to get one more meet in before Christmas.

Mick O’Dowd… Great Meet as usual Alan. Nice relaxed Meet. Had a long chat with Stephen Moran. Good stuff!

Tony May… Sounds like a cracking meeting! I’m wondering now whether Linda Boiling was the lady who I went to see The Commodores with at Eastbourne in or about 1985? She was going out with the one-armed electrician B.J. at the time…

Stephen Moran… Thank you Alan

Claire Lonsdale…I really wanted to come but I have been laid up with a nasty cold for a few days and I’m still not back to fighting fit. Hope to get to the next meeting. Xx

Geoff Peckham… Well done, Alan. Thanks for bringing us all together again. x

Tony Davis… Sorry to have missed today Alan

Jim Breeds… Sorry couldn’t make it. Face was all numb from dentist appointment immediately beforehand.

Cliff Wootton… Good to make it back after so long. Had a great time.

Elaine Roberts… Thank you for an enjoyable meet Alan. This is our new band, in case anyone’s interested

Colin Bell… great to see all of you at the SMART meeting yesterday, kudos as ever to Alan, who works hard to put it on and re-unite people, well done mate.

Linda Boiling… In reply to Tony May… 1985 I had been married to Peter Boiling (Demon Disco, Lazybones) for 7 years and had 2 daughters, I remember the one armed electrician, (didn’t go out with him)and Peter knew him too, I think they worked together at one time. don’t remember going to see the Commodores sorry.

Tony May… It wasn’t you I worked with at Stylus then! (lol) No surprise me not remembering the poor girl I did work with. For 25 years everyone used to tell me I was thoughtless…only because I didn’t know what being thoughtless meant and didn’t care to find out because I WAS thoughtless I carried on regardless! (lol) Hopefully, I’m a tad less self -centred these days – just a tad!



SMART coffee meet no.57 – Friday 22nd October 2021

Pleased to say the next coffee meet is on Friday 22nd October 2021.Hopefully you can make it and please mention it to other like minded people.Best regards 

Mick O’Dowd… Be there or be square!!!!!

Alan Esdaile… Not long now please mention it to other like minded people.

Mick O’Dowd… I’ll be there. That’ll probably put a lot of people off!

SMART Coffee meet report 56

A BIG thank you to everyone who turned up today at the SMART meeting. Great turn out and sorry if I didn’t get chance to chat to everyone. This was our first meeting since February 2020 and it was wonderful catching up with old friends and lots of new ones. Among the newbies this time were Nan (Anthony Morland), Dave Trodd, Rose Watling, Rob and Maura Williams, Claire Longsdale, Dave Muriel, Melvin Grant, Lance Collins and Kenny Comfort. Nan had with him some great photos of The Temperance Seven taken at the Bathing Pool in 1961,  Screaming Lord Sutch, Cliff Bennett, Gerry & The Pacemakers from Hastings Pier, ABC and Regal Cinema and shop front photos of The Orion Cinema/WH Smith, Gifford Boyd, Malcolm Mitchell, Ken Apps and more. Claire was chatting about her very interesting version of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, as well as her music career. Kenny was talking about his happy memories of The Saddle Tramps, The Humperdinks and working with John Winch. Dave Muriel had photos of when he was the poster boy playing the guitar, in the Kenneth More film ‘Some People’, which he got paid £5! Also talking about his days in a skiffle band and the time Peter Frampton played upstairs in the Pam Dor with the group ‘The Preachers’. Lance was pleased to say that he is back doing disco’s again with a huge demand for his Retro roadshow, where the audience love dancing to the 70’s and 80’s music he plays.  Dave Trodd was pleased to hear everyone loves his photos of Alan at The Disc Jockey, The Teenbeats and the biker photos and he’s working his way through some old negatives, so expect more goodies soon. Too many other people to mention but this is just a small bit of what I remember. If you have anything else you want to add from interesting conversations then please do so.

Colin Bell… Great to see old friends and new faces, well done Alan.

Jon McCallion… So sorry Alan Julie and I could not make it. It is our grand daughter‘s third birthday but will see you next month

Stephen Moran… It was great Alan thank you.

Monica Bane… Well done from me as well Alan. Would have liked to have chatted more, was a good turnout. Fantastic Alan.

Lucy Pappas… I must put it in my diary and get to the next one!

Wendy Weaver… It was a lovely afternoon Alan. Nice to see so many familiar faces again and chatting to new friends. Looking forward to the next one.

Pete Prescott… It was great to see everyone wasn’t it!

Lance Collins… It was my first visit. But not my last. Thank you for making me welcome and meeting new friends with the same interests. And a few old mates as well

Mick O’Dowd… Alan the old magic is still there even after the enforced break. (How was it in prison?) only joking. Such a mix of people. I had trouble distinguishing between old & newbies. Great afternoon! Well done! Bring on the next! A big thank you to you for organising it.

Geoff Peckham…  I was spending a pleasant day meeting old friends and new at the exhumed – I mean resumed (!) – SMART meet in Hastings, It was a smashing afternoon in good company, with thanks to Alan.

Claire Lonsdale…I enjoyed my first visit and met some very interesting people. Look forward to the next meet. I wished I’d seen the photos of the Temperance Seven. My good friend John Watson was the banjo player in the Temperance Seven.

Lloyd Johnson… Claire, Re: Anthony’Nan’ Moreland’s photos of ‘The Temperance Seven’. The are of the first gig we went to on Hastings Pier in 61/62. ‘Nan’ always had a camera with him and has an incredible archive of photos of past times 50s/60s +….he should really have an Exhibition at Hastings Museum!…

Alan Esdaile… Good to see you Claire. The images are now on the pages here.

Mick O’Dowd… All this Temperance Seven stuff is making me skiddy-iddy-iddy! I’ll just have to drop in my oolong and straighten the day!

Paul Huggett… An enjoyable get together, and a fun chat with Barry French & Lance Collins about the Band v Disco days of the 70s

Ian Mcgilvray… Great pic of Tich

Mark Reed… Holyfuckingshitballs! Tich!… those were some incredible times!

Martyn Baker… And Tich is smiling in this photo. That has to be a first!

Iain Cobby… Where were you Nick Webb!

Nick Webb… Iain, So sorry completely forgot will be at next one.


SMART coffee meet report 55

Well the wind along the seafront was horrible and the rain was chucking down but still managed a brilliant turn out for our 55th coffee meeting. Among the newbies this time were Steve Moran and Buzz Honey. Steve was talking about starting his PhD with the London College of Music, provisional titled ‘Music By The Sea”, examination into the music history of Hastings during the 60s, 70’s and 80’s. Buzz was chatting about happy memories of Scalliwags and Saturdays. Steve Amos had with him an early postergram of Peter Gabriel, Knebworth 1978 programme and Genesis Wind & Wuthering 1977 programme. Clive Richardson arrived with scrapbooks of cuttings of all the early UK festivals, including  Watchfield, Reading, Lincoln, Bickershaw, as well as Planet Gong and Pink Fairies cuttings. He also had an autographed album of Screaming Lord Sutch from when he played The Granary Club in Rye in the 70’s, records from Gypsy, Global Village Trucking Company, Dawn Chorus and The Bluetits, Little Bob Story, Roogalator, Count Bishops, The Broughtons and others. Also a Steamhammer poster who he promoted on the pier.  Barry French had some bizarre cover version singles on the Top Six label, The Typhoons, History of The Stones vol 1 and Pinky & Perky doing Bridget The Midget! also football related records from Willie Morgan and Don Fardon. Roger Carey has been digging deep again and has found flyers for Factory, Black Horse Folk Club, The Breathers, The Johnny Francis Road Show, Nazareth, Can, Gypsy, as well as a playlist of songs from The Kings Head in 1978, when he put together a bunch of local musicians for a one off gig. I had with me Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come The Lost Ears album, Alarm, Faces and Alice Cooper flexi discs and the acetate of Rubber Band’s Moonwalker single which has Raven written on the label. Harry Randall was talking about his music equipment and he has an amp that was owned by Bert Weedon and a mixer that was owned by Cozy Powell. Martin Stoggell said he has a Frank Zappa tour programme that was printed at Hastings Printing Company and will bring it along next time. Tim McDonald was looking for support for a music resources centre for Hastings and everyone he talked too were excited by the project. Anyone who wishes to add anything interesting you were talking about, then please feel free to do so.

Jim Breeds… It was a good meeting Alan. I missed out on some of the things you describe. Too busy talking to Stephen Moran and the little group we formed with Colin, Andre and others I guess. Would it be a good idea to put aside 5 minutes (once most people have arrived) for a quick round-the-table for each of us to say what we’ve brought with us? Just a suggestion. Feel free to ignore it. 🙂 Thanks, as always, for the effort that you put into this. 

Alan Esdaile… Good idea, the trouble is people turn up and leave at different times but always open for suggestions.

Mick O’Dowd… It was indeed a good Meet Jim. Had most interesting talk with Tim McDonald and his idea for a music resources centre.

Lucy Pappas… Sounds wonderful.

Jeanette Jones… Apologies, as usual, but I really appreciate being included in the group

Reg Wood… Apologies Alan was away.

Phil Gill… Wilf doesn’t care what the weather’s like.

Alan Esdaile… Wilf enjoyed it.

Bernard Goffredo… I would love to come along one day but it seems I am always committed to something when they happen

Steve Moran… It was my first time at the SMART coffee meet and I wanted to thank you Alan and everyone I met for making me so welcome

Peter Houghton… It sounds like it was a good meeting and i missed seeing Clive Richardson, hope to make it to the next one