Roy Hudd’s Music Hall – White Rock Pavilion Hastings 7th June 1976

Jim Breeds… Everything I disliked about the sort of cr** my parents liked is encapsulated by this advert!

Martin Richter… roy hudd is a master :-0

Jim Breeds… Yes, I liked him. Especially on Radio doing the News Huddlines. But this “variety” stuff was everything that was bad about light entertainment.

Martin Richter… he’s a variety genius – paul merton is the same with b&w films ?

Chris Baker… Well Jim, if you liked it, you’d be as old as your parents!

The Lads From Fenn Street – White Rock Pavilion Hastings 13th May 1974


autographs supplied by Mo Elms

Matt Thomas… That explains that earlier photo of them posing over the road from theatre

photo: Terry Huggins

Iain Cobby… Years ago, Hastings B C gave out free tickets when plays were not so well attended to boost the audience attendance . I remember going along to the show having been a great fan of “Please Sir!”. It wasn’t the greatest performance, I recall, but nice to see the chaps live.

Allan Mitchell… Wow! Amazing!I Remember These Geezers?

Joe Loss and his orchestra, The Dark Blues plus Spyke. Hastings Police Ball. White Rock Pavilion. 8th May 1972.


joe loss

Peter Millington… Remember this evening very well, at least I thought I did. Looks like we (SPYKE) did 2 Gigs with Joe Loss. The first 28th March 1971 with The Roberto Bernardi Quartette and again on 8th May 1972 with The Dark Blues. SPYKE = Ginger Millington, Chris Sayer, Ian Williams, Terry Chedzoy.


supplied by Jinks The Group


Brotherhood Of Man – White Rock Pavilion – 6th May 1979

Matt Thomas… I was there lol

Mark Mackenzie… We saw them at The Congress in Eastbourne and i am ashamed to say i fell asleep and started snoring, we were near the front row and after a kick in the shin from the wife i woke up and the blonde girl in the band was glaring at me……don’t blame her……

Matt Thomas… Was around the same time I saw Darts at The Congress

Nick Prince… I actually saw them at that concert. They were basically everything you would expect them to be. Middle of the road stuff that sounded almost like their records. I’ll leave it there I think. It hasn’t been that many years that I would admit seeing stuff like that.

Matt Thomas… It was years later when I was working behind the bar at White Rock that I noticed a signed picture of them on the wall in the bar along with other famous acts Roger de.Coucey and Anita Harris,wonder what happened to those pictures,they seemed to vanish without trace lol

Nick Prince… Lol. Now I wonder what happened to those. I remember the Anita Harris pic being there. Not forgetting that Brother Hood of Man beat Frank Ifield in the 1976 Song For Britain.
Now I wonder what would have happened if he represented us? I say 12 off Switzerland and some token points from Ireland and Malta . Or am I being unfair? Somehow i don’t think he would have won


Ray Alan with Lord Charles – White Rock Pavilion Hastings 18th April 1976

poster: Van Buren

Matt Thomas… He was one of the many now missing signed photos in frames that were once displayed in the Stage Door Bar when I worked there.

Alan King… I was gonna get a vent doll made of Pete Docherty and go around saying Got any Gear ?

Nigel Ford… I didn’t know he died 10 years ago… but I see it was during May so wouldn’t have heard any news that month with Hastings Rock being on air.

Shyboy – White Rock Pavilion 15th April 1983


shyboy white rock

shy boy ticket

shyboy 2

Photo Dave Plummer. All photos and ticket supplied by Tim White

Andy Burkes guitar vocals, Tim White bass vocals, Ernie Blocksage percussion vocals, Ernst Friedle percussion vocals, Frank Jennings keyboards, Kevin White drums, Charlie (Chas) Garrioch sax, John Plummer trumpet and Sue guitar.

Neil Steadman… Can’t still be going Alan??

Alan Esdaile… Someone said previously that Andy Burkes lives in America now Neil , I think Tim White is still making music but don’t know about the others. Remember seeing them at The Crypt and they were great.

Roy Penfold… The White brothers are still very much into making music, I bumped into Kevin about a month ago. Jon Plummer is in Canada.  Wasn’t there a ‘spin off’ jam band involving Paul Gambeau? I remember sitting in on one of their gigs at the Crypt….

Alan Esdaile… Looking at the website, could that have been Sleazy at Midnight, Roy?

Sue Graham… Great to come across the photos of Shy Boy, I’m Sue that played guitar with the band 1983/84. Still in Hastings playing music.


The Sussex Hall White Rock Pavilion Hastings 1930’s.

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… The Sussex Hall, located in the basement of the White Rock Pavilion. Late 1930s. The sign on the stage reads – ‘Harmony Aces’

Peter Fairless… Is it the same floor?

John Gale… Its quite big down always surprised its not used more

Tim Moose Bruce… Its used for the Annual Beatles Day event. Played on the Sussex stage a few times over the years

Mick Turner… They should put it too use!

Chris Meachen… I used to go to the Winkle Club children’s parties down there as a small child, too long ago to remember much detail. As a teenager, I helped set up & man a display of aquariums promoting a local hobby group in connection with a kind of ‘mini ideal home exhibition’ which occupied both of the theatres’ spaces.

Graham Sherrington… I used to do that Public Speaking for the school in the White Rock… subject tropical Fish keeping.