Julie Felix – White Rock Pavilion Hastings – 2nd June 1974


Dave Nattress… Would I be right in saying Mama’s gonna take us to the zoo tomorrow? And…we can stay all day.

Neil Partrick… Message Music was interviewed by me and he mentioned what it was like working with Julie http://oldfolkrebels.blogspot.com/…/kelvin-message-life…

Ray McVay & his Orchestra and Spyke – ITT KB Social Club White Rock Pavilion 10th Jan 1975



supplied by Pete Millington https://pet842.wixsite.com/confeds-to-jinks

Pete Millington… Audience at the ITT Dance held at the White Rock Theatre on 10th January 1975 – My sister Jane is third from right front row (is in front second from right!) I recognise several other faces but not their names – any ideas?

John Gale… Dad would have loved that. He was probably even there.

Janine Hemsley… Ray’s been running the Glen Miller Orchestra for many many years now. My husband, on bass, has been with him since the beginning. Great guy.


David Essex – White Rock Pavilion 19th November 1974




david essex stardust

essex reply

Alan Esdaile… Shows how popular David Essex was, as his film was on at The Classic and The Curzon at the same time

Peter Fairless… Rock On!

Leigh Weiland-Boys… Saw him then & he stayed at The Queen Vic, where my friend was a receptionist, she worked that night so he gave her two free tickets to see him at the Brighton Dome & she took me! Double whammy!

Brigitte Lee… Where were the Penguin and The Orion?

Alan Esdaile… The Orion Cinema was next to the Old W H Smith (just down from the old main Post Office. The Penguin was where Dennies Club was, opposite Priory Street car park.

Chris Meachen… I was taking pictures for The Observer at that gig, along with the lovely Jennie Tocock who was attempting without much success, to get an interview with him..

Leigh Weiland-Boys… My Mum worked at the Observer at the time and got hold of a couple of photos from that night for me – I am not sure whether I still have them (moved a few times since 1974!!) but will have a look.

Jennie Tocock… He was a bit of a jerk if I remember rightly, Chris! We got so many great interviews with tons of the bands in those days … but dear old David was a bit too special to give us 5 minutes!

Alan Esdaile… Oh what a circus that must have been Jennie.

Lesley Bowles… My friend’s Mum worked in the White Rock box office and got me front row tickets, seat A20, I’ll always remember it – and so had the WR advertising poster on my wall for YEARS!!! Happy days!

Martin Curcher… I remember going to White Rock with my Mum, Aunt and Brother to see him perform, I was only 9, and it was loud. His hit song at that time was: Gonna make you a star.

Lesley Bowles… I was front row, 15 years old and cried through the whole thing – how I loved him


White Rock Pavilion Hastings – entrance changes

Paul Coleman… Apart from the cars, you can tell the photos are old – there’s no sewer pipes holding the front canopy up!

Marilyn Spence… Memories of White Rock Saw Cliff Richard and the Shadows there when I was merely 14 ( 61 years ago )Danced on the stage at a school concert at 16 (59 years ago)

Nicola Dobson… I used to be on stage there a lot doing ballet and drama plays

John Wilde… Beverly Martyn and I saw Van Morrison there

Nigel Kennard… I was in the Scout Show there for a few years with my old man in the late 60s and early 70s. Merv got out of it because he had rebelled by then. Not quite rock n roll but it got me on stage.

Level 42 26th Sept 1983 and back again at the White Rock on 4th November 2022

Tickets supplied by Mo Elms

Romaine Fulton-hart… We attended the show in 83

Mick O’Dowd… I was there back then. Really excellent performance. Great live!

Matt Thomas… And look who’s supporting them this time… Mari Wilson.

Martyn Baker… My band Salvation Sunday supported them in 1986 at Wembley Arena and The NEC. I was a Hastings boy, Joanne, Steve and Robert were from Bexhill. Fun times!

Martin Richter… they are fantastic live!