Freddie ‘Parrot Face’ Davies – White Rock Pavilion Hastings 1978

poster & photo source: Freddie Davies facebook page. Freddie Davies says… On stage at the White Rock in Hastings 1978 and who is that gorgeous creature it’s Lisa David.

Matt Thomas… Had that very same picture of Peter Goodwright up in the bar – would love to know where all those pictures went

Nick Prince… My parents took me to see that and I had the opportunity to be taken back stage to meet Freddie Davies. We have shared memories about the 1978 Summer Show over the years

Alan King… all this as punk was dying

Mick O’Dowd… Saw “Parrot Face” on Celebrity Pointless a couple of weeks back. He doesn’t appear to have changed much.

Sally Humphrys… Freddie Stevens was my father and as children my brother and I spent our summer holidays backstage at this show. Happy memories!

Matt Thomas… When I was working behind the bar they had Freddie Parrot face and Peter Goodwright signed photos on the wall, that was 89/90 so lasted quite a while.

Kev Towner… Loved Peter Goodwright

The Oky Doky Summer Show – White Rock Pavilion.

supplied by Karen Sweatman

Karen Sweatman… anybody else remember this guy? I only saw him the once and that was because I was taking my younger sister and her friend in the summer hols. I remember him asking the kids if they knew any jokes and the inevitable happened. A young boy said ‘How do you make a snooker table laugh? Tickle it’s balls.’ He was only about four years old

Sarah Fox… He was great, he came and did a Breakfast Birthday Party for my son Edward when he was 5/6? I was not popular with the other mums, having an 8am start on a Saturday morning!!

Pete Fairless… Steve Clark, or Clark Stevens?

JS Bythesea… I remember him too.

Jacquie Hinves… Brings back memories!

Billy Connolly – White Rock Pavilion 8th October 1980

Jan Warren… LOVE Billy Connolly, my all-time favourite comedian, saw him “live” in London in the 1980s!

Jill Lawrence… I went to that show !!; Love the guy x

Sandie Carlyon… Saw it. He was brilliant

Ian Quinnell… Brilliant show. Loved every minute of it

Peter Houghton… I went to the show and after the show got to meet Billy and he signed my album

Coco Pops… Met him and Pamela Stephenson in a Coffee Bar in Greenwich Village NYC in about 1991. Chatted for about 20 mins.

Neil Cartwright… Opening lines, commenting on the White Rock decor, were something like ‘It’s like walking into a birthday cake …’ A superb evening.

Phil Gill… I was there. I’m still laughing about Mike Smith and the helicopter.

Chris Meachen… I took my mum.. Favourite bit was “do I detect a wee fartie”

Peter Fairless… I was there, we laughed so much our sides still hurt the next day!


Joe Brown And His Musicians – White Rock Pavilion 29th August 1971 and Peter Noone & The Hermits 5th September 1971.

joe brown 29th aug 1971

joe brown write up

joe brown

Andre Martin… Worked with both on the military circuit -both great acts and nice people.

Chris Giles… I went to see Peter Noone at the White rock..

Tim Poole… Hi, can you tell me if Hermans Hermits played in Hastings between 73 and 75? I have a memory of my Nan taking me to a concert around that time. Many thanks.

Alan Esdaile… The only thing I can find is Peter Noone played The White Rock Pavilion on the 20th August 1972. Anyone else got any information on other locals gigs he did in the 70’s?


Tim Poole… That was the concert I remember.

Andre Martin… Thinking back, I am sure that Peter left the group in early 70s and went solo to US, the band that I can remember working with would have been The Hermits, there is a TV programme on Peters life that was made a few years back and that would have more dates, it often pops up on Sky Art ?

Sue Strong…  I saw Peter noon in the Anchor it must have been late sixties early seventies

Alan Esdaile…  I wonder if the barman said to him.. Sorry, no milk today

Chris Giles… I went to see him at the white Rock with my sister and friends and got his autograph

Barry French… Saw Peter Noone at the White Rock . I think it was 1972. He was promoting his new single “Should I”.


The Jack Tripp Show – White Rock Pavilion Hastings 1970

Nadia Compagnone… My birthday treat every year. Absolutely loved it, especially Bobby Crush!

Alan Esdaile… Bobby Crush could certainly play but his cheesy smile was annoying!

Tony Davis… I had a summer romance with one of the dance troupe on this show. I met her at the Astral Club

Barry French… Went to see his “Take A Tripp” show at the White Rock. This would have been early seventies. It was a typical, entertaining seaside holiday show. I remember his opening song was “Along the prom prom prom prom promenade” (You don’t get song titles like that any more)

Jacky Mould… I went to see his show in August 1971 with my family, aged 11. Loved it!

Elaine Stock… I remember going to this!

Bucks Fizz – White Rock Pavilion Hastings – 3rd June, 1983?

Matt Thomas… 1983. Same promo picture that was up in the bar for years

Roland Clarke… great publicity shot

Pete Prescott… I think I went to this show. They are amazing live.

Mike Waghorne… 84 ! was when it reopened after the referb we were still working there to the autumn of that year

Steve Kinch… I worked with BF for a couple of weeks in the early 90s when their regular bass player was touring with Cliff Richard. I have to say it was a surprisingly fun, but challenging handful of gigs. Oh, and not too many that can say Cheryl Baker has cooked them breakfast

Colin Bell… Steve, I always wanted Jay Aston to cook me breakfast………sadly it never happened

Dave Nattress… Saw this and very good they were. 37 years ago!! Frightening!! Still got glossy programme.

Andy Ives… 83 I was there

Graham Sherrington… Bloody Hell Britain’s ABBA

Julie Felix – White Rock Pavilion Hastings – 2nd June 1974

Dave Nattress… Would I be right in saying Mama’s gonna take us to the zoo tomorrow? And…we can stay all day.

Neil Partrick… Message Music was interviewed by me and he mentioned what it was like working with Julie…/kelvin-message-life…

Holiday Express 27th May 1973 programme – White Rock Pavilion featuring The Athelstan Sound, Tina and others

img833 img837 img836

img834 img840 img838

supplied by Alan Brett

Phil Gill… Ten pence!!

Alan Esdaile…  I think this is the programme price Phil. However we were seeing top rock acts on the pier for 50p/60p at the time.

Pete Fisher… Actually Phil, it says here that both Dave and Alan of the Athelstan Band play electric plectrum guitars, which I believe you do as well. It also says that Alan has learnt to play the Hawaiian Steel Guitar in an effort to produce a different sound, and that both brothers have learnt to play banjo. I think this sets a remarkable example to upcoming musicians like yourself, which you might do well to take note of…

Barry French… Tina worked at Mullett Smith Music around this period. Occasionally she would play keyboards with Bob Smiths Band the Alamo at the Yorkshire Grey Pub London Road

David Miller… Aha – those must be the electric plectrum guitars of which they spoke…I don’t see what makes the plectrums electric though…batteries, maybe?