Freddie Starr White Rock Pavilion Hastings 1st May 1983

Barry Newton… I seem to remember going to this, great laugh

Dawn Leaney… I went to this , l was only 22 and had front row tickets. I spent the whole show hoping that he wouldnt pick me out for ridicule

Colin Bell… One of the funniest guys i ever worked with, it was impossible, he made me crack up multiple times every time i went to speak!

Jacquie Hinves… What a super nice man Freddie was. X

Peter Thomson… Saw him just a year or so earlier at Kings. One of the funniest shows ever.

The Lads From Fenn Street – White Rock Pavilion Hastings 13th May 1974

Matt Thomas… That explains that earlier photo of them posing over the road from theatre

photo: Terry Huggins

Iain Cobby… Years ago, Hastings B C gave out free tickets when plays were not so well attended to boost the audience attendance . I remember going along to the show having been a great fan of “Please Sir!”. It wasn’t the greatest performance, I recall, but nice to see the chaps live.

Allan Mitchell… Wow! Amazing!I Remember These Geezers?

Billy Connolly – White Rock Pavilion 8th October 1980

Jan Warren… LOVE Billy Connolly, my all-time favourite comedian, saw him “live” in London in the 1980s!

Jill Lawrence… I went to that show !!; Love the guy x

Sandie Carlyon… Saw it. He was brilliant

Ian Quinnell… Brilliant show. Loved every minute of it

Peter Houghton… I went to the show and after the show got to meet Billy and he signed my album

Coco Pops… Met him and Pamela Stephenson in a Coffee Bar in Greenwich Village NYC in about 1991. Chatted for about 20 mins.

Neil Cartwright… Opening lines, commenting on the White Rock decor, were something like ‘It’s like walking into a birthday cake …’ A superb evening.

Phil Gill… I was there. I’m still laughing about Mike Smith and the helicopter.

Chris Meachen… I took my mum.. Favourite bit was “do I detect a wee fartie”

Peter Fairless… I was there, we laughed so much our sides still hurt the next day!


Chas & Dave house full at The White Rock Pavilion Hastings – September 1983

Matt Thomas… Good old Roger Dennett there as well

Sheila Maile… I was there

Clive Garrard… I met Chas Hodges at Radio Caroline. A lovely fella, very down to earth and i really liked him. A much more talented musician than he was given credit for

Angela Jordan… Think my mum and dad went to this

Peter Stacey… I was there I met them both at the venue as a guest. I’d been supplying Dave with old blues records at the time as my job was at Flyright/ Swift records. Dave particularly liked the Blind Lemon Jefferson Tee Shirt I gifted him.

David Wilkinson… Chas and Dave appeared at Uckfield during the Festival 2004 or 5.