Prince McBride and His Band and Queenie McBride


All photos supplied by Captain Denis Turner

Captain Denis Turner… I have enclosed some pictures of my Uncle, Prince McBride and his Band plus a picture of my aunt Queenie McBride. Queenie was the younger sister of Prince and sang with the Band when down from Yorkshire.  The Mcbrides were all entertainers, my grandparents were dancers, my mother Janetta was also a dancer. Prince was a pianist and bandleader and Queenie was a singer (Light Operatta) My daughter Sara (a Psychodynanic Psychotherapist ) has taken up the batton, in so far as she is a drummer ( part time ) with a number of Jazz bands in Oxford and London.The photos were all taken in the 1930/40s unfortunately i cannot be more accurate .

Alan Esdaile… I remember seeing Prince McBride on the pier, The Sun Lounge and The White Rock Pavilion. I don’t think I ever saw Queenie which I expect the photo was taken inside St Clements Caves. Anyone confirm the venue of the band photos?

Janine Anne Scott… Such a gent. His Son, Alan, played the drums.

Jim Breeds… Great photos!

Keith Cowper… I remember him playing at The Sun Lounge in St Leonard’s way back when !

Carol Arnold… Ahhh and Eugiene and his serenaders at sun lounge when i was a kid .

Dennis Torrance… I seen them also in 60’s at the sun lounge also not forgetting the park first lawn on a weds night fireworks during summer it’s amazing brought back so memories even the green and cream stage.

Michelle Ryder… I’m tracing my family tree and it turns out Prince and Queenie are relatives. Would love some more information. Fab photos btw!

Geoff Brown… Hi My Mother was Queenie Mcbride


Broadcaster Sir Jimmy Young dies aged 95


Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. Sir Jimmy. Used to really enjoy him on his discussion show on Radio 2 but think he ended up falling out with the BBC .

Matt Thomas… Byeeeee for now!!!!!

Jim Breeds… One of my mum’s favourites. 

Dennis Torrance… Yes R.l.P. Jimmy yet another great one gone

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I still say “What’s the recipe today, Jim?” Sad news, R.I.P JY

Jim Breeds… Well, Raymondo…

Peter Fairless… TTFN, innit?

Chris Giles… My mum used to like him… RIP

Pete Brazier… No More ”What’s The Recepy today Jim” And Don’t Forget he was A Singer In His Early years ”The man From Laramie” He and Terry Wogan used to have great banter when jim’s show ended and Terrys one began each morning, If they Have Radio shows in Heaven They will be Top of the DJ’s. RIP JIM!

Virginia Davis… R.I.P I bought one of his old recipe books on Amazon so I could bake one of my Husband’s favourite cakes

Alan Esdaile… He was at The White Rock Pavilion 12th November 1971. Anyone know anymore about The Rank Roadshow?


Spinnaker Ball – Tony Strudwick Sound and The Autumn – 31st December 1970


Ricky Long…I played with Tony Strudwick big Band had 2 year residency at The Starlight Ballroom Crawley then with Ted Crouch Band until forming The Ricky Norman Sound in 1970 .  Can’t find any photos yet ,but remember names. Tony Strudwick, Lennie Watts(piano) Ronnie Stone (bass) Saxes John Mansell.Geoff Walker. Gerry Cohen Don Pashley. Stan Vickers.Trumpets Mel Fagin Bill Guy (trumpet trombone) Jasper Franklin (trombone) vocals Rosemary Rapheal Ricky Douglas but can’t remember Drummers name.

Magna Carta – White Rock Pavilion 15th October 1971, cancelled?


Jim Breeds… My recollection is that I was going to see Magna Carta at the pavilion but they cancelled?? May be a false memory or may be a different date.

Alan Esdaile…  Might be right Jim. This is an old cutting I found among my bits and pieces and a band I have long forgotten about. Checking their website it lists this gig but does not mean they played it. Anyone here confirm?

Colin Bell… Jim…I had a provisional booking to compere a gig for MC in October 71 at WR but this was not confirmed and I have no memory of doing it, so they either didn’t play or did play and got someone else to compere!…..

Pete Fairless… That gig is listed on Marmalade Skies, too. Can’t help beyond that, I’m afraid. I was too young in ’71…

Sarah Harvey…. Well here is the advert for the White Rock Pavilion for that week from the Observer but can’t find anything about them not appearing.


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Alan Wood… Wish I’d seen film for Australian migrants on Thursday,could be sitting on bondi beach now !!!!

Mark Gilham… I once had a Magna Carta album with a load of apples on the sleeve. Does anyone know the name of it?

Philip Meston…I’ve still got Seasons on vinyl! Great album & what a voice!

Chris Sambrook… Yes the memory can play tricks. I seem to remember seeing them at Hastings College, gods knows when.

Jim Breeds… At last a clipping featuring a production that I performed in!! Scout Show ’71! Yay! I was in a couple of acting scenes and the chorus. lol. It’s Interesting what Colin says.

Sarah Harvey…Jim, when all the old bands and artists get together for a reunion, I hope you will be contributing with ‘Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha, Ging gang goo, ging gang goo. ‘ 🙂