Danny La Rue & Keith Harris – White Rock Theatre Hastings & town crier August 1985

Colin Bell… I hope Keith Harris got his hand up the back of the right one, Orville and Danny La Rue look scarily similar on that poster!

Sheila Maile… Keith Harris & that green duck were awful

Peter Brazier… Danny was one of my mums favourite performers!

The Flying Pickets, Elkie Brooks and The Nolans – White Rock Theatre 1985

Martyn Baker… I saw her as a singer in Vinegar Joe (with Robert Palmer I think?) on the pier way before this show. I was about 14, and I met a girl too. Loved that night!

Andy Qunta… Martyn, I saw them on the Pier too!

Matt Thomas… Famous for only doing a 30 minute concert

Mick O’Dowd…Thinking I might have been at The Pickets show. Used to love them. Very talented. First saw them on the Tube.