Hastings Beatles Day 2024 – White Rock Theatre Sunday 7th April

Sara Lee Trust… Tickets are now on sale for Hastings Beatles Day 2024 taking place at the White Rock Theatre on Sunday 7th April and raising funds for The Sara Lee Trust.  We cannot wait for you to join us as we celebrate 25 years of this iconic event. Get your tickets now at https://whiterocktheatre.org.uk


White Rock Theatre – Easter 1991

Sandy Max… I’d love those ticket prices these days! They.get a half empty theatre because many locals are priced out. Why don’t they consider cheap standby tickets as the London theatres do to sell the empty seats? A.full theatre makes for a much better atmosphere

Dennis Torrance… I missed button moon and the moon monster lol

Daryl Perkins… Took my Button Moon obsessed 4 year old to this!!

Carol Ann Bolton… I’ve been to Button Moon, followed Mr Spoon to Button Moon…etc

Mick O’Dowd… Went to see The Commodores. Good band but Lionel had already left. They didn’t miss him though.

White Rock Theatre Hastings – new operators 1st February 2024


White Rock Theatre… Today is the Day – we’ve got the keys to the door and we’re moving in! From today, The Guildhall Trust are the new operators of The White Rock Theatre. This is a hugely significant step in the development of The Guildhall Trust and marks months of hard work since the announcement that we were in talks with Hastings Borough Council to take over the running of the venue. We are excited to develop The White Rock into a vibrant, multi-faceted asset for the East Sussex region whilst diversifying The Guildhall Trust’s operation which will bring revenue and sustainability for the benefit of the communities we serve. Please bear with us as we transfer systems. Tickets will be going back on sale online throughout the day. Our in-person Box Office will reopen on Monday 5th of February. Thank you in advance for your patience! We will be in touch with existing ticket holders and members directly very soon.

Angela Mitchell… Exciting

Tony Davis… Congratulations and good luck from me and all at See Ya There Promotions

Lucy Pappas… Congratulations xx Please bring back payment by cash in the bars x

Reid McDuffie… Exciting times!

Joe Knight… Congratulations!!!

Peter Houghton… All the Best for the Future

Andy Hemsley… Went down to the launch today. Really nice community minded people.

Jacquie Hinves… Good luck with the venture. Please keep the prices down at the bar and refreshments. This is one of the main reasons that the White Rock sank.

Peter Stacey… Jacquie, I agree horrendous prices

Andy James Long… Congratulations and good luck!

JS Bythesea… Good luck with the business venture. I always have enjoyed the shows that I’ve been to. I hope that the advertising banners for past shows will be regularly taken down. They make the area look uncared for and forgotten.

Kev Towner… Will you be changing the booking system so that you can book wheelchair/carer seats online?


White Rock Theatre Hastings summer season 1993

Matt Thomas… Bloody hell didn’t realise they still had the same summer season from ten years earlier into the 90s

Colin Bell… I was there with Don Lusher for his gig, he was a very well respected musician who played trombone in all the top orchestras, many years with Ted Heath & at The Palladium as well as doing loads of sessions. He was a close friend of the family & introduced me to many people in the biz & was very helpful to me. I was very fond of him, he passed away in 2006 God bless him x

Andre Martin… How things change in 30 years

Jim Breeds… Mostly dire! Only The Dubliners and Desmond Decker would’ve tempted me.

Mark Fawaz… Don’t have sod all now pantomime if ur lucky

Andre Martin… How things change in 30 years

Leigh Mitchell… 1993…looks like a set from 1973

Tony Ham… I used to go to the wrestling on Wednesday nights.

Mark Randall… Wow – that’s one heck of variety of turns

Joe Knight… Great Times and music

Mick O’Dowd… Only one tribute act and they were pretty good! Never realised Desmond Dekker appeared as I would have gone to see him.



Van Morrison – White Rock Theatre Hastings – 8th Dec 1991



ticket supplied by Tim White http://www.whitehouse2002.co.uk/index.html

Jim Breeds… I did see him at Glastonbury some years ago.

Mick O’Dowd… Was at this one! Look at the price. Bet you can’t see him at that price now!

Doug Prentice… Saw him in the mid 70s, expecting the dynamic outgoing performer from the Caledonia Soul Orchestra (Too Late To Stop Now) days but got a grumpy singer who didn’t get up from the piano all night and didn’t speak a word to the audience. Certainly took the show out of show business!

John Wilde… I went with Beverly Martyn. Van had a great band who were quite young. We were awestruck. Even though he barely spoke his voice resonated across that theatre.

Rick Baldwin… I was there….”van the man” was as awesome as always.

Gavin Martin… Brilliant Rick Baldwin and Mick Odowd what a great place to see the master and you appreciated the privilege. Hymns is ace, saw him in Belfast round this time when he played the single first time he sung title Why Must I Always Explain? The heckler near me posed the inevitable “What’s this one about , Van?” Grrr

Liz Dees Dianto… I was there ! The female session musicians were amazing too !

Gavin Martin… Set list details from the night here. Essential Van site.


Andy Ellison… Sat that gig. He was brilliant at Brighton Dome last Tuesday with the tightest band I have ever heard.


Hank Marvin at The White Rock Theatre Hastings 27th November 1998

review by Colin Bell

Jane Hartley… I was there too. Didn’t he also have Brian Bennett’s son with him or did I dream that?

Colin Bell… Yes he did Jane, you weren’t dreaming

Stephen Singleton… Hank is one of the greatest musicians ever.

Mick O’Dowd… Was there for that one. Think I still got the programme.

Splinter Group featuring Peter Green, Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, Spike Edney – White Rock Theatre Hastings 27th March 1997

Andy Gunton… I was there

Pete Prescott… I was there. I spoke to Cozy after the gig outside the theatre. He agreed to play on an album I was making with Paul Sinden. It was the last time we spoke. Sad

Peter Stacey… I was there to great concert

Mark Randall… A little known fact that in the 80s a law was passed that it was compulsory for Neil Murray to play bass in every U.K. rock/blues/poodle metal band

Joe Knight… Wow! Amazing!


White Rock Theatre Hastings Saved!

Photo & comments Andrew Batsford https://www.facebook.com/andrew.batsford

Cllr Andrew Batsford… (3rd November 2023)  White rock theatre update!!  Around 9 weeks ago we announced that we were offering an exciting opportunity to take the White Rock theatre forward as one of our key cultural assets. Today we can officially announce that not only is the White Rock remaining open for business and all the staff and community groups and events who call it home are safe. But we have a new vibrant Guild Hall Trust taking on the our amazing theatre. Great news!!


Tim Moose Bruce… Can they also take on St Mary In The Castle?

Jacqueline Hillier… So Pleased to Read This I shall always Support The White Rock Theatre…. Its been there all My Life Born Here in 1955 we had many many Great Things and Hastings Gang Show so thank you to the Guild Hall Trust

Deb Hoad… That’s really good to hear 👏 👍 love the White Rock. Been there many times

Anne Murray… Thank goodness it’s saved!

Stewart Rockett… As an employee of the WRT for over twenty years until my retirement in 2022, it’s great to know that it will continue to be an important focal point for the arts. I’m also very happy for my younger chums who will continue to be employed there.

Carole Prescott… Fantastic news!

Karen Towner… Excellent news!So pleased it will continue . Thank you Guildhall Trust.

Wendy Weaver… That is really good news

Georgie Fewell… That’s wonderful news

David Jenkins… Fantastic news , so glad that it’s will continue.

Pete Prescott… Fantastic news!

Catherine Ireland… Great news

Dawn Campbell… That is fantastic news! Even my granddaughter who is only 11 will be absolutely over the moon – well done!