Van Morrison – White Rock Theatre Hastings – 8th Dec 1991



ticket supplied by Tim White

Jim Breeds… I did see him at Glastonbury some years ago.

Mick O’Dowd… Was at this one! Look at the price. Bet you can’t see him at that price now!

Doug Prentice… Saw him in the mid 70s, expecting the dynamic outgoing performer from the Caledonia Soul Orchestra (Too Late To Stop Now) days but got a grumpy singer who didn’t get up from the piano all night and didn’t speak a word to the audience. Certainly took the show out of show business!

John Wilde… I went with Beverly Martyn. Van had a great band who were quite young. We were awestruck. Even though he barely spoke his voice resonated across that theatre.

Rick Baldwin… I was there….”van the man” was as awesome as always.

Gavin Martin… Brilliant Rick Baldwin and Mick Odowd what a great place to see the master and you appreciated the privilege. Hymns is ace, saw him in Belfast round this time when he played the single first time he sung title Why Must I Always Explain? The heckler near me posed the inevitable “What’s this one about , Van?” Grrr

Liz Dees Dianto… I was there ! The female session musicians were amazing too !

Gavin Martin… Set list details from the night here. Essential Van site.

Andy Ellison… Sat that gig. He was brilliant at Brighton Dome last Tuesday with the tightest band I have ever heard.


Monsters of Glam Rock Sweet and Mud – tour programme – White Rock Theatre Hastings 1990’s

Supplied by Colin Bell

Anyone remember this, or the year? Colin thinks The Glitter Band were also on the bill.

Matt Thomas… 91 or 92 I was in the Yelton sitting next to Les Gray.

Ian Mantell… it was just Sweet and Mud, Brian Connolly was in a bad way but his voice was still strong. A clue to the date is the use of the expression “Brian Connolly’s Sweet” he and Andy Scott had been in dispute over the name and so agreed to identify which band was playing in the early 90’s

Karen Sweatman… I was there dancing like a prat! Think it was around 91. You might be interested to know around 1990 I saw a band at The Crypt called The Wandering Crutchless with two ex members of Sweet in. They were brilliant

Jan Warren… Sweet are playing at The dlwp, Bexhill on The 21st December!

Ralph Town… I think the story of Sweet Mk1 is one of the saddest in music.

Hank Marvin at The White Rock Theatre Hastings 27th November 1998

review by Colin Bell

Jane Hartley… I was there too. Didn’t he also have Brian Bennett’s son with him or did I dream that?

Colin Bell… Yes he did Jane, you weren’t dreaming

Stephen Singleton… Hank is one of the greatest musicians ever.

Mick O’Dowd… Was there for that one. Think I still got the programme.

White Rock Theatre Hastings – Now reopened 5th August 2021.

photo: White Rock Theatre

White Rock Theatre… While the Theatre was closed, a small team of dedicated staff toiled for several months to improve, repair, and refurbish our facilities. To make your return even more special. One highlight is our entrance foyer. The red carpet was removed and the original parquet flooring underneath has been restored. What do you think? We hope you love it when you step back through our doors!

Di Veness… Looks amazing!

Fred Marsh… Looks fantastic , well done

Monica Bane… Very impressive! Your hard work has paid off. Looking great. Thank you all!

Matt Thomas… About time that carpet was given a send off, it was looking worn and torn when I was working there 30 years ago

Mike Waghorne… Matthew, 30 years ago was not long after the referb that I worked on in 83/84 I suppose it was around 6 years old then

Diane Leigh… Much better and can be kept clean

Kathy Wood… But they’ve closed the box office so you can only book tickets online or over the phone.

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Top job X

Harry Lavender… Looks smart

Martin Richter… looks gaw-juss – i’m assuming this is nearer to it’s original look ?

Andre Martin… This is a great building and should be maintained, after that horrendous redesign in the 1980s all plasterboard, plywood and red paint much of the 1920s decor lost, its nice to see some returning, what I would ask if people would use the facilities, then the Council will have problems in getting it demolished and replaced with flats, we lost Verulum Building to just this, that location could have been better improved with a little thought and the willingness.

Monica Bane… What a great text So very true!

Jane Collins… Love it!

Graham Sherrington… Looks nice! Hope those wood floors are ANTI SLIP!

Jacqueline Robbins… Wow

Tracy Birrell… Absolutely beautiful, much better than carpet.