Beatles Day 16 reviews and photos and Kevin Burchett finale video

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A few photos I took on the day… (1) No Exit, (2) Mania,  (3) Iain Cobby, (4) Benjamin Davies, (5) Louise Dooris and Kate Ashton,  (6) Mick Bolton and Friends,  (7) Phil Little,  (8) Mick Bolton, (9) The Dan Large Band, (10) Harry Mousley,  (11) AutistiX,  (12) Simon Shaw, (13) Pass The Cat.

Jon McCallion… Missed Paul Dove by 10 mins, Phil Gills band was tops as normal Pete Prescott done a good job for the sixteenth time, Liane Carroll with hubs also tops, all good, Factrio went on early sad we didn’t see them. We enjoyed all that we saw.

Alan Esdaile…  Early Part of the Day – Well done to Pete Prescott for another brilliant day and with over £21,000 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support.  For the early part of the day, among the acts I saw were ‘No Exit’ opened the show on the main stage with a solid performance as always. Followed by ‘Mania‘  with Iain Cobby. A great renditioning of It Won’t Be Long and with two of the group only being 13 and 15 they worked really well together.  ‘Mick Bolton & Friends‘ always a pleasure to hear Mick play and with Phil Little & Barry Jones on board they gave an excellent version of Things We Said Today.  ‘Now and Then’ these were the stand out for me, first class acapella quartet, amazing voices. ‘Dan Large Band‘ Dan’s always passionate how he plays and you can tell he loved every minute and so did the audience.  ‘Pass The Cat’ first class musicians with a unique sound, had the audience moving to the hypnotic beats.  Caught Liane Carroll from a distance sounding amazing as always.  Among the youngsters were ‘Harry Mousley’.  This guys got lots of potential and really good. Great version of When I’m Sixty Four’. My sister Cheryl said ‘The Sound Waves Community Choir were excellent and Poppy Prescott was very good.

Anyone else got other reviews?

video by Kevin Burchett

Dan Large… Thank you Alan, really nice photo 🙂

Yvonne Cleland… Pass The Cat are a superb band

Tony Qunta… Yes they were fantastic!

Geoff Peckham… Factrio. Here we are. For those who missed Factrio downstairs, this is what we looked like. We might be playing as a foursome in a couple of months!

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supplied by Geoff Peckham

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

Yvonne Cleland… I heard they were brilliant.


Beatles Day 16 – 12th April 2015 and Mania and Black Ash chat


Tony (Anthony) Davis…. new band Mania who will be playing at Beatles day ….. Look out for Mania, a band bringing together youth and experience. Experience in the shape of long time local musician Iain Cobby and Sol Buckner and the youth provided by 15 year old vocalist Caitlin Merison, 16 year old drummer Zoe Bisson and 13 year old guitarist Benjamin Davis. See you there. Above photo of them playing on Queensway at Sundays half marathon.  Mania will be on the Main Stage at 12.15pm, then on the acoustic stage at 3pm. They will be doing different sets on each stage.

Claire Davis… Very proud of Benjamin Davis and the rest of the band, well done MANIA

Alan Esdaile… Just reading through the programme and as always, lots of great musicians are playing. Have highlighted these to see so far. Mania, Mick Bolton & Friends, Centre Page (in honour of Paul Burton), Martin Blackman, The Kytes, Claire Hamill, Liane Carroll, Phil Gill’s Abbey Rodeo Band, The Pete Prescott Band, The 1066 Rockitmen, The Dan Large Band, Grundy, The Beagles, Titus, and who’s this Factrio with Lol Tony & Geoff! Plus loads more, its going to be a GREAT DAY.

Yvonne Cleland… If anyone records Factrio, please would they do a copy for me?

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The Sensational 60’s Experience – 2nd Oct 2015 White Rock Theatre with Chris Farlowe, Herman’s Hermits, Steve Ellis, New Amen Corner, Union Gapuk, Alan Mosca

post suggested by Matt Thomas


This must see 60’s extravaganza is crammed with timeless classics performed by 5 of the most influential artistes of the 60s. Hits include, I’m Into Something Good, Out Of Time, Everlasting Love, Bend Me Shape Me, Young Girl Step back in time and relive the past during an evening true to the 60s when pop music was at it’s very best.

Beatles Day 16 – Sunday 12th April 2015


The list of acts confirmed for all stages so far are:

Acappella Bellas    Agenda    AuTisTiX    The Beagles    Mick Bolton and friends    The Brown Notes    The Martin Blackman Band    Molly Booth    Camilla & Rob Bateman    Liane Carroll    Roger Carey    Sam Cleary    The Conquest Choir    Larry Coates    Centre Page    Amber Dale    The dithers    The Duo    Benjamin Davies    Louis Doors & Katie Ashton    Doghouse    Dorey The Wise    Eclipse    Idris Ellis and the Dragonflies    The Electric Beatles    Fieldstone    Follow    Keith Foster    Fat Tuesday 2nd Line Band    Flying Teapots    Frontline    Flock of Flacks    Factrio    Phil Gill and friends    Ghostriders    Grundy    Claire Hamill    The Claire Hamill Singers    Mike Hatchard    Joby Heasmer    The Houseband     Hornet    Hastings Stage Studio    Victoria Howarth    Arthur Howlett    Jiggery Pokery    The Kytes    Kid Kapichi   Dan Large Band    Loose Ends    James Matted    @ManiaTheBand    Mick Mepham    Harry Mousley    Paul and Jeanette Morfey    Ooh! Matron    No Exit    Now and Then    The Piercings    Annie & Nik Pope    Isaac Powell and Friends    Poppy Prescott    Eve Pomery   Rebecca Powell    Dan Piper    Ukulele Orchestra       Vic and Regan Payne    Pestalozzi Pirates    The Pete Prescott Band    Ruby in the Dust    Helen Sharpe Choir    Helen Sharpe and the Soulsearchers    Brooke & Geoff Sharkey    Solo Beatles    Sarah G and the Other Three    Steve Riv and Friends     Soundwaves    Shadow Play    Simon Shaw    Geoff Sapsford     1066 Rockitmen    Titus    Tom Williams    Wax    Wax Collector    Tom Williams   Witch Blair Project     White Rock Ukelele Orchestra    Zachary Dogwood

Beatles Day 2015 is going to be the busiest and best ever. Don’t forget, this year, a THIRD acoustic sessions stage in the café/bar area.

Sarah Harvey… A lot of wonderful friends and musicians on that list ….. a excuse for a SMART Beatles Party!

Carol Ann Bolton… Mick Bolton is playing (my other arf). 😉

Andy Qunta… What an incredible line-up!

White Rock Theatre – 2015

Gerry & The Pacemakers – 20th April 2015.
Letz Zep – 21st May 2015.
The Manfreds – 29th May 2015.
Three Degrees – 5th June 2015. 

Gerry-L lead_image_-_letz

Manfred-L Lead_Image_-_The_Three_Degrees


Jane Hartley… I’m already planning to see Gerry across the Mersey and the 5 faces ofMannfred Mann, next week the Fortunes!

Andre Martin… Well done Alan, following the good music as always – great number this with an interesting personal story for Gerry.

Jim Hobbs…Great song, well sung, well produced. A ‘Prime Cut’. Anybody remember ‘Porky Prime Cut’ etched into the inner ring of some classic eighties singles?

Alan Esdaile… Remember Porky Prime Cuts Jim Hobbs on the records but forgot the story behind it. Here is what Discogs says about it… George Peckham, better known as “Porky” [as in “A Porky Prime Cut”] is a lacquer-cutting and mastering engineer with an illustrious career that includes work on the Beatles, Genesis and Led Zeppelin catalogue. He started his career in disc cutting as a trainee at Apple in 1968 and his signature can be found in the dead/wax runout grooves of many classic and obscure Rock, Punk, Post-Punk and New-Wave records that were pressed in the UK. Porky would often include cryptic and humorous messages on his work [eg. “You’ll Never Work Again” is inscribed on the A side runout of The Fall’s LP “Totale’s Turns (It’s Now Or Never)”].

White Rock Theatre – New pop up shop


supplied by Matt Thomas

A new pop up shop for The White Rock Theatre in Priory Meadow.  Where you can get leaflets & information on future shows.

White Rock Theatre….Thanks to all those who have already come in to see us…. To those that haven’t yet, pop by and tell us about your experiences at the theatre, or even what you’d like to see appearing.




White Rock Theatre – Season of Stars 1993


supplied by Matt Thomas

Janine Anne Hemsley…..Marvelous

Alan Esdaile….Some big names here and only a couple of cover bands.

Jim Breeds…..Gosh, yes. Even Norman Wisdom!

Matt Thomas…..I recall one ot the towns councillors gettin a few of the ‘blue’ comics barred from the theatre but that was quickly over ruled as they soon realised they were putting bums on seats and making a bit of money

Beatles Day 15 – White Rock Theatre Sunday 6th April 2014.

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Line up so far, subject to change…Agenda Abbey Rodeo Band AutistiX Blue Devils Chandeliers  Hanna Christina and Rick Nesbitt D.S.E Dirty Harry Duo Electric Beatles Eclipse E.G. Riley Flying Teapots Hastings Stage Studio Goo Goos Ghostbusters Mike Hatchard Jiggery Pokery Kevin Jones Kytes Loose Ends Mick Mepham No Exit 90% Proof  Rockitmen  Rumbleports Top Three Taylor Woottoon Hastings Ukele Orchestra Variations Wax Pestalozzi Village Band   Starrlite Beatles Poppy Prescott Annie and Nick Pope Strangefruits   Centre Page Blair Witch Project Hornet. Check for further details.

Dr Feelgood – White Rock Theatre Fri 11th Oct 2013

Formed on Canvey Island in Essex in the early 1970’s, Dr Feelgood remains one of the most popular and exciting live rhythm and blues acts in the world, with a string of hit singles including Milk and Alcohol, Roxette, Back in the Night, Down at the Doctors, She Does it Right, Going Back Home and See You Later Alligator.
The current line up features the rhythm section Kevin Morris on drums and Phil Mitchell on bass, both 29 years in the band and Steve Walwyn on guitar who has been with the band for 23 years.