The Searchers – White Rock Theatre Hastings 29th July 2016.


Jim Breeds… You’d think that they’d have found what they’re searching for by now! :O

Jonathan Martin… Could be Utopia? And many are still searchin’ millenniums on. Hope they/we find it!

Steph Drayton… lol they should do a cover of ‘Still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ !

Jonathan Martin… One of the first tunes and 45’s I owned that struck me as a kid was by these kat’s! ‘Don’t Throw Your Love Away’, must have been a big influence on me, as one of my singles is of a similar title. I’ll try’n be there!! Cheers

Alan Esdaile… Great track Jonathan, also love When you walk in the room and What have they done to the rain.

Leslie Whitmarsh… Thats a dam shame we have the cutting crew in bexhill

Alan Pepper… They are actually a good live band. I remember seeing them TEN Years ago Silver SIXTIES tour. Take me for what I’m worth was my favourite !


Slade plus The Rockitmen – White Rock Theatre – Sat 14th Nov 2015.

slade_lead 12219467_10206453074337994_5901459498786778399_n

Poster supplied by Tim Phillips

Chart topping ‘70s glam rockers touring with original members Dave Hill and Don Powell. Although perhaps best known for a certain Christmas song, with anthems like ‘Coz I Luv U’, ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’, ‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now’, ‘Look Wot U Dun’ their incredible back catalogue truly demonstrates that Slade are for life, not just for Christmas!

Peter Fairless… I saw a poster this very afternoon. Looked like Dave and Don. Noddy and Jim, were, of course, the songwriters…

Jim Breeds… Without Noddy and Jim, this is just a tribute band really. I’m sure they still make a good noize for the fans though 🙂

Chris Giles… Surely wont sound the same without Noddy

David Miller… I  read that Noddy was invited to sing for ACDC when Bon Scott passed….that’s quite a sonic and visual picture to play with….

Peter Fairless… I didn’t know that, David. Of course, they signed Brian Johnson of Geordie – the band that made the best Slade record Slade never made!

Tony Davis… It would be great if Noddy would record again – such a great voice. I can’t really see the point of Slade without Noddy’s voice!


Concert for St Michael’s – White Rock Theatre 6th Sept 2015


designed by Cliff Brooker

After the shocking fire at the hospice, Pete Prescott, Mike Raxworthy and Andy Gunton are putting together a special fund raising event on the 6th September, 2015.

Pete Prescott… I would like to thank Mick Burt and his band VEXED who just gave me £100. They received it for playing at the funeral of Colin Murphy.  It’s going towards the concert I’m organising with Mike Raxworthy and Andy Gunton. Its at the White Rock Theatre on Sept 6th 3.00.till 10.00.(the theatre have given us the day free of charge and the staff have volunteered their services on the day ) some of the top local bands will play (Rockitmen, Soul Express, Kid Kapichi, Liane Carroll and Roger Carey, Marie White and band, The Do They’s,  The Tabs,  Rich Lown , The Pete Prescott Band, Dr Savage and the Fat Tuesday 2nd line, Soundwaves ) All proceeds will go to the hospice.

Yvonne Cleland… Sounds like a cracking gig for a great cause ))) xxx

Bob Shoesmith… Some very familiar faces Yvonne

Lucy Pappas… Brilliant! Wonderful music for a great cause xx

Vicky Rosling… How can you purchase tickets?

Alan Esdaile… This gig is not official announced until next week and I expect tickets will be available from The White Rock Theatre. Hope to have confirmation of this in the next few days.

Pete Prescott… Yes that’s correct. Pay on the door.

Andre Martin… As Carnival FM is supporting St Michaels – lets have some more details and we can get a few mentions going during the week of transmission I am sure.

Andy Gunton… Concert for St Michael’s is a benefit gig to raise much needed funds for St Michael’s Hospice in St Leonards On Sea. Admission is £10 for adults and £5 for under 16’s, payable at the door. Tickets are not available in advance. Wristbands will be issued to enable you to come and go during the event. Concert for St Michael’s runs from 3-10pm, doors open at 2.30pm. All musicians are giving their services for free.  Acts and running times are subject to change and alteration. There will be a raffle on the day, with some great prizes already donated. The organisers would like to thank everyone who has helped get this event off the ground at such short notice, we appreciate it. More details coming soon, but in the meantime put the date in your diary.

Paul Merison… Also The Do They’s have been added to the bill.

Andy Gunton… Confirmed running order. It’s a little different to the poster and, as with all events like this, it is subject to change and alteration.
3pm – Soundwaves Choir
3.25 – Rich Lown
4.00 – Pete Prescott Band
4.35 – Marie White Band
5.10 – Dr Savage
5.45 – Rufus Stone Band 6.20 – Kid Kapichi
6.55 – The DoTheys
7.30 – The Tabs
8.05 – Liane Carroll & Roger Carey
8.45 – Soul Express
9.25 – 1066 Rockitmen

Philip John… Had to whip back early from the Concert for St Michael’s but was lucky enough to catch Pete Prescott’s set. Pete was on sparkling form and the band was tight as spandex trousers ! The addition of the sax player worked really well with some of the more jazzy numbers especially the BS&T Spinning Wheel some good blues too, especially liked their version of ‘Born under a bad sign’. Worth the ten quid just to see that band, then along comes ‘Kid Kapichi’. Recommended to me by Andy Gunton I was not disappointed. Saw them at a beach concert and thought they were OK but tonight they were scorching!  Great to see a guitarist with an AC 30 amp real clean sound. Good image, especially liked the bass player, a sort of prowling Wilko Johnson with one serious hair cut . Don’t know most of their numbers but really enjoyed ‘Murder on George Street’ and the following three numbers. Surely it’s only a matter of time before they move on up. The last band I caught before heading home to finish off pressing computer work was ‘The Do Theys’ .Excellent covers band, the lead singer is a real showman and had I stayed for one more number I’d have had to get up and shake it all about with all the wild women down the front. Still haven’t been able to shake ‘Blame it on Sunshine’ from my head. Have to say it was good to see a bunch of young guys up and dancing along side the ladies.

Alan Esdaile… Agree on the Pete Prescott Band, Philip. Blood Sweat & Tears Spinning Wheel was excellent. Great to catch up with a few people today. Some amazing talent on stage and Liane Carroll and Roger Carey were sensational.

Andy Gunton… I know I’m biased, but would have to agree about Kid Kapichi. They’ve certainly come on in the past year. I was saying to them afterwards, in the dressing room, how they now come across as a real ‘band’. The music, image, on stage interaction etc has all clicked into place.
Glad you mentioned ‘Murder on George St’, as I think that’s a cracker, as is ‘Ice Cream’ another new song.

The Real Thing and Odyssey – 30th Dec 2015 White Rock Theatre


The Real Thing had 3 million selling hit singles in the 70s, including ‘You To Me Are Everything’ and ‘Can’t Get By Without You’ and `Feel the Force` Featuring three original singers – Chris Amoo, Eddy Amoo & Dave Smith and celebrating 40 years together – The Real Thing are one of the UK`s most successful soul bands having enjoyed worldwide success with their hit records in the 70s and again with remixed versions of their hits in the 80s

Plus Odyssey performing all their hits including ‘Native New Yorker’ ‘Lucky Star’ ‘Going back to my roots’ plus many more.

The Lindisfarne Story – White Rock Theatre 25th October 2015


When Tyneside group Lindisfarne exploded onto the UK music scene in 1970 they became the standard bearers for acoustic based rock music.

Their sparkling song-writing cut through the prevailing pop and glam sounds of the seventies, the group achieved international success and Lindisfarne’s music is still ever-present on UK radio in 2015.

Former group members Billy Mitchell and Ray Laidlaw tell The Lindisfarne Story from the very beginning featuring acoustic versions of the classic songs and ‘behind the scenes’ stories, all illustrated with archive video and stills. If you are a fan of Lindisfarne, UK rock groups and the music of the 60’s and 70’s, then this show is for you.

“A fantastic night with The Lindisfarne Story. There are so many words to describe the show and you will feel many emotions with it. It is a real insight into the history of the band and the talented individuals that have forged many fantastic songs over five decades. It really is very special, catch it before it’s gone.”

Yvonne Cleland… This looks brilliant. Would love to go to this.

Fairport Convention – White Rock Theatre 1997


supplied by Iain Cobby

Alan Esdaile… Don’t forget they are at St Mary In The Castle on Sat 30th May 2015. Always loved this track…

Colin Norton… This always was one of my favourite Fairport tracks!

Tony Davis… Mine too. I remember hearing it on the Island Sampler You Can All Join In. That’s also where I first heard John Martyn’s Dusty. Those70’s samplers were a great way of hearing new music.

Alan Esdaile… I got the great Island Sampler You Can All Join In but I heard this track first when groups that played Battle Memorial Hall used to cover it.

Yvonne Cleland… Aaarghhh! You keep doing this, Alan! I’d forgotten all about those dances in battle Memorial Hall! 🙂

Lindisfarne & The Strawbs – White Rock Theatre 1993

lindisfarne lindisfarne

ticket supplied by Iain Cobby

Alan Esdaile… Always loved Lady Eleanor

Colin Norton… Always loved that track!

Clifford Rose… Great concert. I liked the way Lindisfarne made the stage resemble a public bar. Strawbs were good as well!

Tony Davis… Saw the Strawbs at the White Rock recently when they were there with the Carl Palmer Band & Wishbone Ash. It amazes how strong Dave Cousins voice still is.

Beatles Day 16 reviews and photos and Kevin Burchett finale video

IMG_0592 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596

IMG_0593 IMG_0597 IMG_0598

IMG_0599 IMG_0602 IMG_0604

IMG_0607 IMG_0608 IMG_0609

A few photos I took on the day… (1) No Exit, (2) Mania,  (3) Iain Cobby, (4) Benjamin Davies, (5) Louise Dooris and Kate Ashton,  (6) Mick Bolton and Friends,  (7) Phil Little,  (8) Mick Bolton, (9) The Dan Large Band, (10) Harry Mousley,  (11) AutistiX,  (12) Simon Shaw, (13) Pass The Cat.

Jon McCallion… Missed Paul Dove by 10 mins, Phil Gills band was tops as normal Pete Prescott done a good job for the sixteenth time, Liane Carroll with hubs also tops, all good, Factrio went on early sad we didn’t see them. We enjoyed all that we saw.

Alan Esdaile…  Early Part of the Day – Well done to Pete Prescott for another brilliant day and with over £21,000 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support.  For the early part of the day, among the acts I saw were ‘No Exit’ opened the show on the main stage with a solid performance as always. Followed by ‘Mania‘  with Iain Cobby. A great renditioning of It Won’t Be Long and with two of the group only being 13 and 15 they worked really well together.  ‘Mick Bolton & Friends‘ always a pleasure to hear Mick play and with Phil Little & Barry Jones on board they gave an excellent version of Things We Said Today.  ‘Now and Then’ these were the stand out for me, first class acapella quartet, amazing voices. ‘Dan Large Band‘ Dan’s always passionate how he plays and you can tell he loved every minute and so did the audience.  ‘Pass The Cat’ first class musicians with a unique sound, had the audience moving to the hypnotic beats.  Caught Liane Carroll from a distance sounding amazing as always.  Among the youngsters were ‘Harry Mousley’.  This guys got lots of potential and really good. Great version of When I’m Sixty Four’. My sister Cheryl said ‘The Sound Waves Community Choir were excellent and Poppy Prescott was very good.

Anyone else got other reviews?

video by Kevin Burchett

Dan Large… Thank you Alan, really nice photo 🙂

Yvonne Cleland… Pass The Cat are a superb band

Tony Qunta… Yes they were fantastic!

Geoff Peckham… Factrio. Here we are. For those who missed Factrio downstairs, this is what we looked like. We might be playing as a foursome in a couple of months!

11050834_1670726063155487_7093181187433301903_n 20877_1670726093155484_2232141153189339348_n 11136688_1670726113155482_5627765009776940039_n 10408765_1670726139822146_6830108839040685051_n

supplied by Geoff Peckham

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

Yvonne Cleland… I heard they were brilliant.


Beatles Day 16 – 12th April 2015 and Mania and Black Ash chat


Tony (Anthony) Davis…. new band Mania who will be playing at Beatles day ….. Look out for Mania, a band bringing together youth and experience. Experience in the shape of long time local musician Iain Cobby and Sol Buckner and the youth provided by 15 year old vocalist Caitlin Merison, 16 year old drummer Zoe Bisson and 13 year old guitarist Benjamin Davis. See you there. Above photo of them playing on Queensway at Sundays half marathon.  Mania will be on the Main Stage at 12.15pm, then on the acoustic stage at 3pm. They will be doing different sets on each stage.

Claire Davis… Very proud of Benjamin Davis and the rest of the band, well done MANIA

Alan Esdaile… Just reading through the programme and as always, lots of great musicians are playing. Have highlighted these to see so far. Mania, Mick Bolton & Friends, Centre Page (in honour of Paul Burton), Martin Blackman, The Kytes, Claire Hamill, Liane Carroll, Phil Gill’s Abbey Rodeo Band, The Pete Prescott Band, The 1066 Rockitmen, The Dan Large Band, Grundy, The Beagles, Titus, and who’s this Factrio with Lol Tony & Geoff! Plus loads more, its going to be a GREAT DAY.

Yvonne Cleland… If anyone records Factrio, please would they do a copy for me?

Read moreBeatles Day 16 – 12th April 2015 and Mania and Black Ash chat

The Sensational 60’s Experience – 2nd Oct 2015 White Rock Theatre with Chris Farlowe, Herman’s Hermits, Steve Ellis, New Amen Corner, Union Gapuk, Alan Mosca

post suggested by Matt Thomas


This must see 60’s extravaganza is crammed with timeless classics performed by 5 of the most influential artistes of the 60s. Hits include, I’m Into Something Good, Out Of Time, Everlasting Love, Bend Me Shape Me, Young Girl Step back in time and relive the past during an evening true to the 60s when pop music was at it’s very best.