Who remembers Jack Hargreaves asks Eugene Hughes

photo © Simon Baddeley

Val Shoesmith… Out of Town. How.

Steve Cooke… I used to love Out Of Town – spring starts to spring, the cuckoo starts to sing…

Geoff Peckham… Our playground version was, “Say what you will, school dinners make you ill…”

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens… ………….. the countryside is still.

Eugene Hughes… Say what you will, the countryside is still. The only place where I could settle down.

Geoff Peckham… Troubles there are _ so much rarer…

Eugene Hughes… Out of town.

Nick Prince… Enthralling television…. He had a great laid back style of presenting

Gary Sykes… I think James May, the re-asembler is a chip of old jacks programe with a modern twist.

Pete Prescott… Every Sunday we would watch him. Am I dreaming or did he say (as he was cutting cheese with cheese wire ) “the Japanese used to creep up on English sentries in the jungle and use this to kill them…bastards”. Anyone remember that. It seems unlikely thinking about it now. Sadly I still sing it in the car

Wendy Weaver… He probably did and they did .

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens…. I though it was on Friday evenings, in the Gosport catchment area

Nick Prince… It was Friday evenings after Day By Day/Scene South East from Dover in Hastings area. Think it was followed by Mind Your Language/ Muppet Show and such like. Sunday’s toward end of Southerns days

Mark Praid… “Say what you will, school dinners make you ill, all the teachers died of Shepherd’s Pie.” I remember Olli Kite sometimes on as his fishing buddy. Jack was also a bigwig on the board of Southern Television. Shame they changed Max Bygraves to swirling Guitars and Harps when the Theme tune was changed. So slow…..I aways thought those Shire Horses wouldn’t make it to the end of the field!

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Who remembers Lost In Space?

Jan Warren…  Yes, it was my fave Sci-Fi series!! 

Renato Goncalves Camargo Filho… I always want to have the “dangerous landing sound” as a ringtone, does anyone know it is available on youtube or somewhere else ?

Chris Meachen… Danger, Will Robinson…

Gary Sykes… Was Dr Smith gay?

Will Cornell…No but I’ll bet today he’d be accused of being a child molester. The hot blonde teen daughter was in a movie I caught on TCM recently about an island off the coast of S. Calif that was turned into a prison camp for those convicted of murder in the future (when the death penalty is abolished) and they had to forge their own society, which of course, turned barbaric. She was a left wing loon turned terror bomber. Sides are formed and she’s in the “good” side. She rigged up a bunch of homemade bombs. She and her boyfriend sneak into enemy camp and set booby traps, including one in the outhouse. Leader of the other group answers call of nature. Boom! Best line in the film, boyfriend to Lost in Space daughter terrorist: “That dude just took his last crap!” Will says five thumbs up, look for it….I forget name but one of Tom Selleck’s first films, IMDB will have it!

Ian Plater… Yes

Chris Sambrook… Robbie the Robot i presume. He was an over reactive Loon. Warning Warning.

Jake Nelson… Great series from yesteryear! You can get it on DVD. Danger!

Sarah Harvey… Robbie was just a bit highly strung. I was a Captain Zeppos fan myself

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Wakey Wakey…….who remembers sitting around the wireless listening to the Billy Cotton Band Show?


Photo © BBC.  Source: Josephine Fowler The Yesteryears Revisited


Colin Norton… “Hey you down there, you with the glasses”

Jim Hobbs… Sunday’s have never been the same as when I was a boy listening to his show.

Dennis Torrance… My mum used to listen to his radio show and she loved it also memories as a kid for me

Clifford Rose… I remember him. His signature tune was Somebody Stole my Gal.

Jon McCallion… I do, then it was dripping on toast . The minstrel show , the Saint , Sunday night at the London Palladium.

Colin Fox… Oooooh toast dripping and Marmite

Paul Morfey… How long ago was that?? Dont tell me!!

Alan Esdaile… Toast, you must have been posh Jon, we had to make do with bread and dripping. Paul, Sunday lunchtime show was between 1949 and 1968.

Colin Fox… My dad used to toast the bread in front of the fire.

Jim Hobbs… Eeeeee, luxury!

Paul Morfey… We only had bread and pull-it !!?!

Andre Martin… Generally around 1.30pm/2.00pm on a Sunday Afternoon after Family Favourites

Colin Fox… …..and during the week Workers Playtime

Wendy Weaver… We were very posh, we had jam. Billy Cotton Bandshow reminds me of washing up after Sunday Dinner. It was preceded by 2-way Family Favourites – great show

Colin Fox… Sundays remind me of the house smelling of cabbage

Chris Meachen… Remember it well, listening through the separate speaker underneath the redifusion telly..

Dennis Torrance… Oh what happy days lol my mums telly 405 and 625 lines push in button bbc2 and forever getting up to turn over lol

Mick O’Dowd… Wakey! Wakey! Proper sunday roast dinners. There was also 3 & even 4 way Family Favourites at times! Wow!

Andre Martin… I am sure that one more than one occasion BFBS[British Forces Broadcasting Service & BBC] linked London:Koln:Cyprus:Aden:Singapore for specials ie Christmas.

Alan Pepper… Yes that does bring back memories on a Sunday ! Also remember The Clitheroe Kid ? And later on TV after Sunday night at the London Palladium , 77 Sunset Strip ! I think ? In black and white.

Pat Burgess… Wow what memories, Family favourites, and now I live in Canada. How about Take it from here, Dick Barton, Journey into Space…

Mick O’Dowd… Kookie, lend me your comb! We know a song about that don’t we children.

Nigel Sherwood… Clitheroe Kid , The Navy Lark and Around the Horne used to love Sunday radio