Wild Angels Rob(Bob)O’Connor unconscious on Hastings Pier 16th June 1968

Neil Partrick… I have a album by the ‘Wild Angels’, a rock n roll revival type band whose management at least were located in Catford, which was released in the late 1970s. The members look like they’re in their 30s. Don’t think there’s a Rob O’Connor on it though. Different band altogether?

Mike Raxworthy… Me too.

Ken Copsey… Rob O’Connor was the drummer with the Wild Angels. I met him at a bootsale last year and he is a lovely bloke. There is fantastic footage of him and the band backing Gene Vincent on his last UK tour. I felt honoured to meet someone who had backed Gene. The whole documentary is on YouTube and is very touching. Gene is obviously on his uppers but when he sings he still has the voice and the presence. The real deal.

Neil Partrick… Duuuhh… sorry, Rob (Bob) O’Conner the drummer is on the ’70s LP. They’re obviously the same band. I’ll remember to check Wikipedia first next time (although it’s not always totally reliable)

Brian Inwood… I was just browsing to see if Bob was still around and came across this website. Bob left my band ( the Deadbeats) in the early sixties to join the Wid Angels and I know he backed Gene Vincent. Bob came from Bellingham by the way. His agent was the same as ours and was based in Catford.

Bob O’Connor… In reply to Brian Inward…. Hi I’m still alive after W/A formed my own band Sid Burns and the D A’s then a tour in Holland with the Hell Raisers. Finally joined Cadillac at the ripe old age of 30 retried still love R n R. Hi to anyone who remembers me

Val Portelli… Hi Bob. I’ve been talking about you on the WA FB site and would love to keep in touch. Great to hear you’re still around. So many memories, Le Bourget, Hastings, the Nightingale, St Mick’s. Suss it out O’Connor 😀 If you see this I promise I’m only sherlock and not a stalker. LoL and hope to hear from you. You might not recognise the name but it was ‘ahem years ago. x

Bill Mellish… Greetings Bob O’Connor from St Augustine’s school mates. We meet up every December to celebrate the Saints football teams success’s.(or lack of it ) Hope you are well. Bill Mellish, Tony Galiana, Jon Pulley and Phil Lee

Bob O’Connor… Hi Val third time of trying to reply to you, sorry don’t recognise your name (shame on me) haven’t caught up with the 21st century (don’t want to). Yes it was a long time ago I sometimes wonder if anybody remembers the W/A m Mal,s gone so has Mitch original bass so has Rod his replacement, John still alive so is the piano player. I’m in touch with JC all the time if you get this I’ll get in touch with you Bob x ps still love Rock and Roll. Hi you lot no Tony Robinson? Hi Brian, so much water under the bridge, nice to hear from you. I’m well hope you are too. 6 bands 2 wives long term partners 3 dogs I won’t go on. An old saying, alls well that ends well, hope you get this. p.s. we should have stayed together we were a good band

Brian Inwood… Half right Bob. Four wives ! (But my late wife stuck me for forty years so I’m not a complete failure).Can’t agree about the quality of The Deadbeats though , although I thought we were great back then, an oversized ego helped. John sadly died a couple of years back. Lost touch with the others. Are you in the UK ?