Wilko Johnson R.I.P.

More information https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63728503

John Gale… RIP Wilko Johnson

Steve Vollrath… Seen him many times over the years, great musician RIP

Tony Court-holmes… saw him live

Jane Hartley… Saw him at DLWP a few years ago.

John Gale… Jane, same here, he was brilliant…with Norman from the Blockheads on bass

Dave Nattress… I am absolutely gutted. Loved the man and everything he did. Lucky to see him at the DLW Bexhill a couple of years back.

Graham Belchamber… Such sad news. I saw him live a few times over the last 30 years. A great guitar player and live performer. The film about his life and career; ‘ Oil City Confidential ‘ is well worth a watch.

Barry French… Such sad news. We have lost a real character & inspirational guitarist, famous for his strut/stride performances & his unique style of guitar playing.

Wilko Johnson at The Black Horse Music Festival 22nd May 1998 by Andrew Clifton.

Martin Richter… fantastic! anyone know how to convert vhs to digital – *somewhere* i`ve got a copy of Divine in concert at Saturdays that needs preserving!

Yvonne Cleland… Damn I wish I’d seen this! However, I saw Doctor Feelgood in Eastbourne when Wilco was in top form.

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poster ad from Phil Little Hastings Music Files. Lead supplied by Neil Cartwright.

Alan Esdaile… Well done to Andrew & Steve Clifton, all those hours filming, no doubt loads of aches & pains from holding cameras but very much appreciated here.

Neil Cartwright… FANTASTIC!! ……. (and he’s using MY curly lead!!!!!).

Paul Dengate… Your curly lead Neil, and he’s using MY monitor mix!!!!

Andrew Clifton… Martin the video was coverted from a video 8 tape using Video forever it does vhs to digital.

Andy Gunton… I was there 🙂

Geoff Peckham… Excellent footage of Wilko Johnson. Great little festival. This was the year I played there with my Cajun band, the MudBugs. I remember it well!

Steve Sampson… Went on the Friday to see Wilko and Monday to see The Blackman Brothers.

Robert Wren… I had seen Dr Feelgood a number of times but that was the first time I had seen Wilko and I felt like I had a last truly seen Dr Feelgood.


Wilko Johnson – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 2nd March 2019

The original Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson is performing here at DLWP on Saturday 2 March!

Heavily influenced by Mick Green, Wilko employs a finger-style, chop-chord strumming action (the ‘stab’, as he describes it). This allows for chords and lead to be played at the same time, giving a fluency and a distinctive sound very unlike the cleaner swat of a pick. With this economic sound, coupled with that black-suited, scowling look, and the yards he covered across the stage pausing only to twist the guitar lead out from under his feet, Wilko became one of the guitar heroes of the era.

for further information… https://www.dlwp.com/event/wilko-johnson/

Alan Pepper… Is that Norman Watt Roy ( ex blockhead ) in the lineup ?

Tony Ham… Yes it is, Wilko used to be in The Blockheads.

Paul Bryant… Looks like him.

Tony Ham… It is, seen them a few times in recent years. I took this when they played in Rye.

Mike Curtis… And support act………Glenn Tilbrook!!! With a bit of luck a couple of local lads will turn up – Chris Difford to play with Glenn, and Roger Daltrey with Wilco?


Rye International Jazz and Blues Festival – 27-31 August 2015



full line up and further details https://ryejazz.com

RYE INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL ….launch of the new website today https://ryejazz.com/. Many artist announcements including James Tormé, Wilko Johnson, Liane Carroll, The Blues Band, Avery* Sunshine, Ian Shaw, GoGo Penguin, Herbie Flowers and a series of cinema screenings. Tickets will go on sale for these events on Tuesday. Many more headline acts, including the late night sessions at The Jazz Lounge to be announced and on sale over the coming week.

Yvonne Cleland… Wilko Johnson and Herbie Flowers sound good! Who’s going?

Rakesh Solanki… The fab Second Line at the Rye Jazz fest!

Mark Gilham… This is so cool

Pete Shaw…  Man, that band has funk streaming through it!
Thoroughly got wrapped in their groove boogie-ing behind them…snare drummer played great and had a great sound!

Chris Meachen… Wonderful and eccentric..

Tony Davis… Went to see Wilko Johnson last night. A short (70 min) and sweet set. Full of energy and some old Feelgood numbers. Support was really interesting and enjoyable. A guy called Joe Corbin with a blues/set. Great version of Jimi Hendrix Red House. Could be one to watch.