Fuse Wire from Woolworth

Who remembers fuse wire packets, under the stair cupboard? 

Mike Waghorne… Still got a card in my garage & I’ve been retired for 6 years from 50years in the electrical industry.

Judy Atkinson… Mike, me too

Richard Porter… I changed all my fuses for circuit breakers.

Paul Foster… Always the larger fuse wire went first

Mark Randall… We had a little packet containing the different fuse wires, a screwdriver, and a pair of cutters. The pack’s strapline was ‘Don’t get the blues , we’ll mend the fuse”

Peter Ellingworth… I certainly do….although had my fuse box replaced by a consumer unit years ago – but still keep some fuses by for plugs just in case.

Lyn Humphrey… Still got some.

Chris Wood… Judging by the lack of 30 amp he’s got a serious problem with an immersion heater. At that point a nail usually sorted it out