MM Poll Winners Concert, Rock At The Oval, London, 30 September 1972

photos supplied by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher… MM Poll Winners Concert 30 September 1972 at the Oval Cricket Ground, Kennington, SE11 featured Focus, Genesis, Argent, Jack Bruce, ELP and Wishbone Ash. I was there with a crowd from Hastings and took a few pics.

Derek Clemans… You lucky man I am envious. I would love to have that memory.

Pete Fisher… Just lucky to have been of an age when I could go to gigs around that time Derek and to have known a nice bunch of like-minded people who also wanted to go to many of them. Also happened to have borrowed a camera for the occasion and recently digitised the photos, I’m very glad to say. Delighted to be able to share…

Edge St Leonards… I was there, have some photos, I wonder if anybody recognises them shelves, I have more in colours

Tony Court-holmes… seen a lot of them

Steve Kinch… Think I was there – all a bit of a blur. Didn’t Genesis have some tuning problems?

Pete Prescott… Big day and memory for me ! I was a few weeks shy of 16. I went to the one the year before when the Who played (amazing life changing gig for me) So I was excited to see this line up. I left just after E.L.P. So missed Wishbone Ash. I had a ticket to see Deep Purple at the Sundown at Edmondton ( Helen Tapp wouldn’t come with me as I was too ugly !) I sat with Martin Holliday and Ant Baker about twenty feet behind Martin’s brother Andy, Dave Morse and Barry Watkins (they were far too cool to sit with us). A week or so later Ant Baker convinced me to have another go at singing… with Andy, Dave and Barry ! I got the gig and was in that band (Village) for five years. Andy ended up doing the P.A. for 19 Beatles day’s ! I think Genisis were playing songs from Foxtrot. Gabriel had the red dress and Foxes head. Argent were booed (no idea why) Jan Ackerman did an impromptu jam with Jack Bruce. From the photos I think I was sitting near the Hastings guys. I would love to see anything from that day. For me it was a big deal ! Years later I was in Swiss/ English band at a festival in Austria. We played just before Wishbone Ash. I was too nervous to approach Andy Powell and do the big “I’m such a fan…” thing. I also remember a band called Fudd (I think they were an Irish band) opening up. A few weeks later the singer came and worked at Export Packing in Sittingbourne. Village all had day jobs there. He was a nice guy. We were all thinking “Wow ! You played at the Oval!” The son of the owner was into bands (he was the guy who financed and managed The Enid) maybe that’s why he was there.

Mike Curtis… I was there too!

Beatrice Lacey… I saw Emerson Lake and Palmer at there

Alan King… have you taken the cotton wool out of your ears yet ?

Andy Davies… I was there!, particularly remember Keith Emerson stabbing his keyboards with great big knives.

Bopper Bill… I was there and it was a cool trip. Too far back to see too much but I really dug
Argent. I thought they were a great live band. Hawkwind’s silver machine left an impression:)

Big Phil… It was 50 years ago today (if only the beatles had…..) ! It was my first concert; tremendous day out. At the time into ELP but as a result bought all Focus & Genesis albums. Still have all the tapes including Fudd through to Wishbone Ash. Just loved all the organisation and open air sound. Amazed by the ELP showmanship with Tarkus theatrics, ribbon moog, drum solo; astonishing for a 15 year old. Looking back, very lucky man to have been there!

Anyone remember Wishbone Ash playing Hastings Pier asks Sarah Harvey?



Sarah Harvey… Does anybody know if Wishbone Ash actually played in Hastings during the 1970s or 1980s because I can’t remember if they did? I saw them at Brighton twice in that era but can’t recall them appearing in Hastings.

Peter Fairless… Nothing in the list of listings Sarah.

Yvonne Cleland…. They played the pier, Sarah. I was there!  Around 1974 ish, as I remember.

Graham How… They played quite a few times. As Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash they played the WRT last year.

Lucy Pappas… I think I was there, too but more likely 1973 x Maybe I saw them at Warwick Uni. I definitely didn’t see them at the White Rock, I was living away by then.

Tony Court-holmes… they played the white rock some years ago

Mick O’Dowd… The only mention I can find is in 2003 with Claire Hammil supporting but haven’t got a date.

Clifford Rose… I did see Wishbone Ash at the White Rock on 20th Jan 1990.

Sarah Harvey… Thank you Clifford….. at last a date that I can research. Its important for the fact of including them in the Hastings Retro-Rock show in May.

Alan Esdaile…  I remember they played Redstack Playhouse in Bexhill a few years back.

Graham How… That was as Andy Powell’s Wishbone Ash. Good gig! They (Wishbone Ash) also played on the Pier as well as at the WRT.

Paul Durrant… Can’t remember seeing them on the pier but a bunch of us went from Hastings to see them perform Argus at the Fairfield Halls Croydon in 1973 I think. Still listen to those tracks regularly. Takes a lot of beating. I seem to remember we went to Croydon because we hadn’t been able to see them locally but can’t be sure.

Barry French… Neil Cartwright & I saw them at the White Rock Theatre in the 1980’s with the original line up.

Phil Gill… I can’t remember half the bands I saw on the pier. Probably because I was off my trolley.

Chris Giles… I thought I saw them on the pier too.. But the same as Phil said ..but yes about 74

Peter Thomson…  don’t recall seeing them in Hastings but that doesn’t mean they didn’t appear, as I was off Phil Gill’s trolley. I did see them at Reading in 1975 and I saw them a couple of times in the last 5 years at Stamford Corn Exchange. Still worth it…

Nigel Hickman… I’m not sure Sarah, but I wish I had seen them to!

Nick Webb… Yep same here guys thought I still had the gig ticket out can’t find it at the mo. xx

Dave Nattress… Argus – now there’s a fabulous album. I’ve got it on CD 3 times over. One, the original tracks as on the vinyl, two a later release with Jail Bait, The Pilgrim and Phoenix off the “Live From Memphis Promotional EP” and then the 2007 “Deluxe Edition” with bonus tracks and a second disc BBC Radio One “In Concert”. Wonderful guitar album. Think I saw them at Reading in 1971 but didn’t know they may have done the pier. So, Graham Parker’s coming off in a minute and Argus is going on!!!!! Oh and having just spotted you Paul Durrant….How the heck are you, very best regards, Dave Nattress.

Gary Kinch… Saw them in Bexhill and on the Pier, all this side of 2000. Don’t remember them on the pier in the 70’s though. I’m sure I wouldn’t have missed that one if it happened. Argus, what an album. ‘The King Will Come’ got the crowd going. They were at Reading in 75 as well although my memory of it is a little fuzzy.

Chris Meachen… I saw them at the White Rock, I think in the late 90’s. Superb band…

Clive Richardson….Saw them in Eastbourne in 1973 and the Reading Festival in 1975.

Dave Nattress…. Argus… My opinion but surely one of THE very best free-flowing guitar albums of all time! Saw them at Reading Festival in 1971. Anyone know did they ever play the pier as the original line-up? What do people think? And OK what would be your choices?

Neil Cartwright… I remember seeing them at the White Rock, but I can’t remember whether it was late 80s or early 90s.

Matt Thomas… I was working the bar when they played White Rock in 1990

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them in the 90s at the White Rock Pavilion. And 2001 or 2002 at the pier. Claire Hamill was support act at the pier gig.

Mark Rymell… 20th April 2002. support was Claire Hamill as I think Chris said.

Nigel Sherwood… I know this doesn’t answer your question Sarah but saw them 3 weeks ago in Stockton ,very good

Pete Prescott…I saw them twice in 72. The Central Hall in Chatham (Graham and Karen How had their first date going to that gig as that was the closest they were coming to Hastings) Then in May art the Great Western festival in Lincoln.Argus… what an album !

Tony Court-holmes… saw them at White Rock

The Classic Legends Of Rock & Folk Super Tour 2015 White Rock Theatre, Hastings Sat 21 Feb 2015 7.30pm. featuring Carl Palmer (ELP), Martin Turner (Wishbone Ash), Dave Cousins & Dave Lambert (The Strawbs).


Three legendary bands perform their part in the history of rock and folk all in one show!
Carl Palmer & his band performing Emerson Lake & Palmer and more
Carl Palmer is a drummer’s drummer. A consummate professional, a brilliant technician and a dynamic showman, he has thrilled listeners and audiences alike for nearly four decades with some of music’s most memorable bands including Atomic Rooster, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Asia and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
From Wishbone Ash, original founding member Martin Turner & his band plays the music of Wishbone Ash
With millions of album sales and concert attendances worldwide, Wishbone Ash’s heritage as one of the most enduring and best loved British rock acts is assured.
The classic line-up of legendary folk band The Strawbs
The Strawbs comprise David Cousins, along with lead guitarist Dave Lambert, and the astonishingly versatile Chas Cronk, who together formed the front-line of the classic 1970s line-up of the band. As they move gracefully into their fifth decade of music making, it is still difficult to categorise the unique sound that has made them Britain’s most successful international progressive folk-rock band.

Eric Cawthraw…A bit of a mixed bag – and very interesting.The Strawbs did start to go a bit heavy at one time – and I’m curious to see Martin Turner’s W. Ash as opposed to Andy Powell’s.It is either going to be a long evening – or short sets. With all the material available – it suggests the former!

Alan Esdaile… Always liked the Strawbs track Lay Down but the ‘B’ was superb. Backside under the name of Ciggy Barlust & The Whales From Venus (1972).

Yvonne Cleland… Lovely, and love the ‘band name’ :-). Hmmmmmmm quite a night! I would love to go to this and would love to see the Strawbs. I’d definitely like to go.

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Wishbone Ash plus Supercharge chat – New England Tour Programme & Brighton ticket 1976

Wishbone Ash prog001Wishbone Ash prog002

Wishbone Ash prog003 Wishbone Ash prog004

supplied by Eric Cawthraw

Eric Cawthraw… Supercharge were a very good support band – great sax playing and damn amusing too. They looked like they were having fun and didn’t seem to take themselves too seriously!

Mick O’Dowd… That’s the Supercharge LP (Local Lads etc) i’ve been trying to locate for years after losing it at some point. Contains legendary, and totally different track from all the rest, “She Moved The Dishes First” Anybody supply a copy.

Yvonne Cleland…. I went to this gig

Dave Nattress… Damaris once supported Supercharge on the Pier. They certainly knew what they were at and they had a seriously impressive stage set-up. The sax player was Albie Donelly. I think they’re still playing -did look them up quite recently.

Sarah Harvey… I  actually went to that gig at The Dome and seem to remember enjoying Supercharge…I also remember Wishbone Ash being punishingly loud!

Phil Gill… Here you go Alan. We saw them play this at Reading in 1976 and never forgot the line about the Weetabix bowl…

Alan Esdaile… I remember it now Phil, very funny. Pretty sure we booked Supercharge into Eastbourne Collage at one stage?

David Miller… Digging Supercharge here for the first time – good and funny stuff. Bands that come to mind are Alberto y los trios paranoias, Dread Zeppelin. Zappa and Derek & Clive.

Sarah Harvey… Supercharge were really comical on the stage….had no idea what to expect when they were billed as the support act but they did some really funny take-offs of other bands of the era.

supercharge promo 2A-286541-1267135548.jpeg

Eric Cawthraw…Yes, Wishbone Ash were very loud that evening. They have of course played Hastings several times since then. The gig on our Pier was a bit different – as there were tables and chairs in the ball-room. The age group was by then quite a bit older –so they must have thought we needed to sit down to sup our sherry and Sanatogen. Probably just as well they were loud – so we could hear them through our deaf aids. Going back to Supercharge, what I do remember that evening was one particular number that was a slow blues and it just got slower and slower until the entire band [except the drummer] were playing their respective instruments completely horizontal on the stage floor. The song only finished when the drummer fell off his kit! I should image they pulled that stunt at many a venue – and very amusing it was too. Sorry guys – I haven’t got the album though, but you think it might be found on the net somewhere – happy hunting!

Mick O’Dowd… They were , as you say, unusual but very talented and led by Albie Donnelly. I think they only did the one album and all the tracks had a blue-eyed soul feel except “Dishes!!” They did play this on Radio Caroline and this is where I picked up on them.

Sarah Harvey… That is really strange because that is the number that really sticks out in my mind….the slow blues became asleep blues….absolutely hilarious. They just had a way of making rock very comical and I haven’t seen anyone anywhere near as good since.:-)