George Bean and the Runners – Witch Doctor St Leonards 6th March 1965

Pete Fisher… In the early 80s, while I was living in North Norfolk, Alan Haven (who lived there on the coast) showed up at a village hall gig my band was doing, and afterwards said he’d like to record us. We ended up doing a couple of tracks at his home studio, and he played a Moog solo on one of them. Have to dig out the cassette…

The Riot Squad – Witch Doctor 16th September 1967

Alan Essex… One of Joe Meek’s bands.

Lawrence Ralph… Is this the same Riot Squad, that David Bowie recorded 4 – 1967 demos with, released on a 2013 Acid Jazz label E.P ?.

Alan Essex… Yes a young David Bowie joined in 1967, after the death of Joe Meek. Some info and a picture here:…/david-bowie-and-the…/