What is the most irritating song?

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Caroline Jones… Lovely day, love the song but that bit where he holds Dayyyyyyyyyyyy goes on forever grrr

Mike Guy… It’s the chord change under that held note that makes it musically interesting for me.

Jacqueline Marsh… And it’s also hard to sing that note

Paul Huggett… Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve got Love in my Tummy….

David Broome… Float On by the Floaters

Jack Apps… Deeply Deeply Me. The Bee Gees

Sandie Carlyon… Come on Eileen. Hate it.

Judy Atkinson… Longhaired Lover from Liverpool, little Jimmy Osmond and the theme song from Banana Splits

Nadia Compagnone… Lily The Pink.

Matt Thomas… Lady In Red – Chris De Burgh

David R Howard… Johnny Reggae …

Karen Sweatman… Not sure if it’s Starship’s Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now or Starship’s We Built This City. Both make my ears bleed

Martin Curcher… Mainly “My heart will go on”, but generally any song by Celine Dion.

Paul Crimin… The Birdy Song. Aggghhhh….

John Warner… Agree!

Alan Esdaile… Mull Of Kintyre Wings but I enjoyed the Mark & Lard version!

David Kent… Many involving Phil Collins, Sting, Paul Weller, Oasis etc. Bohemian Rhapsody.

Jim Hobbs… David, This man officially music dead.

Mike Guy… Perhaps that should be an added question “& what is your reason?” – just to make it a bit more interesting than a list?

Jim Hobbs… Good point, music is very subjective thing to criticise.

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