Last Days Of Yesterday’s World Battle 2015 – photos by Andrew Clifton

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just a few of the many photos Andrew Clifton took.

Alan Esdaile… Crazy when this closed down. I wonder what happened to all the exhibits. Thanks for the memory Andrew.

Andrew Clifton… Thank you very much for your comments Alan. I believe all the items were auctioned off not sure what happened after that. I remember having a lot of toys that were on show.

Yvonne Cleland… I think everything got sold. It wasn’t a proper accredited museum.

Mike Waghorne… the guy from salvage hunters brought alot of stuff it was on one of his series of programs !

Peter Brazier… I never did get to see in there! Thanks for posting!

Andrew Clifton… I had never been inside myself until the last days. There was a big area in the back. That I never got to see. Peter. Thank you for taking a interest in the pictures.

Graham Bradley… Started by Mrs Buckley and a great asset to Battle just brilliant.

Pauline Richards… We often went there they had great garden too.

Sheila Maile… Went there 3times, really took you back to those times. I grew up in 60s. was a happy time. Love to relive those days. Not a nice world these days

Angela Frances Gardner… I worked here briefly about 15 years ago. I was surplus to requirements. The owner decided that the manager had employed too many people.

Pete Prescott… Loved it there.

Hilary Zebedee… My parents had a grocers shop in Manor Road, Hastings for 40 years. We donated items to the museum when we sold my parents house (the shop being on the ground floor). I wonder too what happened to all the exhibits??

Jeremy Peter Harrison… I think the items went to auction. Rather unfair when so much was donated.

Hilary Zebedee… Jeremy, would have been nice to have had opportunity to get donations back.

Tracy Birrell… I loved this place and so did my children. Such a shame it’s gone. I always wanted to live there.