W. H. Mozley 4 York Buildings Hastings

photo shared : Helena Wojtczak https://www.facebook.com/helena.wojtczak.98

Alan Esdaile… Great shop. Where staff were always happy to help you.

John Gale… I remember in the 80s a guy selling from there wearing a brown(Arkwright style)overall cost. Really nice guy.

Martin Richter… an absolute goldmine of a shop – especially downstairs

Fiona Evans… Ditto, wonderful shop & lovely staff.

Pauline Richards… Paul Demayo would sharpen your lawnmower blades in the other shop in the road behind!

David Martin… Fabulous shop front

Chris Meachen… Loved Moseleys, still have chef’s knives I bought there. Proper hardware shop, sadly lacking the like of today…

Gaz Linch… It was possible to buy just about any size of nut, bolt,screw,washer as a single item,if that was all you needed . Sad day when it closed.

Eileen O’Toole… I remember those days

Roger Simmonds… Wonderful old shop sadly missed!

Julie Findlay-jones… Used to get my chefs knives sharpened in there.

Malcolm McDonald… Is that where I used to get keys cut years ago

Peter Ellingworth… Remember it well….any idea around when this photo was taken ?

Nigel Ford… John, probably the son Bill Mozely, I knew him for many years as he married the eldest Relf girl Sue from Battle.

John Wilde… Does anyone remember the original Sainsburys in York Buildings?

Angela Frances Gardner… John, Yes I remember it and the wonderful mirrors behind the counters. Did it have a marble floor?

Pauline Richards… yes! I found a ten shilling note in there on the floor and bought my mum and me a cream tea when it wasn’t claimed after 3 months. A long time for a young child to wait. And it’s too late to claim it now!!

Geoffrey Wilde… None of these memories are lost. Because they’re not just memories, they’re moments. They did not happen in the past. They are moments in the Now. Always accessible through the dimensional doors within.

Margaret Trowell… This and Kirby’s ironmongers in Norman Road and Bexhill Road by Filsham Rd traffic lights . Could nearly always find what you needed and reasonably priced too. Much missed

Julie Findlay-jones… Bought my chefs knives there, such a wonderful shop.

Chris Baker… “You could always get one in Mozleys!”

Roger Simmonds… I remember Sainsbury’s remember the walls were covered in white tiles I’m sure!

Wendy Weaver… Mozleys was an amazing place. I still miss having a natter with Bill downstairs among the nails and screws. He used to play snooker in the Con Club with George Digweed.



The Golden Egg, York Buildings, Hastings 1974

Andy Clarke… My brother and I were always in there. Loved the place.

Christine Pachner… The Golden Egg in Haymarket London 1970 – sausages on French bread 🥖. Worked in NatWest next door and always had a 20min break mid morning

Helen Downton… Used to love being taken to The Golden Egg for a treat!

Wendy Weaver… An old friend’s teeth flew out and across the floor in the Golden Egg. They ended up under a foreign couple’s table who looked horrified until they realised we were in hysterics and joined in the laughter.

Graham Sherrington… woow dont remember this place!!!

Allan Mitchell… I remember those days

Chris Meachen… Enjoyed many milk shakes in there…

Jo Turner… Elizabeth Turner and I worked there yes 😊 In 1974 exactly

Andy Ives…


Pam Dor Coffee Bar 7 York Buildings Hastings 1959

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… Removal of the victorian bay window frontage to No7 York Buildings for Pam Dor – 1959

Patricia Burgess… Loved the coffee bar upstairs regular place to meet in the 60’s

Nicola Dobson… Yes loved it there

Lloyd Johnson… I never went to this PamDor…I went to it when they moved to Queens Road above Hepworth’s .The entrance was a glass door between Hepworth’s and Chelsea Girl formerly Lewis Separates….

John Busbridge… A very early haunt of mine in the 60s.

Patricia Burgess… John, Barry Herbert was behind the counter

Paul Coleman… I remember going in there at about 5 o’ clock in the morning when they opened up early for all the people coming off the pair after an all night gig. Think it was the end of ’67 when I saw Jimi Hendrix.

Lloyd Johnson… I lived in London from 1966 so didn’t get to see Hendrix on The Pier…I saw him at ‘Bag O’ Nails’ in Kingly street with Sebastian Keep R.I.P….


Hastings town centre 14/15 York Buildings, Wellington Place. Year?

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Alan Esdaile… I can remember back when it was a pub, information centre, shoe shop and currently Costa Coffee. If you look close enough you can see The Disc Jockey shop.

Monica Bane… Me too Alan, can remember both. All the best to you

John Gale… I’ve gotta photo taken 1980 with those yellow boards up.

Wendy Weaver… It was a shoe shop when I came down to live here in 1979.

John Gale… Wendy, Yep Clarkes

Jenifer Hitchman… It was Clarkes shoe shop.

Stuart Moir… And Burtons was opposite for the old whistle and flute .

Andre Martin… In the days before the town centre was completely ruined by the roads being stopped for traffic. Those were the days of ” the Memorial” being in situ and a clock that was usually correct.


Mister B and Queen Bee – Hairdresser York Buildings Wellington Place 1979

Matt Thomas… My barbers of choice in my teens

Martin Richter… me too

Matt Thomas… Patrick

Martin Richter… oh yes – known him since I was 13

Eugene Hughes… Didn’t that used to be The Black Cat (le chat noir)?

Alan Esdaile… It was a bit further along Eugene stairs going up maybe next to Mozleys?

Chris Meachen… Always used to get my hair cut by Patrick, who I still bump into occasionally.

Alan Esdaile… I also bump into Patrick from time to time and used to get my hair cut by him.

Terry Hardwick… Patrick was a DJ and clued up on his music

Chris Meachen… Originally above the greengrocers, which is now part of KFC…

Martin Richter… Ripley’s

Tim Brooder… Still going,new mister B new location!

Alan Esdaile…Tim will always give you a good haircut at a reasonable price at 41 Robertson Street.

Dave Nattress… Glad I had ridiculously long unkempt hair from 16 – 20.  A long time ago.  Now, my Wife just needs to give me a very short back and sides – number -1 and a shine on top.

Joe Knight… Then Robinson St ; town centre 😊80s