Jobcentre Rejects NWOBHM compilation featuring Die Laughing you got the power

Side A

1. Baseline – Suspended Animation
2. Predatur – Seen You Here
3. Spider – Children Of The Street
4. Stray – This One’s For You
5. Overdrive – On The Run
6. Frenzy – Thanx For Nothing

Side B
1. Die Laughing – You Got The Power
2. Speed – Down The Road
3. Energy – Don’t Show Your Face
4. The Next Band – Never On A Win
5. Static – Voice On The Line
6. Metal Mirror – (Living On) English Booze

A really thoroughly researched compilation documenting the NWOBHM phenomenon’s rarer out reaches. Twelve tracks licensed from rare and hard to find New Wave Of British Heavy Metal-singles originally released in England 1978-1982.

More details…

Mick Mepham…The album featuring Die Laughing is apparently selling fairly well globally!! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called Jobcentre Rejects and features loads of NWOBHM bands including us, yippeeee!!! Also, I have a track being played on Sunday evening during the Tony Davis show, 7 – 9, named Face In The Crowd
Peter Houghton… Got the cd the other day and it’s brilliant

Die Laughing – 1979-1980



Mick Mepham commented….The 4th member of Die Laughing is Kevin Williams, who was with DL before I joined. I took over on guitar from Phil Thornton. As far as I know, Kev still sings in a band called Rye and the Quarter Boys. That pic was taken in one of the main roads in Portsmouth town centre with traffic belting past behind us! Good pic.





Die Laughing Hastings Pier

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Yvonne Cleland commented….Only ‘Loch’ Ness of the FBI could wipe out the menace of the HARD LIVING MAN’? Bet I know whose brain that spilled out from 🙂