Was this your first shower?

Glenn Piper… Oh yes

Keith Blizard… Yep !

Phillip Earle… You can still buy them at Argos!

Virginia Davis… Unfortunately yes !

Leigh Wieland-Boys… ..me too

Sandy Max… Mine too! Then my brother moved to Italy and I discovered real showers and luxury in the bathroom

Pete Prescott… What a memory. Just remember trying to keep the bloody things on the taps !

Eileen Adams… Yes

Lucy Pappas… Yep! Never worked out how to keep them on the taps, though…

Will Cornell… Do your sinks, basins and tubs still have separate hot and cold over there?

Alan Esdaile… some still do Will.

Pauline Richards… Recognise that Kristy dolbyx

Alan Pepper… Yes me too ! It was the next stage to washing my hair  in the 70’s before that it was done over the kitchen tap !

Dave Nattress… Yes for sure and the hot one used to heat up so much it would blast off the tap and you could smell the hot rubber.  However, my dad being a builder did put a proper shower in the bath eventually – still  a novelty back then.  When we were lads in Bexhill about 12 years old – so 1965 or so, we learned that the Athletic Club in Little Common Road had hot showers you could stay in for a long time after doing a evening run round the downs or indoor games or whatever – absolute luxury!!  Showers in Bexhill Down Secondary Modern were not bad at the school site but at the games field off Gunters Lane/Glenleigh park they were invariably cold.

Ian Johnson… Yes

Lyn Humphrey… Come on Dave–you did the same as the rest of us using the Downs school showers–you just wet your towel in it and went home unwashed!

Jim Hobbs… A bath? Sheer luxury!

Conan Howard… just like this , I hated having to sit in a bath with your own dirt after a hard days work as a plumber in the 60s  . when I got my own house the first job was to fit a real shower cubical …oh what joy

Joe Knight… Used to blow off and go Every where

Martin Richter… a jug in the kitchen sink was my first!

Chris Wood… If you had one of these it was probably your last… Well until your skin healed…