Buddy BBC tv series 1986 with Roger Daltrey, filmed in Hastings & St Leonards-on-Sea

In this clip shows the back of the town hall, Clarence pub, Dengates, Rumples etc.

more details and information go to Stuart Huggett write up in Bohemia Village Voice…


Clive Garrard… Nigel Hinton was my English teacher at school. He told me that when they were filming in a rough area of Hastings children and youths were throwing bricks at the film crew whilst filming. They had to bring in a security company because of this

Sid Saunders… A lot of it was filmed on Quebec Road in Hollington.

Graham L. Hall… Saw & enjoyed it.. but missed the last episode !! Wish they would repeat it It was good

Paul Crimin… Was that the Clarence? Think so.

Mark Rodrigues… yes

Tim Moose Bruce… My late sister did the costumes for this series. I lent a pair of black leather motorbike gloves, genuine 60s era ones, to be worn by Roger Daltrey.

Stuart Moir… Still see the old cricket ground that used to flood on spring tides


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