Reading Rock Festival – 1982

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supplied by Roger Carey

Nigel Ford… The Friday Rock Show put out the brilliant set from Randy California (sadly missed RIP) which I taped but would love to find it on a clearer format,..from memory it included tracks:Downer, Killer weed, Second Son & Run to your lover (+ others) I’ve found a cd of other studio versions of some of these but they aren’t as powerfull as the Reading set, can anyone help, I don’t think the BBC ever released the set (?) … and that should be VOW WOW from Japan, surely!! Also, seeing TANK. (formed by Algie Ward when he left The Damned).. I’ve had a watch on ebay for years for their Cd that contains “Number the Brave” track without luck,,,anyone any clues where I’d find it? The track was on youtube a few years back but not now.