The Record Shop Christmas advert – December 1971

Pauline Richards… Wasn’t that Jack London?

Nick Prince… Loved Jack and Sonia London. Such a fantastic couple. Many evenings spent round theirs or them round mine having an evening showing home made cine-films to each other. Great memories.

Dennis Atkinson… Decimal currency but the ad looks so dated ? Roughly what year was this?

Peter Fairless… I’ll guess, 1971

Dave Nattress… Always visited when in Hastings – a must. How about advertising parking in Stone Street!! Can anyone park anywhere close to their intended destination any more – don’t think so. Using the legs is good stuff, this said, but parking the jam jar these days anywhere? Enough said.

The Disc Jockey – new shop front March 1975

Who remembers when The Disc Jockey had a walk in passage to the front door? This was replaced by a new shop window in March 1975. I’m sure at one stage they only had one big listening booth at the far end of the shop and this might have been when it changed.

Angela Frances Gardner… Weren’t there more than one?

Alan Esdaile… It was at 57 Queens Road Angela before it moved to the bottom of Queens Road.

Mick O’Dowd… There was also Disc Jockey +1 in the High Street. Seem to remember one in Kings Road St.Leonards for a short period. Anybody confirm?

Pete Millington… your right Mick. There were 3. Kit for groups was impossible to get hold of locally but Trev Spears and I bought our first amplifier, a Watkins Westminster from the Kings Road shop. It cost us 10/- a week between us. Without that kind of “hock” we’d never have got the Confederates going. I seem to recall that John Hodgson was in charge of both this DJ and the one in the High Street. He also ran us and the gear (not much of it) to and from gigs for a short time

Andreas… Jesus!!! The Disc Jockey in Hastings!! I was a 14 year old boy from Munich, Germany, sent to Hastings 1972 for one month to learn English… I lived with the family Terry Hall in Thanet Way 9 – Google says, the house does not exist anymore… what a pity – I bought classical music at the disc jockey (yes, as a 14 year old boy I love classical music) but also the legendary LP Procol Harum Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra – Procol Harum had a gig on The Hastings Pier in Summer 1972… absolutely fantastic! I have not been to Hastings since – if someone wants to write me – don’t hesitate :
Thanks, Andreas

Phil Gill… It disappeared? Was there a search for it?

Terry Corder… Bought a Selmer T&B 100 and 2 x Goliath cabs, 1 x 18s from there.

Harry Randall… One in Kings road ,Two in Queens road , And wasn’t there one in the Old Town?

Peter Thomson… Andreas, the house and street are still there. Check out Streetview on Google Earth.