Kevin Hoad R.I.P. (23rd December 2020)

photo supplied by Wesley Magoogan

Liane Carroll and Roger Carey… Hello. Roger and I are so very sad to hear the news that our lovely friend Kevin Hoad passed away this morning. A wonderful man, fabulous drummer. Many of mine, Sophie Bancroft and Sara Colman’s jazz vocal students would have sung with him at Porters. He absolutely LOVED those Sunday lunch concerts. We will miss him greatly and are sending Nicky all our love. R.I.P.Kevin.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. I know he’s been ill for awhile but still a shock. One of the nice guys.

Jim Penfold… thats really sad

Pete Houghton… I’m really sorry to hear this Kevin was a really great guy RIP Kevin

Dave Weeks… indeed a really nice guy. So sad.

Phil Thornton… RIP Kev (old goat) very sad news x

Diane Knight… Ohhh…that is really sad news …such a kind ,gentle soul

Tony Qunta… Very sorry to hear the sad news. He will be missed by many friends and fellow musicians.

Chris Howard… So sorry to hear of the sad news of Kevin an ex band member in Elite in the nineties had passed away this morning R.I.P Dear friend.

Terry Pack… We all have very fond memories of Kevin. He was a lovely, warm man, and, speaking as a bass player, he had a great pocket, too. RIP, Kevin. You are missed.

Steve Fitzy… Very sad news a really nice guy

Bernard Goffredo… sad news

Nicola Dobson… Sad news..I was in the same class as him in the infsnts school RIP

Janine Hemsley… So sad, great bloke, great drummer. RIP Kevin.

Harry Randall… Very sad to hear this and right on Christmas! Condolences to all concerned! A great guy and Great drummer!

Andy Qunta… So sorry to hear of Kevin’s passing. Lovely fella & great drummer. R.I.P.

Mark Gilham… Lovely bloke. Sad news.

Trevor Spears… RIP Kev,enjoyed all of the gigs we shared!

Elaine Roberts… So sorry to hear this. Thinking of you and all his family and friends xx

Martin Stringer… So sad

Dave Nattress… Truly shocked to learn this terrible news.

Stephen Winterbottom… Played with him back in the day. One of the very best in the south east. Rest well Kevin

Iain Cobby… Did a session with him many years ago , great drummer, RIP

Barry French… Such sad news, a great drummer & lovely guy.

Martyn Baker… What a fantastic bloke he was, and a very good friend. Drummers as good as Kevin Hoad are very rare. I’m very proud to have played bass in rhythm sections with him in Steppin’ Out, The Roaring 80’s and Missing Persons plus loads of sessions and one-off gigs. He was the groovy beat behind a lot of great music. Goodnight Kev mate.

Tich Turner… Only just heard from my old pal Tony Bird about the sad passing of Kevin Hoad. Shocking news. As others here have commented, he was a truly lovely fella and a very fine drummer. Like Martyn, very privileged to have shared a stage with him and some great times. Just one more dreadful poke in the eye from 2020! Sleep well Kevin.

Jacquie Hinves… Dear all, Kevin’s girls have asked me to send you the link to our darling friend’s funeral next Wednesday. If there is anyone I have missed out please would you forward the information on.  Sending love to you all at this very sad time. Stay safe.Jacquie.xx

Yvonne Cleland… Too young x

John Wilde… Farewell rythmn master. Soar high.

Mike Curtis… Kevin used to turn up at the occasional Factory practice evening at Hatters, and Lol Cooksley would let him sit in and play on I Can’t Explain. He looked about 14 at the time, but played it perfectly, just like Lol (and therefore just like Keith Moon). Such sad news.

Ashley Pepper… Very sad to hear about Kev, had the pleasure of playing in various bands with him many times over the years. A top player and top guy. He had a way of making every gig that bit more enjoyable both with his playing and his wacky humour. RIP Kev.

Neil Duncan… Sad, sad loss of a very dear friend and great musician. So long Nobby. MrD

Steve Forshaw… He was the Guv. When tall penguins come he will stand again. Love Steve

Chris Howard… He was a great drummer he played with Colin Fox and I in Elite in the eighties.

Jacquie Hinves… My beautiful Kevin. Together from our teenage years and remembered every day. RIP Hoady. Xxxxx


Rolling Stones Charlie Watts dies at 80

photo 1: 1965 © Kevin Delaney photo 2 : 2008 © Siebbi

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Paul Cullen… R.I.P.Charlie,a great loss

Malcolm Sharp… Great drummer, r i p

Tim Harris…Just heard. He was the glue that kept the band together during their turmoil years Remember the It’s only Rock n Roll video when it was filling up with bubbles He needed a piss but wasn’t allowed out ! Filmed with him not being amused

Jan Warren… Very sad, R.I.P Charlie

Robert Searle… RIP Charlie

Tracy Birrell… Thank you for all the years of music. He will be missed.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news.

Marcus de Mowbray… Everyone who met or worked with him all say the same things: perfect drummer for the Stones, perfect gent.

Pete Prescott… A legend gone ! But what a life ! Still sad.

Philip John… Pete, I would second that, a first class drummer and an old school gentleman and as you say’What a life’ !

Dennis Torrance.. More sad news my condolences to Charlie Watts family The Rolling Stones and his friends

Tony Qunta… Very sorry to hear of Charlie’s passing. Great drummer and by all accounts a lovely man.

Alan Vale… RIP Charlie saw 2 shows both at Twickenham

Kevin White… Another legend passes, RIP Charlie Watts.

Nick Prince… One of the oddest musical family links ever…… Charlie Watts was Lennie Peters (Migil 5/Peters & Lee) nephew. RIP.

Marty Thongman… One piece of the most iconic Rock and Roll band,gone.A sad day for music.

Robert Fisher… Very sad loss of a great drummer and performer.R.I.P. Charlie

Colin Norton… RIP Charlie



Mick Bolton R.I.P.

photo © HLBP Dan Large

Andy Gunton… Not a good way to start the new year. Very sad to hear the news of the death overnight of Mick Bolton. A lovely man & a fine pianist too, who many local people will have seen playing around the Hastings area. In the past he’d played with Mott The Hoople, Dexy’s Midnight Runners & Linda McCartney, amongst others.I had the pleasure of working with Mick on several occasions, something I have very fond memories of. R.I.P Mick, you will be sadly missed

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. Such a warm and genuine person and a great musician.

John Wilde…Farewell Mick.

Nick Shute… So sorry to hear this sad news… Mick

Caroline Moor… very sad news

Janine Hemsley… So so sad. Thoughts are with Mick’s family.

Wendy Weaver… Sad news😥. R.I.P. Mick

Ricky Long… Sad, Rip Mick great guy

Willie Wicking… So Sorry to hear this, a lovely genuine guy it was only last year we were seeing the New Year in with him at the Grapevine in Rye. Thoughts with his family & friends R.i.P Mick

Nick Bloomfield…  I will remember him though singing this song which is one of his own compositions. I was very fortunate to record  ‘Serpentine Summer’ which is a lovely song about the Hyde Park Concert in 1969.

Elaine Roberts… RIP Mick – a great musician and a lovely, unassuming man. Condolences to all his family and friends – he will be much missed

Carole Prescott… So very sad. Such a lovely man. Condolences to Carol and all other family & friends. Such a shock.

Andy Qunta… Very sorry to hear about Mick. RIP.

Colin Norton… Very sad to hear this news. RIP Mick

Dave Nattress… Not another! I did not know Mick but have read widely of him and the local connections. After the passing of Kevin Hoad recently to lose another notable member of the music community is truly awful.

Iain Cobby… Fond memories of sing along with Mick at the Grapevine with Messrs T Davis, C Rigden and P Merison on nights out in Rye. What a really nice guy. The place won’t be the same without you Mick. RIP

Phil Little… Barry Jones and I played some of our best ever gigs with Mick Bolton since 2011. He was a really great intuitive player and will be irreplaceable to us. Thoughts and Condolences to Carol and Richard. RIP Mick.

William Third… So sad to hear it, what a lovely person as well as a wonderful musician, he will be greatly missed.

Pam Staffell… Memorial bench for Michael on the seafront. It was Carol’s desire today of getting a memorial bench on Hastings seafront that prompted me to suggest “Go Fund Me” Thank you X

Click here…

Pam Staffell… Hello everyone. I am so pleased with how this fund is doing. Thank you all for being so generous and kind. It isn’t an easy time right now to be asking for money, so an extra big thank you to you all on behalf of Carol and Bobby. I know the money raised so far will buy a standard bench – there are many styles for Carol to choose from. There is also engraving to be paid for. Plus any administration which Hastings Council asks for! That is how I came to the fund aim of £1500. We have done so well, in these two days, so I am confident the goal will be reached! Thank you again X

Pam Staffell… Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. As I write this it is snowing outside. Sunny days ahead – and news to share with you all. This morning we heard that a Seafront Bench would be available.  Also today, thanks to everyone that has donated, the goal of £1500 has been reached. A huge thanks on behalf of Carol and Bobby who will be able to sit on the bench. And now there will be a seat for you all too, to come and spend some time on “Mick’s Bench”. Thank you all again X

Pam Staffell… Hello again to you all. Sorry, it has been a while since the last update. The bench is going ahead, although we haven’t been given a date of installation yet. We’re looking at options for what to do with the amount that is outstanding, such as a plaque on Hastings pier or memorial trees from friends and family, but that with things closed or delayed due to Covid it might take a while to sort that out. I will, of course, keep you updated as soon as I have more information. Take care Pam X

Pam Staffell… Hello everyone and I hope you are all well. Tonight, I am so pleased to finally be able to give you the news that Mick’s Memorial Bench is finally in situ. I have only been told it is in Sea Road Hastings – its exact position, I yet to have confirmed – (but if someone should visit first, please do update with the location). Thank you again everybody for your kind donations. Look forward to sharing the bench with you one day! For Mick X

Nick Bloomfield… Here are the photos of the bench that myself and many other people contributed to for the musician Mick Bolton (born in Wigan) who died on the 1st January this year. Mick who played with Mott The Hoople and Dexys Midnight Runners among others was an extremely talented keyboards player. I filmed him on many occasions and I have to say that he was a sweet and self effacing man too. There’s something nice about having a name on a bench looking out to sea…

photos: Nick Bloomfield

Pete Prescott… A lovely guy!

Chris Jolly… A lovely man and a terrific keyboard player…

Derek Johnson… Great Tribute well done everyone involved

Tony Davis… miss just stopping for a chat with him in the park. Such a nice guy

Willie Wicking… Lovely Gesture 👍Lovely Guy great musician


Captain Sir Tom Moore R.I.P.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news

Samuel Freeman… Very sad news

Helena Kingshott… What an amazing man RIP. Captain Sir Tom

Helen Knight… Rip Sir Captain Tom a true gent xxxx

Julie Jones… So sad sleep well lovely man

Michael Sugrue… So sad he died a hero

Martin Waghorne… Sad news, amazing fund raiser RIP Tom

Terry Hopper… Sleep tight sir captain Tom

Tony Davis… A real gentleman and inspiration. Condolences to his family. RIP Sir Tom

Jeff Belton… How very sad , what a man ? Would had loved to met him. Rest in peace now Sir Tom.

Becky Fletcher… Rip captain Tom you did is all proud x

Dawn Mann… Very sad news R.I.P Sir Tom

Sally Evans…So, so sad…. a true gentleman with real grit. R.I.P sir Tom

Peter Winter Mbe… RIP Sir Tom you were a legend

Colin Bell… A man who truly deserved his Knighthood, RIP.

Rose White… Very sad I have read his autobiography amazing gentleman

Barry Upton…Very sad indeed, I believe he had pneumonia for 3 weeks

Peter Brazier… Respect

Maureen Anderson… How sad rip captain Tom god bless you

Neil King… RIP…

Steve Thorpe… Legend

Edward Adams… rip sir

Alan Pepper… Good night Captain Tom ! And thank you .

Chris Barrett… I found that quite sad today.

John Mcewen… A national hero.

Jan Warren… So sad, he was a true old soldier to the very end!! bless him, R.I.P. Sir Tom xx

Kevin White… So sad, RIP Sir Tom

Roger Simmonds… Very sad!

Dennis Torrance… God bless him Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom Moore thank you for what you have done so amazing for your country. Condolences to His family and friends.

Wendy Weaver… An outstanding gentleman. R.I.P.

Tim J Street… A true Hero in every sense of the word …. sleep well Sir Tom

Lyn Humphrey…Very sad, though he is still an inspiration. “Tomorrow will be a good day.” RIP.

Gerry Marsden R.I.P.


More information…

Karen Sweatman… Very sad to hear this. Met him a couple of times, including once when they played at the De La Warr. Think Centre Page were supporting. Very friendly man. RIP

Ian Price… As a scouser,sad news,but I liked ferry across the mersey just as much.RIP Gerry, ynwa

Sheila Maile… One of the best bands of 60s RIP

Steve Thorpe… Ferry Cross the Mersey – that is all

Jan Warren… Just seen this on the news, very sad, RIP Gerry

Helena Kingshott… Omg RIP So sad

Mitch Maxwell… Unequivocall gutted is an understatement. I’m soooooooo very sorry!!!! My sincerest condolences to family n friends!!! Rip

Sandra Cunningham… Saw him at Butlins so sad that he has gone. Loved gerry and the pacemakers xx

Michael Gibbs… Ferry Across The Mersey one of my favourites – RIP Gerry

Alan Esdaile… More sad news. Some Great records that will live on and on. I always thought they were unfairly overshadowed by another Liverpool group. RIP Gerry.

Andrew Clifton… Very sad news. RIP Gerry loved your Music .x

Rosemary Hughes… Saw him in Eastbourne in the mid-’80s a fantastic night my husband ended up in a rubbish bin thank you, Trevor Walker. RIP Gerry gone but not forgotten xx

Jim Breeds… I was thinking of him only a couple of days ago because the last episode of Tin Star Season 3 had Ferry ‘cross the Mersey in it’s soundtrack (the series is set in Liverpool), and it brought back to me how I sometimes used to get that ferry to get to work when I lived up there in the ’80s.

Margaret Trowell… Saw him fairly recently in a live show. RIP

Janet Rennie… Oh no , So glad I got to see him at The White Rock on his last tour

Dennis Torrance… Rest in peace Gerry condolences to family and friends. 2013 I went to Liverpool had the famous trip up and down the Merseyside finally docking. Over again could hear Ferry Across The Mersey being played just a brilliant trip. His songs will go on .

Jennie Lathwell… So sad

Jon McCallion… Rest in peace Mr Marsden.

Andy Qunta… Part of my youth. RIP, sir

Cathy Knight… R.I.P ..Legend

Harry Norcliffe… Another sad news report R.I.P Gerry your music lives on H.

Wendy Weaver… R.I.P Gerry.

Richard Honey… Very sad I liked his music.

Tich Turner… I still have the first 2 original singles. He had a great distinctive voice. Another sad loss.

Rontenn2001… Gerry was so special & unique. So sad to see he’s now gone up to Heaven.

John Harper… RIP Gerry, you,ll never walk alone

Claire Hamill… Sad day


Dame Barbara Windsor R.I.P.

photo: portlandvillage 2010

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Alan King… I was upstairs in Starbucks in Bromley with the missus and there were all of these dwarves in there drinking coffee and having a laugh, me and the missus scratched our heads for a while, then after about 10 mins in walked Barbara Windsor. After leaving Starbucks we walked past the Churchill Theatre and you would never guess what that Panto was, never in a million years

Eric Harmer… Sad news

Fred Marsh… altzeimers is such a cruel disease, rest in peace Babs, and thankyou for all the laughs

Ian Mcgilvray… RIP

John Coleman… A real genuine character! Brilliant actress!

Alan Esdaile… Sad news. Happy memories of all those Carry On films.

Dennis Torrance… Rest in peace Dame Barbara Windsor Our country celebrate s your life. Condolences to family and friends who are many

Janet Rennie… Going to watch sparrows can’t sing

Robert Fisher… Great entertainer sad loss.R.I.P. Barbara.

Kevin White… She was an English institution, RIP Barbara.

Roger Simmonds… So sad she was great !

Stuart Moir… RIP lovely Dame x

Vic Williams… Loved her . Great entertainer

Adele Nelson… RIP to a wonderful and beautiful actress. God bless



Bobby Ball R.I.P.

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Roger Simmonds… Oh no I liked him very sad!

Vic Williams… Such a shame . Great part of that comedy duo . RIP .

Mike Holoway… ❤️❤️

Alan Wood… Seen live in London years ago, very funny,bloody Covid

Graham Sherrington… Oh Nooooooo Their film The Boys In Blue is on YouTube well American You Tube.

Peter Brazier…Tragic News! Another of our great comedians gone! 😪 (Diagnosis doesn’t mean that that’s what killed him though!)

Allan Testot-newick… Very funny guy…

Roland Clarke… Great comedian and actor!

Eric Harmer… Sad news great talent. Funny man and good actor

Ricky Adelaide… Sad news

Jacquie Hinves… Such very sad news.

Jacqueline Marsh… Oh dear another lovely person gone from us

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. He was still very funny in Not Going Out with Lee Mack.

Mandy Wright… he was great in that. Brilliant show ! Xx

Yvonne Ellis… Prayers to his family and friends x

John Warner… Rock on Bobby!

Sean Connery R.I.P.

Sean Connery shooting the James Bond movie “Diamonds are Forever” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 31 July 1971. photo: Dutch National Archives, The Hague, Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANeFo), 1945-1989

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Julie Findlay-jones… Noooooo

Jacqueline Marsh… Heartbroken RIP

Ian Luck… RIP what a legend

Steve Thorpe… 1st and best James Bond. RIP

Yvonne Reynolds… Rip

Rosemary Battle Hughes… Rest in peace Sean you will be sorely missed xx

Gail Edmunds… No way

Dennis Torrance… Oh no not Sean as well gone, like many grown up with the best James Bond . His other films as well RIP 007 Sean condolences to family and no doubt his many friends

Louise Burt… The best Bond to me as well

Graham Sherrington… Tommy Boy, I knew his nephew in Ft Myers believe it or not. He works in the local Library RIP Sir.

Gaynor Lewry… Rip Sean absolute legend

Colin Bell… It feels like losing a friend, he was such a familiar face and voice. Best Bond, no question RIP Sir Sean.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… yes, best Bond 🤵, sad news

Ricky Adelaide… True legend

Paul Marshall… Nooo

Nicki Dann… Oh no . Legend

Dave Stringer… Great actor awesome shaken not stirred

Sarah Marriott… My favourite all time actor 😭😭😭 and by far the best James Bond. RIP you were and always will be a legend

Steve Cooke… He WAS James Bond. RIP

Pauline Sims… RIP Sean – another legend gone, sad

Cally Hopkins… Shame.. RIP you gorgeous man

Jan Warren… Oh nooooo, so handsome and great actor R.I.P. Sean Connery 🙁 xx

Colin Norton… RIP SIr Sean

Peter Fortsch… The only proper James Bond 007

Steve Thorpe… The iconic Bond. RIP

Josephine Claire Hamill… Aw….

Nicola Barfield… I’m gutted that voice and my favourite film is The Rock

Pete Houghton… RIP Sir Sean Connery one of Our Great Actors Loved your Film’s Another Great Legend Gone

Bernard Goffredo… Sad news grew up with him as Bond and he was the best

Yvonne Ellis… His family in my thoughts and prayers x

Jacquie Hinves… Another legend has left is. RIP.

Karen Towner… The best . RIP

Alan King… forget James Bond, he was in Hell Drivers – what a cast that film had – Herbert Lom, Syd James, Patrick McGoohan, William Hartnell and David McCallum and none of them were playing the lead. James Bond, The Man From Uncle, The Prisoner, Doctor Who, The Ladykillers and Bless This House all in the same movie


Spencer Davis R.I.P.


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John Gale… Sad news

Alan King… here’s my old mate and sometime band member Miller Anderson playing with Spencer back in ’07

Stephen Moran… That’s very sad, my dad and Spencer worked together in Holborn, London in the fifties in what was then called Customs and Excise. Apparently Spencer came round to our house when I was very young to look at a mandolin that my dad owned. I think my dad was hoping Spencer would buy it! RIP Spencer

Yvonne Ellis… RIP love to Family and friends x x

Mike Waghorne… RIP

Allan Testot-newick… What a great band very sad

Roy Winchester… very sad news he was great.r.i.p.

Colin Bell… I thought Autumn ’66 was one of the best albums of the 60’s. RIP Spencer.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news.

Keith Veness… Sad news

Jacquie Hinves… God bless him. Such a lovely man. Ray Fenwick will miss him , we all will . RIP and “keep on running”

Gerry Fortsch… More bloody sad news, one of my favorite bands from the 60’s when some others were playing mamby pamby pop.

Pete Houghton… So sad to hear this news RIP Spencer Davis

Stuart Moir… One of the hop bands we supproted. All my hero musicians are going to the band above RIP Spencer

Dennis Torrance… A great shame, made some amazing music which I grew up with. RIP Spencer condolences to his family and friends

Mick O’Dowd… Sad news indeed.

Steve Thorpe… RIP

Robert Carey… Coincidence. I was watching Here we go round Mulberry Bush today featuring Spencer. Great film of time and that music.

Alan King… last time I saw him he was playing with Long John Baldry ! at the Fairfield Halls, must have been 20 years ago



Johnny Nash R.I.P.

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Paul Buxton… He was great’ God bless him

Colin Bell… Another sad loss, only last Saturday wrote a piece on him, had no idea he was in bad health. Great voice and talented song writer. RIP Johnny.

Malcolm Sharp… Great singer, still remember singing. I can see clearly now loraine has gone

Eugene Hughes… Such a lovely voice, such memories. RIP

Jacquie Hinves… So sad. Another great man gone. RIP Johnny.

Stuart Moir… All the best of music are moving house RIP Mr Nash