Bill Withers R.I.P.

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Mike Curtis… I know, I know, I know etc

Geoff Peckham… no no no!

Alan Testot-newick… But what a great song …..every pub band played it ? And so many f……. it up …ha ha

Eric Harmer… Gutted

Monica Bane… Me also gutted. Loved all his songs!

Alan Esdaile… Great songwriter and singer, very sad.

Ian Mantel… So Bill Withers withers

Kevin White… What a sad loss,great singer/songwriter.RIP Bill Withers

Shane Wright… Not such a lovely day

Jan Deane… What a loss to the music world. RIP Bill x

Chris Jolly… He wrote from the heart… Such a loss!

Dennis Torrance… Made some great music my condolences to his family and friends to many deaths so much heartbreak at the moment

Graham Finch… What a songwriter, what a star, one of the best. His songs will live on for eternity thoughts and prayers to his family.

Mick O’Dowd… What a loss. First heard Lean On Me when I was DJ at Bonitas. A guy came in who was a sidekick of Eddie Grant and gave me a bunch of singles. Included was Lean on Me. Listened on headphones and immediately put it on the decks and played it. Great reaction and it became a popular request. That night this guy Frank took me to see Eddie Grant at his flat behind the then Cricket Ground. He is a really nice guy.

Jan Warren… R.I.P Bill Withers.

Nicholas Parsons R.I.P.

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Eric Harmer… I remember him as the straight man with Arthur Haines

David Edwards… Who always called him Nicolarse Parsons

Kevin White… I met him once, years ago at a show he was comparing, he was a really friendly man and had a great senseof humour.RIP Nicholarse Parsons.

Matt Thomas… Live from Norwich, it’s the quiz of the week

Dave Weeks… Legend and was still going strong on just a minute.

Andy Qunta… RIP! Thanks for the memories!

Peter Thomson… Also (and apparently not widely known) a sixty year association through voice overs with Gerry Anderson productions.

Alan Esdaile… Seen him on hundred of shows over the years. Sad news.

Yvonne Cleland… Total legend.

John Harper… Sad goodbye to a showbiz legend. R.I.P


Dave Nattress… Sad news, we all saw and heard him on so many shows.  Sale of the century, for sure, of it’s time, was one of the best.  Just a minute – fabulous radio 4 stuff. An all round good fella, and Yes, appearances on the Arthur Haynes show all those years ago, my parents always had it on.  Another human being we all grew up with gone, and that’s a little tiny bit of us gone also.

Wendy Weaver… I usually get tired of seeing the same faces on TV but never tired of Nicholas Parsons. We saw him when they recorded Just a Minute at the White Rock years ago and he still looked the same as he had for years. RIP


Dr Hook’s Ray Sawyer dies

Jeanette Jones… Saw Him at Cropredy a few years ago now. Not my music, but He made me laugh out loud, a real entertainer, didn’t take himself too seriously! Stayed around to have His photo taken with fans, & really looked as if He was enjoying Himself.

Gerry Fortsch… Another one has left us then, Dr Hook became my favorite band in the 70s and early 80s. I saw them several times, Ray and Dennis worked together so well with the band. I was not keen on the discoish later albums but Ray always did a nice country style track or two so I still purchased them. Rest in Peace & Love Ray

Wendy Weaver… You realise how old you are when your favourite singers pass away and they were a similar age to you

Chris Jolly… COLAC provided PA & lighting for Dr. Hook at their Rainbow gig in 73 ish. He was a nice guy and really friendly and respectful to the crew. RIP Ray.


Tony Joe White R.I.P.

Pete Prescott…  I thought he was so cool !  My brother Chris saw him at the isle of Wight festival in 70. Cozy Powell played drums for him. We had the “groupy girl” single and “save your sugar for me”. I played sheriff of Kalhoun county at the dolphin on my cd/ vinyl night a while ago. Great songwriter/ singer.  He wrote pole Poke Salad Annie. sad.

David Edwards… Just been listening to a couple of his songs and was reminded of how good he was.

Eric Harmer… I really think he was underestimated Pete. He was still giging recently

Pete Fisher… He was a one-off…such a good singer and guitarist

Alan Parker… great guitarist and singer, seems like hardly a week goes by without another great one leaves us these days.

Jan Warren… Oh nooooo, I loved him and his music, “Groupy Girl” was brilliant and many more, still got some singles and albums…. R.I.P. Tony.

Alan Esdaile… Not forgetting he also wrote Rainy Night In Georgia.

Tony Davis…  His song I Gotta Thing About You Baby always brings back memories for me. RIP

Alan King… the three albums he did for Warner Bros in the 70’s were very very good, Tony Joe White, Home Made Ice Cream and The Train I’m On. one of my all time favourites – I’m gonna miss him – great to see him come back in the early 90’s

Alan King… I did leave a vinyl copy of the Tony Joe White album at the Royal Standard about 4 years ago – wonder if it’s still there ? hope it’s still getting played a lot, I always used to put it on when I went in there

Will Cornell… He not only wrote fantastic songs, and kind of set the style that Creedence adapted…his friendships yielded some great results too….check out his help on Waylon Jennings last truly fantastic album, “Waymore’s Blues Pt. 2”. Co-wrote some of the songs and played backup gtr and harmonica…..

Bill Maynard R.I.P.

Roger Simmonds… Very sad he was a great actor!

Clifford Rose… Oh no, it’s Selwyn Froggitt – RIP Bill Maynard

Wendy Weaver… People don’t seem to realise just how far back his popularity went. In 1959-ish there was a fashion craze of Bill Maynard sweaters. They were oversized sloppy jumpers, the same as he had been wearing. He was a very funny man. R.I.P.

Dennis Torrance… Rest in peace bill condolences to his friends and family

Eddy Amoo of The Real Thing dies

photo: Hans Peters / Anefo 13 December 1972

Alan Esdaile… Sad news, saw them play many times, always put on a great show. R.I.P. Eddy Amoo

Janine Anne Scott… Our Butlins 70s weekend’s essentials. Gosh, what a loss.

Tony May… I must have known! I was only playing their anthology of songs yesterday… Such a shame that none of the group’s earliest recordings have ever been made available on CD. Grossly under-rated, The Real Thing are one of Britain’s finest soul/pop acts and I have wanted their early stuff for years… R.I.P. Eddie and thinking of you, Chris, Ray and all of Eddie’s family and friends… Its definitely, ‘Rainin’ Through My Sunshine’ today…

Janet Rennie… Sad , I loved them . Missed them at the white rock last year

Mick O’Dowd… Sad news indeed.


AC/DC Malcolm Young dies

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Jan Warren… Oh Nooooooooo

Eugene Hughes… Rip Mal. He had awful dementia. So sad. I met Mal and Angus with my brother in law Chris Slade at a recording studio in London in 1990.

Chris Sambrook… Sorry to hear Malcolm Young has passed away . Its only a week ago his elder brother passed away. “Hell ain’t no bad place to be”.

Walter Becker from Steely Dan dies


Jim Breeds… Perhaps this is not the time for me to answer Sarah’s post to say that Steely Dan was on my list of overrated bands! Having said that, I’ve come to appreciate some of their stuff more than I did when it was new.

Jan Warren…  xx

Liz Dees Dianto… Sad loss

Dennis Torrance… Another one gone sad