Wilko Johnson R.I.P.

More information https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63728503

John Gale… RIP Wilko Johnson

Steve Vollrath… Seen him many times over the years, great musician RIP

Tony Court-holmes… saw him live

Jane Hartley… Saw him at DLWP a few years ago.

John Gale… Jane, same here, he was brilliant…with Norman from the Blockheads on bass

Dave Nattress… I am absolutely gutted. Loved the man and everything he did. Lucky to see him at the DLW Bexhill a couple of years back.

Graham Belchamber… Such sad news. I saw him live a few times over the last 30 years. A great guitar player and live performer. The film about his life and career; ‘ Oil City Confidential ‘ is well worth a watch.

Barry French… Such sad news. We have lost a real character & inspirational guitarist, famous for his strut/stride performances & his unique style of guitar playing.

Dan McCafferty of Nazareth R.I.P.

Peter Fairless… Saw them on the pier, 197-long time ago. What a great band!

Perri Haste… Me too, think I saw them in 1975 on the pier & they were amazing.

Peter Fairless… (having looked it up) May 1975. ‘Hair of the dog’ was the new album and ‘My white bicycle’ the single

Alan Esdaile… and they were loud!

Judy Atkinson… Peter, me too – so loud, we listened from the bar. About 1975

David Jenkins… So very sad , fantastic band.

Colin Norton… RIP Dan.

Sheila Maile… Did they sing (She’s only a broken down angel)?

Merv Kennard… Yes they did. Not sure if it was on the lp loud and proud.

Ian Ross… Yes Sheila

Gerry Fortsch… I was lucky enough to meet Dan once many years ago, what a sad loss to every one that loved him and Rock n Roll.

Tony May… Dan was such an original singer – no one ever has sounded like Nazareth. The first single I ever bought was ‘May The Sunshine’ so Nazareth will always be remembered by me. Love to all Dan’s family and friends xx

Colin Bell… Yet another sad loss, condolences to family & friends.

Jacquie Hinves… RIP Dan .Truly a sad day

Dave Nattress… Another old rocker goes. A fav. band back in the day, got a couple of albums. Pretty sure I saw them on the Pier

Nigel Kennard… Did they do ‘This flight tonight’?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Nigel, it is a Joni Mitchell song.

James Bell… This is a sad lose. The band where great, and what a singer. My condolences to the family.


Nana Tsiboe R.I.P. (24th May 2022)

Shared from Orphy Robinson… https://www.facebook.com/nana.tsiboe Sad news of the passing of Ghanaian master musician Nana Tsiboe! He has been a knowledgeable, dedicated and inspirational friend to all who have worked with him over the years. May his memory always be a blessing!

John Wilde… Thank you Nana.

Andy Guainiere… Such a lovely man and a great sense of humour…

Mark Baker… Very sad news x

Paul Cullen… That is the saddest news,I met Nana playing in a marquee outside the museum when he was playing with Trevor Watts. He one of the nicest people I have met in my life. I will miss him. Thank you Nana

Leo Mpuuga… Sad news r.i.p thank you for the music

Angela Gardner… You will be missed Nana Tsiboe RIP

Willie Wicking… Lovely man great musician lovely memories from his days in the Ypres. R.I.P Nana

Sam Rosewell… Oh that’s such sad news. RIP Nana, you’ll be greatly missed xx

Gilly Johnson… Hamba Kahle my friend

Steve Amos… Sad news.

Reid McDuffie… This is such sad news….

Phil Little… Great musician and inspiring drummer as well as a beautiful human being RIP

Terry Pack… RIP, Nana xx

Renzi Lowend… Like many others I had the privilege of sharing a stage with this amazing man and musician. A beautiful heart has gone. RIP Nana

Jacquie Hinves… God bless Nana, I’m so sorry to hear this dreadful news. He was a super guy and a lovely friend. Another legend gone. Rest in Peace Nana. Xx Rest in peace my lovely friend. Xx

Nick Gold… Such a beautiful man and wonderful musician. Rest in Peace my friend x

Trefor Watson… Thank you for some amazing evenings in Hastings. God bless you.

Dean Brodrick… A great and inspiriational man who connected me with the spirit of our ancestors. A master in every way. I learned so much from Nana. A truely magnificant human being.

Simwinji Zeko… Just found out Nana has passed. I was doing one of my periodic ‘wonder how Nana is doing’ checks and hoping yet again to find his music somehow. Been trying to find and see him for 20 years plus. Last saw him in South Africa in the early ‘90’s when he toured with Trevor Watts. A gentle inspired musician with a huge human spirit. Will be missed

Nick Foster… Nana was a frequent musician in the Pig in the eighties. Always a delight seeing and hearing him. The highlight was with Dade Krama in the back bar of the Pig during the Hastings Fringe Festival circa 87, 88. Absolutely f…Ing brilliant.

Nick King… Well my earliest memories of Nana was at Kingswood School Bath….He would sit at meal times with two ring fingers bent beating out the most amazing mesmerising rhythms on the table while chatting to everyone (and very occassionally taking a very small break for one hand to lift a fork and eat. !) A lesser known non musical fact was that he was an amazing sportsman and a true natural. I was in his rugby team and coaching us was easy with the instruction ‘just get the ball to Nana and he’ll do the rest !!’ He ran like a panther and even played rugby with incredible rythm and balance…School memories of a truely lovely, gifted and well respected gem. I’m sure he’ll still be tapping away in the heavens …RIP Nana

Leslie Phillips R.I.P.

more informationhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63557414

Peter Fairless… Why was he not Lord Phillips?

Roger Ferris… RIP Leslie Phillips – Comedy Legend !

Mark Randall…

Alan Esdaile… wonderful actor.

Angela Gardner… Ding dong!

Marilyn Spence… So sad to hear. RIP Leslie

Drew Barney… Well goodbye!      The passing of a legend

Stuart Moir… Sad to lose a fantastic actor but life goes on and we have many young people doing a fantastic job on the silver screen .

Maria Macari… Such a brilliant actor who no one will ever forget R.I.P

Jacquie Hinves… A part of our national heritage. RIP. Xxx

Robbie Coltrane R.I.P.

for more information… 


John Wilde… Sad news. Thank you Robbie for everything!

Alan Esdaile… He was wonderful in Cracker. Very sad news.

Caz Simpson… Cracker was my absolute must watch, a brilliant actor who will be sadly missed.

Kate Recknell-Page… Another great actor gone to the big stage in the sky RIP

Linda Holter… Loved him in Cracker and loved his voice. Sad news. x

Iris Feighan… Very sad news

Paul Cullen… R.I.P. Robbie. A great loss

Claire Melhuish-Durkin… Great in National Treasure. RIP.

Mick O’Dowd… Sad loss of a great actor. R.I.P Cracker!

Sandra Francis… Yes indeed. Sadness

Marilyn Spence… Sad to hear Loved him in everything he portrayed RIP Robbie


Tim Anderson R.I.P.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. Many people will remember Tim from Beatles Day. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Clive Garrard… What very sad news. A lovely guy and I feel sad for his daughter and his family at the terrible news. I always thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Tim at Beatles day every year such a sad loss

Liane Carroll… So very sad to hear about Tim’s passing. Roger and I are sending love to Jo and his family 💔

Pauline Richards… He was a nice friendly fella

Pete Prescott… A lovely guy. So so sad. He was so happy with Jo and loved life. He was fantastic at Beatles Day.I saw him last week and we laughed at how we clashed on the first Beatles Day he did at the White Rock (We soon got over that !) He was fantastic and worked at it all day. A tall good looking dapper guy (he always looked cool in waistcoats and jackets). I’ll always think of him running backstage with a clipboard looking for people. At my last Beatles Day it was Tim who organised the whip round to send us on holiday. That’s the sort of guy he was. Condolences to Jo and the family. Xxx

Graham How… Tim got married to Jo, the love of his life on Friday. It was a lovely ceremony with his family and close friends. On Sunday, his favourite band Stormy T and the Bluesman’s Lane streamed their gig to his bedside from Rocksalt in Bexhill and he loved it. He will be missed.

Andy Gunton… Very sad news. As Pete has said, Tim was great at Beatles Day. Without his help the main stage would never have run as smoothly as it did. Tim was one of the behind the scenes heroes on the day, making sure all acts were where they should be, when they should be. Not an easy task believe me, a bit like herding cats at times. He was also the person responsible for me ending up drumming with The Rockitmen at Beatles Day. A lovely guy who will be very sadly missed

Robert Searle… RIP

Sarah Harvey… Tim said to me a few years ago that I was probably his longest-serving friend. I am so so proud that he believed that to be so. We spent many years as close friends, pursuing our radio and TVDX hobby as well as other activities, before we somehow lost touch for a time, only to be re-united some years ago when he delivered a skip to my house. I will so miss his warmth and support. A truly gorgeous fella’. God bless Tim. Sending love to you wherever you are 💜 xxx

Sandra Francis… Sad news. Another good one gone. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Sandy

Jacquie Hinves… Oh no. A superb selfless man. Another legend gone this year. Very sad news.

Rick Pentecost… A lovely man. This is so very sad.

Susie Prescott… So very sad to read this. I had no idea Tim was ill. Thoughts are with his family & especially his Daughter. RIP Tim ❤️

Tony Davis… RIP Tim

Wendy McGee… Rip peace Tim could not believe the news that you has passed, many condolences to Jo so very sorry much love xxxx❤️❤️

Johnny Francis… to a very dear friend who will be sadly missed love to Jo xx

Chris Jolly… I’m sorry to read this sad news. I never knew Tim but from reading these comments it’s very clear he was obviously a very special well liked, and respected friend to so many. He sounds like an all round good egg as they say…


Ambrose Harcourt R.I.P.

photo supplied by Mo Elms

Eric Harmer… Sad news

Phil Scott… That is very Sad, Ambrose was a lovely guy, RIP Mr Lurve

Eddy Butcher… R I P dear sir

Helen James… Sad news

Clive Garrard… Such a nice man. I enjoyed working with him on Arrow FM. Very sad news.

Andre Martin… Nice Guy, met him several times on different promotions.

Robert Searle… RIP


Chris Sambrook R.I.P.

I’m very sorry to announce that I have just heard that Chris Sambrook has died. Very sad news.

John Wilde… Oh no. This is very sad, he wasn’t very old, sincere condolences to his family.

Mike Curtis… Awful news.

Wendy Weaver… So young to have passed. R.I.P. Chris.

Liane Carroll… Oh no. So sorry to hear this.

Reg Wood… So sorry hadn’t seen him for some time but really nice guy.

Steve Cooke… So sad. R.I.P. Chris

Phil Gill…. Very sorry to learn this, he was a really nice guy. My condolences to his family.

David Kent… R.I.P. Chris. Really nice bloke.

Margaret Trowell… Oh noooo. How very sad. Such a lovely guy and a real gentleman. Condolences to his family he will be very much missed

Martin Richter… sad news – RIP Marvin x

Kevin White…Sad news, he was a lovely guy, I haven’t seen him for a while. Condolences to his family.😢

Sue Strong… Sad news remember him in the 70s

Nicola Rytlewski… My dad’s drummer, played at my wedding, sad news

Steve Kinch…Very sad news, indeed! I remember Chris being a regular on Hastings pier during the 70s whenever there was anything half decent on. A true music lover! RIP Chris

Andy Qunta… So sorry to hear this! Chris was a lovely guy! When Tony Qunta & I first moved to the Hastings area in 1969, we advertised for a drummer. Chris answered and joined our band, which was called Static Emotion. Every Saturday we rehearsed all day at a youth club. We would bring sandwiches & records to play at the lunch break. Chris brought a lot of great music I heard for the first time, including Led Zeppelin II. We played quite a few fun gigs over the next several months of the band’s existence. Thanks for the great memories, Chris! Gone, but not forgotten. RIP, old friend.

Angela Frances Gardner… Andy, he looks familiar. Such a sad loss to the music scene of Hastings

Huggy Leaver… Sad news, roll in peace x

Colin Norton… RIP Chris

Tim Moose Bruce… Sad news. I remember Chris with Cracked Mirror. Great drummer. R.I.P

Tony Qunta… Very sorry to hear of this. Chris was one of the first musicians Andy and I got to know when we moved to Hastings in 1969. Every week Chris would turn us onto the new albums he had bought that week. We will miss you

Steve Burt… Sad news.

Andy Knight… Really sorry to hear this news, being drummers we didn’t play together but bumped into each other a lot in the early fun days around Hastings and Battle RIP Chris

Alan Esdaile… errible news.I knew Chris going back to my teenage years, at gigs, record shops and seeing him playing in many groups. So sad.

Pete Prescott… Very sad.a lovely guy. Condolences to his family.

Pete Fisher… Rock In Peace Chris. He turned me on to a lot of great music. Also many happy memories of playing with him – we had a band late 1971/early 1972, but it never got past the jamming stage. He had a wonderful sense of humour and we had many a lengthy pub crawl of a Saturday when we laughed so much together. My condolences to his family.

Bernard Goffredo… I remember him from my younger days, sad news

Paul Sleet… Sad news indeed. Have known him a long time. RIP

Phil Thornton… Terrible news ! RIP Chris. One of the first band gigs I ever did was supporting ‘Bracken’ (sp ?) at the Manor Barn in Bexhill – very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about bands/music and an all round nice guy, I will miss him !!

Phil Little… What sad news, he was a lovely bloke RIP Chris.

Jacquie Hinves… Dearest Sam RIP my friend . As the masters Fleetwood Mac would say “then play on” Join the greats of Hastings musicians. RIP

Christine Giles… Lovely guy very sad news

Willie Wicking… Sad news great drummer lovely guy R.I.P Chris

Jon McCallion… So sorry to hear that such a lovely man I have some very fond memories of him. RIP Chris

Neil Cartwright… Chris? Totally unexpected. What happened? Played with him many times. Lovely guy !!

Jack Irving… Sorry to have lost such a good buddy.

Chris Meachen… Bloody nice bloke, shared some good times back in the day.. Sad news indeed…

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Rip Chris…..

Graham Howe… Very sad news. Spent a lot of time together in the early 70s.

Roger Carey… Very sorry to hear about Chris, sad news indeed… when I first tried to form a band Chris was the drummer I asked and I’d wanted to join his instrumental duo ” Bracken”. We did eventually play together in Joe Rytlewski’s band “The Pullbacks” and had some good gigs and laughs…Chris was a good player and very knowledgeable about the music scene….

Tony Court-holmes… r.i.p old mate

Paul Durrant… Very sorry to hear this. Chris had such a great sense of humour as others have said. You’d always bump into him on the pier at just about every gig. He was also the master of “Danger Will Robinson” impersonations from Lost in Space!

Sandra Francis… Chris and I lived together for several years, and bought a house on the West Hill. He was drumming with the Pullbacks when I met him, headed by Joe Rytlewski. He was in at the beginning with Hastings Rock; a lot of the music played in the early days was due to his loan of his albums, of which there were hundreds! I remember accompanying him to his sessions on Hastings Rock; I manned the phones in the dairy a few times ….I remember the damp basement on Trinity Square too. Chris was only 68, too young to die. My youngest was quite upset to hear that he’d died; Shannon was really little when we met Chris; Chris’s parents doted on him! Happy days, a long time ago now. R.I.P Chris, we won’t forget you

Richard Turner… Sad to hear Chris has passed 🙁 remember him drumming with my uncle Chris Turner always seemed a nice fella

Colin Winn… I too, am very sorry to hear this news. Chris took over Cracked Mirror drumming duties following Barry Wood’s departure to The States (Joe Rytlewski, Steve Smile, and myself as vocalist. I knew him only a relatively short time, but liked him a lot. Condolances to his family & other, clearly, living, friends.

Cathie Murphy… So sorry to hear that Chris had died – also remember well his “Danger Will Robinson” impersonations! Happy memories of the old town in the 70’s.

Iain and Jo Cobby… So sorry to hear this, by just posting a tribute to Ruth, Chris was a real nice guy , always around the scene in the seventies onward, never got to play with him, RIP and the same age as me…………

Nick Prince… I am very sorry to hear this. Chris was one of the guys that used to take over from on the very first Hastings Rock

The funeral service has been announced for Tuesday 23rd August at 2.15pm at Hastings Crematorium. All friends of Chris welcome. Casual dress. Donations rather than flowers please to St Michael’s Hospice or the RNLI. Arranged by Arthur C Towner Ltd   https://towners.co.uk/funeral-announcements

Stephen Winterbottom… Martin Luckhurst and I played in a band with Chris. He was a top drummer and a good guy. RIP Chris

Nigel J… So sad – such a lovely guy.

Sandra Francis… Chris’s funeral is on Tuesday 23rd at Hastings Crematorium at 2.15pm and afterwards at the Harrow Inn. He died in the Bannow Care home. I have no idea why he was in there; doubtless we shall find out on Tuesday

John Wilde… So long Chris, he will be playing heavenly beats alongside our late buddy bass player Chris Turner. Remembering our 80s old town carnival band “The Mysteries” soar high Brotherman.

Olivia Newton-John R.I.P.


John Wilde… Tragic news, soar high sweet Soul. Thank you.

Iain and Jo Cobby… Every day seems to bring bad news. Jo and I were lucky to drive past the school used as Rydell High a few years ago in L A, where that final sequence with John took place. What a lovely lady and always in our hearts. RIP

Lyn Humphrey… A great shame, so soon after Judith Durham. I remember still being at school when she became a regular on the Cliff Richard TV show on a Saturday night–must’ve been about a hundred years ago now.

Alan Esdaile… Yes I remember her on the Cliff show, Lyn. Every day now bits of my life seem to be breaking away and brings it back to all the close people you have lost. The ladder is getting shorter… all we can do is hang on to our happy memories.

Carole Prescott… So sad.RIP beautiful lady.x

Richard Honey… Bless you Angel, another icon gone but never forgotten, your up there with the rest of the Angels to look after you. Bless you for your life you have given us though out the world

Matt Thomas… So much love for this woman

Patricia Burgess… Loved her what a beautiful, terrific ,singer ,actress and human being. She fought the cancer for so long, God bless her . RIP. So interesting about her parent. Saw her at the London Palladium with Cliff Richards and the Shadows in 1972 when she first came to England. Olivia was engaged to one of the Shadows think it was Bruce

Marilyn Spence… My sister and I sang in front of Olivia and her best friend Pat Carroll during a break on a 1960’s tv show here in Australia called Time For Terry. So sad to hear of her passing RIP Beautiful lady

Judith Durham R.I.P.

1970 photo © Allan Warren

Iris Feighan…. Lovely voice- RIP

Nick Prince… RIP Judith. I was lucky enough to interview her and I got to see The Seekers twice

Ann Hogg… Such a lovely voice.

John Wilde… I can still hear her voice, soar high Judith.

Chris Howard…So very sad one of the greatest voices from the sixties. R.I.P. Judith show them how good you are in Heaven.xx.

Christopher Parry… It’s a sad loss

Colin Norton… RIP Judith

Robert Searle… RIP Judith

David Wilkinson… Her carnival is over

Jacquie Hinves…I loved her and her music with the Seekers. Morning Town train, Georgie Girl . All memories of the60’s RIP Judith .

Dave Nattress… Beautiful voice

JS Bythesea… The Carnival is Over

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… So distinctive ~ Rip Judith and thank you. Total respect

Claire Melhuish-Durkin… Aww the carnival is definitely over, so sad to say goodbye.

Lyn Humphrey… What a shame. She had the most beautiful voice.

Iain and Jo Cobby… Second only to our very own Sandy Denny. “The carnival is over ” brings tears every time