David McCallum R.I.P.

More details... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-66919863

Stuart Moir… RIP David McCallum

Jen Jen Pen… RIP David

Bob Searle… Just turned 90 RIP

Christine Pachner…Everyone’s heartthrob in the 60s RIP

Pete Brazier… Can’t believe we were only congratulating him on his birthday the other day! He will be sadly missed by all his fans

Alan Esdaile… Very sad. Remember seeing him in loads of tv and film roles but loved The Man From UNCLE and Sapphire & Steel and not forgetting he was also in The Great Escape. R.I.P.

Kevin Carlyon… One of my favourite programmes in the 60s, The Man from Uncle

Claire Kelly-Triance… Grown up with him

Lyn Humphrey… Sad to hear. He was in so many TV series I watched with my mates in the ’60s & ’70s, particularly Man from UNCLE.


Mike Yarwood R.I.P.

more informationhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-66758400

Ian Quinnell… So sad . What a wonderful impressionist he was

Andy Qunta… Brilliant entertainer! RIP.

John Wilde… Cheers Mike, thanks for all the laughter.

Jane Hartley… The best, no one has ever come up to his standard imo.

Alan Esdaile… Another great gone. Happy memories of watching this with mum and dad and family. Very sad.

Perri Ann Haste… He paved the way for impressionists & was top of his game back in the 70’s. First class entertainer. RIP Mike.

Claire Melhuish-Durkin… Loved him. Had a crush when I was a gal

Brendan Bourne… He was a great talent.


Bernie Marsden R.I.P.


On behalf of his family, it is with deep sadness we announce the death of Bernie Marsden. Bernie died peacefully on Thursday evening with his wife, Fran, and daughters, Charlotte and Olivia, by his side. Bernie never lost his passion for music, writing and recording new songs until the end.

Graham Bradley… RIP Bernie

Andy Hemsley… Total legend. Loved his playing with Whitesnake

Jean Brett… R I p Bernie

Peter Houghton… RIP Bernie

Nelson King… I played a show with Bernie, a wonderful person.. we played each others Les Pauls.. a great guitarist.. R.I.P. Bernie

Franky Appleman… another great player leaves us….. there will be be none left before long. R.I.P.

Pete Prescott… Very sad. I saw him in Wild Turkey and Whitesnake. I read his biography last year. Wonderful. A great musician and guitarist. I remember Sergeant supporting his band Alaska in Montreux in 1985. I was so excited to see one of my heroes. He was a very nice guy

Mike Waghorne… RIP Bernie

Terry Pack… RIP, Bernie.

Dave… Super player helped put the snakes on the map sadly missed rip Berni. Thanks for the memories.

John Kingdon R.I.P.

Colin Tapp… Hi to all members to let you know that John Kingdon has passed away after a long illness. I played bass guitar and John was the front man and singer in The Humperdinks.

Leigh Mitchell… So sorry to hear this. His band played at my brother’s wedding in 1974! I used to see JK around town a lot back then and he always remembered me from the wedding, lovely guy

Lloyd Johnson… Sad news Colin

Alan Esdaile… I’m so very sorry to hear this very sad news. Many happy memories of seeing John perform on stage. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Colin Bell… I’m so sorry to hear this, he was a lovely, kind and considerate man, deepest condolences.

Funeral details and tribute page..


Barry French… Very sad news. I met John when the Humperdinck’s did a couple of gigs with Soulxpress at the George Street Hall. A really nice gentleman.

Allison Brampton… I’m one of John’s children and I’m putting together a scrap book of photos, if anyone has any they would like to share please email me allisonbrampton@googlemail.com


Michael Parkinson R.I.P.


more information https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-66533432

Pauline Sims… RIP Michael.

Alan Parker… Sad. He was someone you just felt would always be here

Colin Bell… His ‘interviews’ with Billy Connolly, truly historical & hilariously magical.

Peter Ellingworth… Straight talking, no nonsense genial Yorkshireman. Sadly now no longer with us.

Jean Wheel… He was one of the greats….

Robbie Robertson leader of The Band R.I.P.


More detailshttps://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-66457469

Dick West… A sad day check out the last walz album one of the greats

David Fussell… Last night I posted a video of Chuck Berry and Robbie Robertson doing Chuck Berry song Pass Away. I hope Robbie Robertson is Up On Cripple Creek now, I am sure they are all there making great music.

Chris Meachen… Another legend gone

Pete Prescott… So sad. A hero of mine. The last Waltz is my favourite in concert film

David Jenkins… R I P dear Robbie , and thanks for the wonderful music

Paul Gray… Very sad news. The 2nd Band album is in my Top 10. An absolute legend. I urge everyone to see The Last Waltz, it’s worth it just for Van Morrison’s attempting high kicks across the stage. RIP Robbie.

Sinéad O’Connor R.I.P.

more informationhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-66318626

John Gale… Nooooooo. So sad …a very troubled soul.

Alan Esdaile… terrible news.

Julie Findlay-jones… That’s so aweful

Leigh Mitchell… So young & so sad

Colin Bell… Very sad, hopefully she’ll now be at peace.

Jan Warren… Oh no, that’s so sad, god bless you Sinead RIP xx

Roy Winchester… Her hit song tells a story r.i.p

Steve Cooke… Sad, sad news of a wonderful singer

Graham Belchamber… Shocking sad news. I saw her perform a few times over the years from the mid 90’s onwards. Incredible singer and live performer. So many great albums too of wonderful music.

Janet Rennie… Very sad news

Joan Ann Cooper-fenner… Very sad I listen to her often. RIP

Ricky Long R.I.P.

Janine Hemsley… Sadly, yesterday Ricky Long passed away. Many of us will remember him as in the The Ricky Norman Sound/ Band. Great musician and fabulous guy. RIP dear Rick

Alan Esdaile… Very sorry to hear Janine.

Janine Hemsley… thanks, he was a great old pro whose band, with the Ted Crouch Band monopolised the music scene in the south east for many a year.

Stephanie Blackledge… indeed they did. Ted Crouch was such a character

John Gale… That’s sad.

David Gamble… Ricky was a dear friend and fellow member of the Lottbridge GC he will be sorely missed by all those who knew him, perhaps you could keep us informed of the arrangements as and when they are known, We at the Club send our condolences to Christine and Family, Rest in Peace Ricky..xx

Carol Arnold… Sad

Stephanie Blackledge… We remember him with affection. If Dad were here he would be sending his condolences. So many happy memories RIP Ricky. Stephanie (nee Dann)

Alan Esdaile… Remember working with him back in the day and booking his bands. He was a great supporter of this page and will be sadly missed by many.

Martin Healy… Sad news may he rest in peace, condolences to family.

John Harper… Very sad news. We met many a time when playing at local Eastbourne seafront hotels. Condolences to his family. Please publish funeral arrangements when known.

Funeral arrangements...

Ricky’s funeral is on Wednesday 2nd August at 1.00pm, at Eastbourne Crematorium, main chapel.
No flowers, only mine, but if anyone wishes to do so, donations to Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, c/o Payne & Sons, 143 Seaside, Eastbourne, BN22 7NN. Christine.

Tony McPhee R.I.P.

David Jenkins… So sorry to hear that , I loved seeing the Groundhogs at the  marquee club in London. I have all there earlier albums . So very sad RIP Tony .

Jan Warren… Oh no, very sad news, love the Groundhogs, “Split” always one of the best – RIP Tony McPhee xx

Colin Bell… I remember me & old mate Robin Le Mesurier going to see Tony at The Marquee in 1968, they played some psyche rock, great stuff. RIP & thank you for the music.

Pete Prescott… Central Hall Chatham 1972 ! Split

Alan Esdaile… Very sad. He always put on a great show.

Dave Nattress… Oh no! Not another rock luminary leaves us! RIP and thanks for the music.

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them in 1985 upstairs in the Carlisle. Brilliant gig.

Dave Edwards… The Groundhogs were John Lee Hooker’s go to band when he played in the U.K. Recommendation of the highest.

Ricky Adelaide… Dreamland ballrooms Margate early 70’s

Nigel Ford… Pretty sure I saw the Groundhogs at Broad Oak, Heathfield, village hall around 1970, maybe a “secret” warm up gig for the Pier as saw them there. Still have the Split album and tracks from it come up on Hastings Rock radio, of course, some put on Robojoc early mornings by me. RIP Tony & thanks for the music.

Alan Wood… And there was Groundhogs playing in background of Gallows Pole last night on tv R I P Tony

Leigh Mitchell… First open air concert I ever went to, The Groundhogs supported by Juicy Lucy in a field near Kendall, Lake District circa 1970!

Pete Brown R.I.P.

Pete Brown R.I.P.
Pete Brown; Beat Poet, Author, Musician, Film Maker and Songwriter died last night at the age of 82 after a courageous battle with cancer.
Brown started his artistic career as a Beat Poet in the late 1950s. By the mid 1960s he had sold out The Royal Albert Hall with both his British and American contemporaries including Alan Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Michael Horowitz at the poetry happening Wholly Communion. Several collections of his poetry have been published, from Few in 1966 to his most recent collection in 2016, Mundane Tuesday and Freudian Saturday. His contribution to Pop-Culture transcended the boundaries of poetry with songs he co-wrote with the band Cream, including lyrics for White Room, Sunshine of your Love and I Feel Free.
While he continued to work with Jack Bruce for another 45 years after the breakup of Cream in 1968, with songs including Folk Song and Theme for an Imaginary Western, he also pursued a music career in his own right as a singer/songwriter, becoming a cult figure with bands including Piblokto, The Battered Ornaments, Bond and Brown (with Graham Bond and Dick Heckstall-Smith), The Interoceters and Psoulchedelia. He had a longstanding creative partnership with his great friend Phil Ryan, the composer and keyboard player who started his musical career with the Man band.
In the 2000s Pete formed a film company with Mark AJ Waters (Brown Waters Pictures) having previously been encouraged by Martin Scorsese to write screenplays. In recent years he featured in two documentary films; White Rooms And Imaginary Westerns, a loose adaptation of his autobiography, and The Cream Acoustic Sessions, a documentary on the re-working of many of the Cream songs. He collaborated on the latter with both Ginger Baker and Malcolm Bruce, son of Jack Bruce, as well as many guest stars including Joe Bonamassa and Bobby Rush. An accompanying album, Heavenly Cream is due for release later this year.
Pete was known to repeat the mantra “I come from a long line of worriers, not warriors”. One of his other favourite expressions, passed down from Spike Hawkins Graham Bond, was ‘that’s life – up one minute, down the next twenty-four years.’ Despite his tendency towards Jewish pessimism, he lived the life of a warrior poet. He was proudly anti-establishment, and dedicated his life to his creative endeavours, in an uncompromising way. He continued working until the end, collaborating with Joe Bonamassa on the album Royal Tea, and most recently with John Donaldson on the final mixes of their new album Shadow Club. The album features guest performances from Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Bernie Marsden and is produced by long-time collaborator Rob Cass.
Pete was an animal lover. He was known as Papa Pete to Henry dog, the Hungarian wire-haired Viszla, and to his ever-increasing family of cats, to whom he was devoted. He was also a loyal and generous friend, and a huge supporter of other musicians, at every stage of their careers. He is survived by his beautiful wife and life partner Sheridan, his daughter, the singer and writer Jessica Walker, and his musician and restauranteur son Tad.
For more biographical information about Pete: https://petebrown.co.uk/biography
For press enquiries please write to: peter@peterconwaymanagement.com

shared from: https://www.facebook.com/officialpetebrown

Claire Lonsdale… I’m extremely sad about this. 😢 lovely guy. RIP Pete

Angela Frances Gardner… One of the albums I owned in the late 60s was Goodbye by Cream, I lost it somewhere along the line and replaced it with a CD. Loved this music. Great memories

Andy Hemsley… Really sad news

Steve Amos… Sad news, but what an extraordinary life.

Bernard Goffredo… sad news

Neil Roberts… Such sad news. My band Freak Flag backed Pete in December on two of his most iconic songs – Sunshine Of Your Love and White Room – at Hastings’ Electric Cinema. A wonderful evening. We’d done a few events with him in the past and, as always, he was charming, amusing – and incredibly modest regarding his achievements, both musical and poetic. It is often said you should never meet your heroes because of the inevitable disappointment. Pete was definitely the exception to that rule.

Colin Gibson… Terribly terribly sad to hear this

Alan Esdaile… So sad to hear this. One of the nice guys and always had some amazing stories to tell. My thoughts are with his family and friends. 

Tony Davis… Sad news RIP Pete

Eric Harmer… A great man and a good friend

David Jenkins… So very sad RIP.

Iain Cobby… Silver horses ran down moonbeams in your dark eyes. Such poetry. RIP and shine on you crazy diamond

Drew Mclauchlan… He was a lovely man who put up with my incoherent ramblings about Cream, White Room and assorted 60s nonsense x

Terry Pack… RIP, Pete.

Mike Waghorne… I read yesterday on a post by the Welsh band MAN that he had passed, his old mate Phil Ryan had also !

Ann Kramer… I saw him at the Albert Hall poetry thing

Funeral details…

Funeral of Pete Brown
Friday 23rd June 2023 12.15 PM
Come and help celebrate his life with his family and friends at:
Hastings cemetery and crematorium
The Ridge, Hastings TN34 2AE
Donations for the charity HELP MUSICIANS are accepted :