Salvation Sunday – promo photos 1986





supplied by Martyn Baker

Vocals – Joanne Winterbottom, Songwriting, Guitar & B/V’s – Stephen Winterbottom, Lead Guitar & B/V’s – Marvin Naylor, Keyboards – Mingo (Robert Talbot) , Songwriting & Bass Guitar – Martyn Baker, Drums & Percussion – David Rowley.

Phil Thornton… great band ! – I remember them back in their ‘weeping crocodile’ days !!

OZ. … Great band saw them at the Oval 86. Joanne what a voice.

Salvation Sunday – Live at The Rock Garden, London 1986.

Martyn Baker… Another early camcorder video has just shown up (courtesy of Steve Caterall – Soundsville international, who got in touch with Alan Esdaile). This was the band in front of a tiny audience of about 50 – fresh from their support slot at Wembley with Level 42 in front of about 12000. Oh well, that’s how life goes.

S J Warner… Is there a song called Not in chains?

Martyn Baker… Not a song title, but maybe a line from one of Steve’s songs? I’ll have to check.

John Rook… Not in chains is the last song on the Come to your senses EP – for me their best song

Mark Fergus…Omg just found this now. Looking at my limited edition cold grey eyes (could to the touch a d measure of the man) and heart in motion singles. Brilliant band

Salvation Sunday – mp3’s update from Martyn Baker

Martyn Baker… I’ve had a few enquiries about our 1980’s Bexhill/Brighton band, so here are ALL of the recordings. Feel free to download – or ignore of course! Comments welcome – even if you think we were shit.

Redstar Richter… thanks – they were a great band 🙂

Andy C… Thank you, Martyn, and the rest of the band. I loved several live performances in 1987, and knew there must be more recordings than had seen the light of day. Great music, such a shame it didn’t get further. It took years to even find a copy of Cold Grey Eyes, but there’s a whole wealth of treasure here! Thank you so much for sharing! Andy

John Wilde… Yep, fond memories of a great band. Where are you all now?

Julian Wells… Thanks very much for sharing the content. It gives me a warm feeling to hear these songs again minus the crackle & pop of my vinyl copies. I noticed that “Not in Chains” isn’t included which was one of my faves!

Salvation Sunday mp3’s lost recordings from Martyn Baker & The Weeping Crocodiles talk

12195994_10153351433249608_5215106389069043291_n Weeping-Crocs001

supplied by Martyn Baker                        supplied by Eric Cawthraw

Phil Thornton…..great Bexhill band ! they started out as the ‘weeping crocodiles’ complete with ironing boards for their synths ( its an 80’s thing !)

Dave Miller……As The Weeping Crocodiles, they could count some champion leg-wrestlers in their number….

John Storer…..Had a copy of The Weeping Crocodiles debut on cassette and it had my all-time favourite album title … “There’s More To Life Than Snogging, Barry”

Stephen Winterbottom… John, Its stephen winterbottom.. I was in the Weeping Crocodiles and have been desperate to get a copy of that tape for 30 years!! You dont still have one do you??

John Storer… Have sent Stephen a rather disappointing email …. had the cassette until about 4 years ago when it got dumped during a clear out of our garage.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone else help and got a copy of the cassette? Also would be interested in anyone has any photos?

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Salvation Sunday – Cold Grey Eyes 1987



Promo Photo & Cold Grey Eyes inner sleeve. supplied by Martyn Baker

The song. Music by Martyn Baker, Ashley Pepper and Steve Winterbottom. With lyrics by John Prawer. There is a secret contained within these lyrics. Recorded at Wessex Studio Islington, London N.1. by Dietmar Schillinger ,Produced by Tim Friese-Greene (Talk Talk), Vocals – Joanne Winterbottom , Songwriting, Guitar & B/V’s – Stephen Winterbottom, Lead Guitar & B/V’s – Marvin Naylor, Keyboards – Mingo (Robert Talbot) ,  Songwriting & Bass Guitar – Martyn Baker, Drums & Percussion – David Rowley.

Martin Richter… a great band

Mark Gilham… Great photo

Martyn Baker… I resigned from a comfortable BBC career in 1986, to spend my life on the road with this bunch – all because Polydor records gave us a cheque for a quarter of a million pounds – even though we hadn’t sold a single record. It was a particularly stupid name for our pop group, especially as we were all pretty much atheist, but a lot of fun and drinking of fine wines ensued…. and we never had to pay back a penny! Je ne regrette rien. —


Salvation Sunday – Heart In Motion

“Heart In Motion” was Salvation Sunday’s second single for Polydor. Music producer was Ed Stasium (Ramones, Julian Cope), the promo video was shot in Feb. 1987 in a film studio in Middlesex, UK on 16mm film, much of it using “stop-frame animation” which basically meant each 1/24 second was shot like a still frame on a normal camera – like “Wallis and Gromit” except with real people – it took all day! This technique was, and still is, very unusual for a pop video due to it’s complexity. It was directed by Nick Brandt (Michael Jackson – Earth song, Stranger in Moscow etc).


Vocals – Joanne Winterbottom
Song, Guitar & B/V’s – Stephen Winterbottom
Lead Guitar & B/V’s – Marvin Naylor
Keyboards – Mingo (Robert Talbot)
Bass Guitar – Martyn Baker
Drums & Percussion – David Rowley

Phil Gil commented …..Nice – very empty and understated and it works. Everything to a minimum and implied, which leaves a lot of room for the song to to breathe, but the groove’s still there. And now I can’t get it out of my head