Curved Air – Hastings Pier 20th Sept 1975 & from 1972 Marie Antoinette

Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, poster supplied by Mick Mepham

Phil Gill …  Well, I guess I must’ve been there. If anyone has any photos of Stallion at this gig or any other Stallion photos, we’d love to see them on our band page – especially if anyone has any photos of us supporting Marc Bolan on the Pier in 1975

Phil Thornton… Likewise ! – I do remember watching Curved Air – excellent !

Mark Sims… Good track by a very underrated band.

John Wilde… I was there. Onstage. Brilliant night!

Nick Webb… I was there yet again 🙂

Chris Giles… “Really like most of Curved Air music… Especially enjoyed gig on the pier many years ago..”

Jim Breeds… Marie Antoinette ‘ wonderful’

Terry Pack… I was there, too, I think. Remember none of it, of course!

Michael Watson… I remember going to that,Sonja the lead singer, every young chaps dream.

Carol Bolton… My other half does a great version of Back Street Luv.

Tess Foy… I was there…

Nick Webb… O I was so there( Or not if you know what I mean lol) and went to their next gig I think it was at St. Albans

Tim Moose Bruce… They played Hailsham Pavilion last night. Missed it as I was doing a gig. Hopefully they will be back again.

Iain Cobby… Just seen the amazing line up at Hailsham. What a tight band with Sonia fronting both old and new material. Prog is still alive. you must catch this band.

Glenn Piper… I was there at Hastings and I remember some of it. I roadied this gig and several (7 I think) more with Curved Air. Those were the days

Chris Meachen…  I was most definitely there & will eventually find photos to prove it!

Kev Towner… Stallion played on the same bill as Curved Air? Wow!!

Dave Weeks… Yes I remember being there too.

Wesley Magoogan… That was a great show by both bands.

Alan King… One time Curved Air bassist Tony Reeves is playing at The Royal Standard this Friday 1st December (he was in the band at the same time as Stuart Copeland).

Terry Pack… Tony also played with Greenslade and Coliseum.

Chris Stratton… I was there too! Curved Air seemed a regular booking on the pier.


Heavy Metal Kids – Hastings Pier 29th Nov 1975 & Saturdays 6 nights a week

heavy-metal-kids-nov-29th-1975 heavy-metal-kids 15284982_1010346575777466_7982234389955837036_n

cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Dave Nattress… As a lifelong Free fan I read I’m sure that one of their early managers or associates suggested the name “The Heavy Metal Kids” but they rejected it and went for “Free”. However, the name did then then get used eventually!!  Also, am I right did Gary Holton turn up in Al Weidersein?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Dave spot on, he was in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

Peter Fairless…  They were a very different band (photo in 1977), mind! Yes, Gary Holton was as much an actor as a singer. He went on to play Wayne in Auf Wiedersehen Pet. Here is one of my all time favourite video clips, from The Tube, filmed in Newcastle in 1984. …and, yes, that’s Leslie Ash!

Jim Breeds… I remember the excitement of going to Saturday’s the first time. Probably that week of opening. We’d not seen anything like it outside of London. And at last we were not going to have to make any more trips to Sundowners in Eastbourne.  Gary Holton, later to be cast as Wayne in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. RIP.

Martin Richter… Keith Hardy – there`s a name I haven`t heard for years!

Clifford Rose… Excellent concert.

Dave Weeks… Frupp! Remember them too. Proper prog.

Flowerpot Men – Hastings Pier 25th November 1967

Dave Nattress… “Let’s go to San Francisco” – for me, 14 at the time, musically awake since The Beatles and Please Please Me in 1963, this record really brought a new or renewed musical awakening and typified for me the start of Flower Power although quite a few other tracks may be able to be credited to this era as pre-dating or more important than this particular one. Then for me at least very many more great songs followed in the Summer of Love or maybe it was more than just the one Summer of Love. Great memories, some fabulous songs, peace and love and hippies and all that stuff, seemed like the world really was changing for the better…but did it in the end? Yes for some, perhaps many of us, it did change for the better and the euphoria went on for quite some long time, but then, all too soon it was time to leave school and start work and reality dawned. But….for sure it was good to be there back in the days when this song was in the charts. When I hear it I’m right back there.

Wendy Belton… Love the flower power era and especially The Flowerpot men and this song. Sadly I never got to see them when they were here though. Really wish I could go back and live those times again.

Nick Prince… This has come as quite a surprise that The Flowerpot Men even appeared live, let alone on Hastings Pier. They were to my knowledge studio and session musicians put together almost as a sideline to the Ivy League to produce a British version of the San Francisco sound of 1967 (if that is the correct description). The singers were predominantly from the South East, including Petworth and the Flowerpot Men and Ivy League were two more acts that Tony Burrows can add to his amazing CV.

Peter Fairless… The band was put together after the single, Nick – loads of info. on wiki…

Chris Fagg… used to be a little weed at their gigs – until the blue meanies turned up in a yellow submarine !

Lyn Humphrey… You’re right, Dave. For me, that record in particular brings back Flower Power and the Summer of Love like no other. The sheer exuberance of the Swinging Sixties is unmatched in any other decade.

Dave Nattress… Well Lynn you and I were both at the Downs back then – such a long, long time ago. The swinging sixties and then flower power – one leading almost unnoticed into the other? We were there maybe more as observers – a bit too young? Nevertheless the experiences of both the sixties scene and then flower power were such that we could participate to maybe a limited extent. Seemed like London was the place to be (in the UK at least). A little while later, in my case, I guess it would be 1970 – 1972 it would be visits to Kings Road, Chelsea, The Chelsea Drugstore, (a pub), Kensington Market and Canarby Street. These were the places to go. Whatever happened to my Afghan jacket bought in Ken Market – smelly old thing!

P.P. Arnold, Tim Rose – All Niter – Hastings Pier 28th June 1968

10313590_10202856196023974_8930361787310551809_n pp arnold 

Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Martin….This was the night of my 21st Birthday Party, and in the early hours of the Saturday morning, I received a phone call at about 02.30hrs from the Pier, Help John Peel had thrown a fit and stormed off, and could I come down and take over the DJ/Compere role, I was working on the Pier on Saturday Nights at the time for John Schofield -Strand Entertainments – all I would need were some records, so off I went, leaving my party going, returning later to the party at about 06.30hrsto carry on celebrating. What a memory for my 21st.

Ok a little early of the 70s, but its a fantastic track

Andre Martin…..P P Arnold stole the show and was the best on the bill.

Mick O’Dowd…..This was a good line-up and great show. The Skatalites were my fave and they are still touring the world to this day.

Catherine Ireland… I was there. My sister was on the social committee for Hastings College. Lynda Collins .

Dave Arnold… Skip Bifferty featured Colin Gibson:)

Jonathan Martin… Wasn’t around then, but Skip Bifferty… Wow! Great band!! A friend (who some may know? – Colin Gibson) introduced me to them some years ago!! (He played bass with them)

Glynis Phillips… I remember that allnighter went home on bus in morning very rock and roll!!

Jenny Tyler… After the all nighter we went across the road to have a fry-up. X

Alan Esdaile… Was that The Beachcomber then Jenny?

Jenny Tyler… Yes it was. The breakfast as good too. X

Chris Wilson… I was also on the social committee at Hastings College and remember this all nighter.  It was a fantastic event – we used to love the Skatalites and had previosly booked them for a pre-christmas event at the college (the first time I got very drunk in my life and had to be resuscitated in the college sick bay by Vikki Stevens!).  We also organised some great dances in the club that used to be in the big block of flats on St Leonards sea front just down from the college.  I seem to remember Spooky Tooth playing a couple of times there.

Andre Martin… I think that Spooky Tooth were brought to the Pier Ballroom by John Schofield – Strand Entertainments, that rings a bell – over to you Colin, do you recall ??

Colin Gibson… I was on that gig! Matching shirt and tie-sartorial or what?

skip bifferty

Colin Bell… Yes Andre you’re quite right John booked Spooky Tooth for the following weekend. As you said P.P. stole the show, spoke to her just this week she’s written her autobiography, maybe we’ll get a mention!…

Kay Leigh… We were talking about this the other day, but I couldn’t remember who else was on the bill. Remember walking home at 5am singing ‘Just call me Angel of the Morning’. My one and only allnighter on the pier. I had forgotten it was organised by Hastings College. I seem to remember John Bennett organising other social events. Am I right?

Catherine Ireland… As above I was there. My sister Lynda Collins helped on the committee Hastings college. And I think John Bennett took her to see the Stax Road Show? I am still so envious, but I was too young.

Gavin Martin… Do you know where the gigs where on St Leonards seafront? I was told the flat I live in , just by bus stop/ letter box, was once a night club, in them by gone days.

Catherine Ireland… Witch Doctor then Cobweb??

Andre Martin… Then suffered the Hastings problem – venue burnt down ! say no more !

Ant Hill… Don’t remember Tim Rose being stoned but do remember that his drummer was John Bonham who had just heard that he was joining Led Zeppelin.


Darryl Way’s Wolf & Factory Hastings Pier 23rd November 1973




poster & ticket supplied by Mick Mepham

Tony Qunta….Also remember being blown away by John Etheridge playing some of the fastest guitar I had ever heard!

Glenn Piper….Another one I worked on

Andy Qunta….Funnily enough, I remember seeing Darryl Way’s Wolf – they were great, but I don’t remember seeing Factory that night. I must have been in the bar during their set!

Geoff Peckham….I  would definitely have been in the bar with you, Andy, so Factory would have been a duo that night.

Andy Qunta….Looks like it must have been just Lol Cooksey playing that night! I’m sure he put on a great show, as always!

Chris Coleman…Music Machine Disco AKA Jon Royle.

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – 20th Nov 2002 – rare video from Hastings Pier.



ticket supplied by Andy Gunton

Thanks to Andy Dinsdale for finding this, via Peter Fairless bands we’ve seen on Hastings Pier

Chris Davies….Went to this gig on the pier with Redstar Richter & My brother – great gig. Joe died less than a month later.. RIP to a personal hero

Gez Donnelly…..We opened for them (Mama Josie Trio)

Redstar Richter……the week before he left us

Sixties Sounds with 6Ts, Soul Express, Ace Of Clubs and Project X. Hastings Pier 14th November 1992.


supplied by Barry French & Sarah Harvey

Kev Towner… “Bizarro’s”?

Terry Corder… What a waste of time that was and still waiting to get paid for it!

Harry Randall… Shame it’s gone though some great memories of bygone years!