Sounds Easy Band – Eastbourne Bandstand Boxing Day 1986


supplied by Ricky Long

Malcolm Cornford, John Hugget (sax), Les Maggs (drums), Janine Anne Scott (vocals), Ricky Douglas (bass vocals). Anyone know who the trumpet player was?

Roy Penfold… It wouldn’t be Bob Turner would it?

Janine Anne Scott… Sure is.

Bob Turner… Wow, blast from the past! I have good memories from that time – xmas concerts on the band stand, the Winter Gardens etc.

Janine Anne Scott… Had 3 gigs that day, great memories.

Ricky Norman Sound – 1970’s.



supplied by Len Smith Eastbourne Bands From 1960 on.

Ricky Long… First picture 1976 at Moor Hall Hotel. L–R Norman Bennett, Ricky Long, Roland Dann, Marcy Scott. Second picture I think early 70’s Winter Gardens. Same 3 guys with Jillian Wheeler.


Queens Hotel Hastings 17th May 1974.

Janine Anne Scott… Omg, I worked with Ricky too.

Andy Knight… By coincidence I am trying to track down Chris Dann, Roland Dann’s son who played bass with me around 1968/69, we did a gig in Battle Road, St Leonards I recall for the Youth Choir, with a guitarist whose name I can’t remember (Gary rings a bell though), if anyone knows the whereabouts of Chris or Gary that would be good. Tx

Christopher Dann… Hi Andy,  just saw this post so apologies for the late reply.  I do remember the gig in Battle road for the youth choir. The guitarist’s name was Gary Trent and he played a Gibson. He was in my class at the Grove.  I seem to remember that we only knew a couple of songs  !!

The Ricky Norman Sound – Manor Barn Tonbridge 1974

supplied by Ricky Long

Ricky Long… The Ricky Norman Sound at Manor Barn Tonbridge 1974 playing for Tonbridge Lions at a Castaways Dance with Roland Dann drums, Norman Bennett keyboard, Jillian Wheeler vocals and Ricky Douglas on Bass

Alan Esdaile… Roland looks a bit over dressed.

Ricky Long… But the punters made up for that

Janine Ann Scott… I remember those strides

Christopher Dann… I remember the Ricky Norman Sound because my dad, Roland, was the Drummer. I did a couple of gigs with them on bass when Ricky Douglas was otherwise engaged. Good band. I remember Norman Bennett played a Hammond organ which was quite a big deal back then.

Alison Sargent… He forgot his trousers