Cracked Mirror at Maidstone Girls Tech School 14th February 1980

cracked mirror group

cracked mirror chris - cracked mirror 2 cracked mirror singer joe cracked mirror

all photos © Colin Winn. supplied by Tim White

John Wilde… Is that John Stiles on bass? Joe should be a Rock God.

Gary Kinch… It’s Chris on drums. Great shot.

Nigel Ford… Did I see their album is worth a bit?

Chris Sambrook… The singer is Colin Winn, Steve Smile was bassist, both from Maidstone, Joe Rytlewski from Battle on guitar and me Chris Sambrook from Hastings on drums.

Tim Moose Bruce… Loved seeing Cracked mirror. Got the album still. Great record.

Harry Randall… Allo me Chris Sambrook owes it anging?

Ernest Ballard… Joe, So young

Five Bob Rocket 1989/1990






photo Andy Knight, Roger Carey, Pete Prescott, Joe Rytlewski.

all cuttings & photos supplied by  Pete Prescott

Phil Gill….I have absolutely no remembrance of owning anything even vaguely like what I’m wearing in that picture and apparently I appear to be drunk. I don’t have clue what I was wearing. It looks like I was dressed as a town crier. Apart from that, everyone in that photo is pissed.

Diane Knight…..sorry to disappoint you Phil , but you did …I was there !!!!  I think you and Andy were in your silver jacket age mode !!!

John Laidlaw…..Phil, I remember you wearing that jacket.

Pete Prescott…..What a good looking young thing! It looks like me and jo are having a dump! The newspaper cutting was taken at jo’s did wear that jacket.there are people you can speak to.its a common problem with players !  I was more concerned about your trousers !


Joe’s Blooze Band – Hastings Beach Concert – 2000.

jb 1 jb 2 jb 3

jb 4 jb 5

jb 6 jb 9 jb10

© Eddie Hazell Estate. 

Joe Rytlewski, Phil Gill, Nigel Milliechamp and  Jez Gillett.

Phil Gill…..Always wondered what happened to pictures people take at gigs and how they turn out. Good to see some memories.  I am apparently Huge in Japan…

Tony Court-holmes…..I was back stage with the late great norman race remember him in old town week please.

Phil Gill… That was the 2000 Beach Concert. I remember it because I did JBB at around 5pm and then played with Stevie Z at 7pm. Just in time to come off stage and discover that Samabalanco had made their way backstage and drunk all the hospitality beer whilst we’d been been playing the Stevie Z set. We were unimpressed…

The Zoobies – Back On The Street 1974

supplied by Jon Stiles

Jon Stiles… Joe Rytlewski left. Dave Crave centre, Jon Stiles right. John Wilde was in the band for a while, he used to be the vocalist in Mosaic which was our name before we cut our hair, shed the flairs and sped the set up in order to become the Zoobies. We were at rehearsal in Crowhurst, John Wilde said he was going down the shop to get some milk, we didn’t see him for a year. We were signed to Kelvin Grove Records and recorded at Chapel Studios London, but the tracks were never released.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone any idea what year this was?

Jo Turner… I was a bit of a Mosaic fan. Really liked them.

Yvonne Cleland… Aha! So this was the famous band when the famous John Wilde “said he was going down the shop to get some milk, we didn’t see him for a year”. This was an absolute legend in the Hastings Music Scene hahahahaha

Nigel Ford… 72?… I know they were still Mosaic in 71 as they were at Netherfield Village Hall that year and it’s Dave Craven who was on drums.

Jon Stiles… I think I was 19 which would make that 1974. We were support for Eddie and the Hot Rods at Canterbury College of Art, during the change over all our microphones were stolen . Absolutely devastating for us, as we were naturally skint. I’m still annoyed at ourselves for letting our guard down.

Jo Turner… No Mosaic were still Mosaic later than that as I saw them frequently and wasn’t old enough in 72. I think this is later than 74, or maybe I was out and about way too young!

The Pullbacks – Pete Prescott & Chris Sambrook – The Carlisle Hastings


photo: Pete Prescott

The band were called ‘The Pullbacks’ and had Joe Rytlewski on guitar and Martin Richter on bass.

Tony Qunta….The drummer from the first proper band I was in in Hastings with Andy Q!

Pete Prescott….i could get radio 4 on that haircut.its outside the carlisle around 1990/91 its Chris and Joe rytlewski was on guitar.i was passing and invited up to sing (probably) natural born woman.we were also joined by Richard (not sure of his 2nd name) the drummer of caravan.he was the landlord of a pub the lost boys played at in ashford.nice guy.good drummer.i used to love watching Chris play.he always put so much into his playing.

Yvonne Cleland…Phil Little was the drummer after Chris. Jez Gillett used to do vocals and keyboard for the Pullbacks when he didn’t have a gig with the Lost Boys.

Liquid Lunch – Joe Rytlewski & Martin Richter – Mr Cherrys


img627 img628 img670

photos supplied by Yvonne Cleland

Martin Richter…..I`ve still got those socks!! £7 a pair in the 80`s! burlingtons from ashleys and waxed doc marten raiders – from shelleys 🙂  nice pic of Bertie 🙂

Stuart Moir… Loved playing here, lots of years ago. The socks must have been a Christmas present.

Wesley Magoogan… Looks like in Harpers.

Joe Knight… Wow use to go there? But wouldn’t have reconised that crazy 😂old age 😂😂

Sandy Max…  I’d recognise Joe any time. .my ex used to be his drummer in the Pullbacks


John Martyn with Phil Little & Joe Rytlewski. Day after the Beach Concert 1991.

jm 1

jm 3 jm 2 jm 4

jm 11 jm 8 jm 10

photos © Eddie Hazell Estate 

Tony Court-holmes….i was there well missed

Jim Breeds….I love that man.

Yvonne Cleland… That looks a bit like Monkey on the bongos.

Chris Baker… Was never a big fan. He lived just up the road from me in Cobourg Place. However, Bev Martin was an angel. An amazing voice that never got the limelight it deserved. I played with her a couple of times and she was one of the sexiest jazz / blues singers I’ve ever known. I always swore he copied my Watkins Copycat techniques!

John Wilde… John was a brilliant guitarist with a unique technique. In life he was a violent angry man capable of a heartfelt sensitivity when he performed. I worked for him for two years touring europe. Rock on John. Beverley is super talented and still playing. She is a beautiful woman whose career was cut short by pregnancy and Johns refusal to allow her to work. She lives in Hove. She has a website which you can subscribe to. A wise lady.

Alan Esdaile… Always got on well with John Martyn but your right about Beverley being talented, should have been a lot bigger in her own right.

Lauren Gower… Was just listening to John Martyn…spooky.

Gerry Fortsch… Nice guy, so sad.